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Metal Music Good As A Christian
to 'rock 'n roll" was a term coined by an alabama dj in the '50s meaning to fornicate. Christian 'rock' is wrong. case closed

Did Jesus Drink Wine
if Jesus drank alcoholic wine, then you folks have a huge discrepancy in the Bible. Prov 23:29-35 this warns against drinking wine when it is fermenting. read your Bibles

Am I Spirit Filled Or Not
dont be taken in by the 'must speak in tongues' and 'tongues is proof of filled " jive. u get saved, THEN u get filled and the Holy Spirit dwells in you , at moment saved

Recently Divorced My Husband
unfortunately you cannot remarry while your husband is is alive Matt 19:6 and Mk 10:9 says what God has joined together let not man put asunder.most misrepresent the exception clause-save for the cause of fornication. matt 5:32 and 19:9. this is talking to engaged people, not married. unmarried commit fornication-married commit adultery. Matt 1:18-19 in verse 18 Joseph and mary are espoused-engaged, but v. 19 joseph is referred to a husband. the jews considered engaged to be married, but not fully

Is Satan A Fallen Angel
candace on 8/6 said that lucifer is the morning star. she uses a perversion of the bibe such as the niv. rev 2:28 and rev 22:16 both state that JESUS is the morning star. dangerous to read the perverted bibles. lucifer was son of the morning

Horrors Of The Rapture
The tribulation is different than the wrath of God. i believe we will all go thru the trib.

Dress Code For Christian Women
women are to dress in a manner that draws attention to the face. not the body.this means a long loose fitting dress (not so loose that things flop around when bending over). no tight, form fitting 'dresses' nor shirts. no jewelry nor makeup, which brings attn to you and away from Lord. a pair of pants or a slit in a 'dress' draws attn immidiately. no flip flops. no high heals that pooch out the rear and calf muscle. this is not good. this country is over sexed-do what would please God

Difference Between NKJV And KJV
you're correct- the kjv only crowd does claim the nkjv is perverse-cause it is. true, it uses SOME of the proper manuscripts but also uses the corrupt manuscripts as well. you tell me if they are the same. the nkjv removes: Lord 66 times, God 51 times, heaven 50 times,hell 23 times, 2289 words in the NT are removed, 100000 word changes total. how many types of 'Holy Bibles' did God create? things that are different are NOT the same.

Baptism Needed For Salvation
oh Lk3:16John Bapt. is saying how he baptizes w/water,but one coming who will baptize w/the Holy Ghost and w/fire.this passage states that there are at least 3 types of baptism. the baptismal regen. crowd assume every time the word baptise is written that it means to be dunked in water. not true.phillip told the eunich when asked if he could be baptized, phillip said , if thou believest, thou mayest. what happened to the thief on cross-he wasnt baptized(dunked) but went to paradise.

Seal Of The Holy Spirit
mima thinks you lose your free will after receiving Jesus. Matt 10:22 Mk13:13 he that endureth to the end shall be saved. that's conditional.

What Is A Foot Washing Baptist
well bruce i reckon the whole 'do this in rememberance of me' thing wasnt literal either?

Separation Of Church And State
the term was used by Thomas Jeff. in a letter to the anabaptists of CT. (i think ct). they were concerned bout a national religion as in england. Jefferson said there is a separation, guaranteeing no national religion.

Which Bible Is The Best
lee, the nkjv does use alot of the proper manuscripts, but also used much of the perverted, rejected manuscripts as well. p.s. KJV is on a 5th grade reading level. the easiest of them all

Unborn Babies Go To Heaven
rebecca, as far as being good and doing good deeds to get to heaven, youre dead wrong. 'there is none that doeth good." our righteous deeds are as filthy rags. i think 2Sam 12 is david talking bout his baby dying and going to heaven.

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