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Is He A Womaniser
No It doesn't make him womanizer. I know men who chat with woman that truly just talk to help them. Follow your heart. Pray for guidance.

My Husband Is Unfaithful
He does not respect you get out now Pray for guidance.

My Wife Is Still Having Affairs
Let her go God will bring someone better in your life. Pray for guidance

Are Birth Control Pills Abortion
it's not abortion yet, cause you are not pregnant. it's preventtion of life. Pray for guidance

My Virgin Left Me
Yes you should forgive her , but that does not mean you have to take her back. Pray for guidance

Leaving But Still Sleeping
NO if he is leaving you, then you are apart. You don't have to sleep with him.

Are Men Afraid of Big Women
True some men out there are shallow but there are some good men out there for us. God will bring someone to your life sees. Pray for guidance

Youth Pastor Dating A 15 Year Old
Pray on it and tell the right people .Pray for guidance

Are Abortions Acceptable
Abortion is and will always be a sin.

My Boyfriend Flirts With Others
Get rid of him, He is bringing down your self esteem and you know that. God have someone so much better for you in life. Pray for guidance

Can I Date A Non-Christian
I feel if he is not hindering you and it works for you it's okay. My parents have been married for 24 year and My mom is saved and my dad is not.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
I agree with the moderator, If it bothers you now it will later. Pray for guidance

God Turned His Back On Me
It's only a test God is there for you the bad things that are happening to you are the devil, Praise him through your circumstances. Pray for guidance

People Don't Believe In God
Some people don't believe in God because it was the way they were raised. or something tramatic happened in there life and they blame God, which is so wrong, and I pray for there soul. Pray for guidance

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