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Do You Laugh Enough
I wish I could laugh but I can't and I don't. I'm almost homeless, can't find work in 11 months. Out of money. Brothers and sisters don't really care to help, nether do local Pastors whom I've supported financially. Tomorrow is Mothers day and my 3 kids are in heaven. Family won't speak to me, yaddy, yaddy, yaddy. I Praise and Pray and Rejoice in the Lord my God. I stick close to Him for He alone is the one who cares for my soul. TO God Be the Glory. I love Him so much. I'm hanging in there.

Honor A Loan Shark
the bible also says do not be yoked together with unbelievers. If Im living with my parents and they are not saved, living in sin
(adultery included), and Im trying to live a holy life unto the Lord, what do I do? i love them but when they fight, it disturbs me and b\I cry all night. it robs me of my piece. how should I honor them like this?

I Will Not Forgive You
Cluny, I would never delight in God not forgiving them because they wont forgive me.

I'm asking because I miss them and want them to forgive me so we can be friends again. Its been 16 years that shes held a grudge against me and
i cry over it a lot.

I've sent messages asking for her forgiveness but she won't respond. that makes me sad.

What Is A False Prophet
Sincere Thank you to all who responded and helped me understand.

I've gotten away from them since April 7 and they still email me and call my house.

Todays phone message said, I've been trying to reach you, I need to speak to you right away, You need to show up in Atlanta for my one night meeting. I had to laugh today, This guy just won't give up.

I shouldn't have given them money in the first place but I learned a valuable lesson. The harrassment continues. I was told do not respond one word to them. To completely ignore them. I'd like to tell them to leave me alone but I think my silence towards them is driving them crazy. Cant I at least tell them to go away and stop calling my house?

Anointing Glory Of God
Just to reiterate, I think the Glory of God is the essence of who He is. It's His majesty, power, His powerful Love, His light, truth, all of the things that He is.

I heard that His Glory lights up heaven, thus there's no need for the sun in heaven.

The anointing comes from the Holy Spirit. You have no need for a teacher, you have an anointing from the Holy one who teaches you all things. 1 John.

Is Mary A Co-Redemptrix
//God's power isn't the same as the Holy Spirit.
---Nicole_Lacey on 5/2/15//

The Holy Spirit is God. God is Spirit and those who worship Him must do so in Spirit and Truth.

Do We Need To Repent
Mark Eaton, that is a really good revelation. Confess and repentance are two different concepts. Can I confess that I repent when I make mistakes and I'm In Christ Jesus many years. My point is that I see even making a bad decision, thinking at the time it was a good decision, I see that as sin later down the road. Are all mistakes sin?

Do We Need To Repent
Leon, yes but she claims she's a SAINT and not a she doesn't need to repent. I so disagree with her but she's been saved 37 years and I'm only 31 years in the Lord. She said she knows everything.

Is Mary A Co-Redemptrix
Cluny, your response is confusing to me. I've got childlike faith so please forgive me for not understanding the first part of your response. one is hating on Mary. I was raised Catholic and I used to pray to her...she's not all knowing, not sovereign, doesn't have all power like God Our Father and Jesus His Son and Holy Spirit does.

They are the only ones who know everything, see everything, hears every prayer. Mary doesn't have those powers. I got saved in the 1980's because someone said to me, "Why do you pray to Mary when you can go directly to God who has the power to answer your prayer?" That made sense to me so I tried it and He answered me!

Who Is The Army Of God
Leon, thank you. I get that scripture but it isn't telling us to FIGHT the devil himself...I understand we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spirits and principalities. Do we pray in the Spirit and angels come and do battle against evil forces for us? Or when we pray in the Spirit, are we doing the battling ourselves I guess is my question. Thank you.

What Is A False Prophet
This can get so confusing because some of what they are saying is the truth and some I think is being made up. They go into that auction like voice (I don't know how else to describe this) and are so convincing that to activate your faith, you need to sow money.

Is there any other way to activate your faith other than sowing money to a prophet who is asking for it? I guess that's my next question....thank you everyone for being patient with me on this.

Think You Are A Christian
Cluny, really? Cult?

So Jesus isn't our King, Priest, Prophet and Teacher? hhhmmm I dunno know Cluny...that doesn't sound cultish to me. What is a JfW?

What Is A False Prophet
Leon, yes. If they prophesy to you and ask for a donation of money like an auctioneer...plant that seed of $100, some of you can give $1,000, etc. AND if they are praying for people for healing in a large crowd, and STOP dead cold and start to ask for donations of $10,000, is that a spirit of divination because they have initials of a person's name come to mind? or is that a true prophet of God? They claim you need to "activate your faith" by giving seed money.

Is Mary A Co-Redemptrix
Didn't Mary, in her prayer say, My soul rejoices in God my Savior? So she acknowledge she needed a Savior too, right? Or am I missing something?

Think You Are A Christian
I found this definition of a TRUE Christian in a study bible I have: To center on Jesus Christ in this way-by obeying Him as our King, Trusting Him as our Priest and learning from Him as our prophet and teacher. In this way is the hallmark of true authentic Christianity. What do you think of this definition? I like it.

How To Forgive Someone
I have another aspect to add to this and I need help in understanding. I have a family member who, for 16 years, won't forgive me for telling her the truth about her ex-husband. We haven't spoken in 16 years. She tried twice to taunt/hurt me in March. I begged her to forgive me and she refuses. She kind of is a Christian, living in fornication, and tells people God will take revenge on a mother fighting for custody of her child. I've kept away from her for 16 years. I really miss her and want to reconcile with her but she won't have any parts of it and developed a root of bitterness towards me. Is there anything I can do besides I've been praying for her for years. Any suggestions? I still love her very much.

Christian Without Church
Jesus wasn't a denomination, neither are we. We are called "Believers." We believe in God Our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Don't forsake the the gathering of the breathren doesn't necessarily mean in a building. It means getting together in small home groups, large homes, auditoriums, etc. You are the church. The church isn't a building. Yes, I would still be a Christian if demonimational churches never existed. I belong to a church of believers in Christ Jesus. I'd become a Christian if denom. churches did not exist the same way I became one before....except the Father draw me by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are predestined to become Sons of God.

Live Saving Techiques
Cluny, my mother came down with a rare muscle disease in 2003 then broke her collarbone. We must pray and seek the Lord as to what to do in each and every circumstance as they are all different. I prayed to the Lord and asked, "What should I do? Should I pray and ask you to take her home? Or should I pray and ask you to heal her?" THe Lord began to give me scriptures on healing. I read them out loud to her and after 2 years of intense treatment, hospitalization, nursing home and rehab, my mother made a full recovery. He works all things after the counsel of His Will. ONLY HE KNOWS HIS WILL FOR EACH PERSON'S LIFE. I say help them in any way you can unless they have a DNR (Do not recessitate).

Can Dead People Live
to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

Eternal life means "never ending."

Everlasting life means "lasting forever.'

People who die as Believers in Christ Jesus leave this earth and body goes to the grave while their spirit goes to heaven.

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