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Creation Of The Universe
Strongaxe, I have looked at the Hebrew for heaven(s), and almost every instance is H8064 shamayim from root meaning to be lofty, sky (the visible arch in which clouds move), as well as the higher ether where the celestial bodies revolve. With these meanings, heaven may be interpreted as universe or not. In text in Gen 1, firmament is called heaven by God. From H7549 raqiya, an expanse, visible arch of the sky.
Waters above firmament and below, divided.
Gen 1:1 God created heaven and earth
Vs 2 the earth was without form and void (does not mention heaven as such)
Darkness on face of deep, Spirit moved upon face of waters
Vs 6,7 firmament in midst of waters, divide waters from waters

Creation Of The Universe
In Gen 1:1 some versions use singular "heaven", while others use plural "heavens".

Just a few:

heaven: KJV, GNV, WYC


Were Fossils Before Adam
Jerry, just curious, if the big freeze you mention was concurrent with Noah's flood, just how did that happen? It would seem the freeze that resulted in the mammoth being preserved with buttercups in its mouth would have had to be instant...what could have caused such a drastic change in temperature?
And why did that temperature drop not freeze Noah and occupants of the ark?

Love Your Enemies
---joseph on 2/17/14

Thank you. I too have missed our exchanges, and no, you have not done or said anything to apologize for. On the contrary, your conversation has always been kind, considerate, understanding, patient, non-judgmental, (never giving the impression you do not have time for discussions), even when I, or another, have not understood.
"may the Father continue to bless and enlighten you to bless and enlighten others."

Thank you, and you also joseph.

Religion Or A Relationship
"my thoughts exactly. Amen
---Josef on 12/10/11" Glad to hear that, thank you and praise God

Contentious And Angry Woman
Youre right Robyn, it does go both ways, and should not characterize a Christian relationship. Sadly, when husbands, wifes, children live with abuse, they may start to do likewise. We by nature, only endure so much pain before we start to retaliate, seek revenge, other fleshly manifestations. Only the Love of God heals, delivers, and is a glorious thing. Having gone through abuse in a relationship, but previously being one to try to resolve situations, I was surprised to see anger rising in me as it did. However, it was one very important tool that the Lord used to show me my true condition without Him in control.
This sort of anger can spread like a wildfire, however, the Love of God, does so all the more. Love conquers all.

What's Up August 2011
Darlene_1. I was away all last week so did not see the blog until now. I am sorry to hear of your loss. I have you all in prayer. May you know the comfort He alone can give, being the God of all comfort. Bless you all.

What Is A First Fruit?
aka, "
chria, i thought you meant firstfruits in the context of James 1:16-18, which relies on the text that preceded these verses. keep it in context." I was interested in it in context as well as any application it might have. So often in the Word there are multiple layers or depths, many facets to be discovered as the Lord takes us deeper, as we check the Word with the Word. Most everything posted has been of some value.

How To Love The Unlovable
Elena, you are quite welcome. I am always happy to "see' you here. "Believe it or NOT really been pray'n & last nite ran into ONE of those Gang banger lady..." I DO believe it. He gives the opportunity, and He also empowers us to do or speak in love. How one receives/responds to that love, may not be as we hope, or may take time, but we can then be confident that in this we did His will. As with plants in a garden, some blossom practically overnight, others take a very long time.Bless you.

Love Your Enemies

joseph, An exchange of thoughts is one of the ways that we "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus [The] Christ". This is true. You are right, it truly is a blessing to share here, both to give and recieve, and I too thank God for that. I have every intention of continuing to ask and answer. As for the 'ignorant' thing, if I think or feel anything contrary to what is the truth, that I wish lay down. Those "feelings" are not the truth, and it became quite clear to me that it was in opposition to what the Father says and we had just been discussing. God has a way of bringing things to the light that need to be dealt with. Blessings.

Explain Genesis Chapter 1
Well Josef, "... I like that:o). Thanks. Don't you just LOVE the Word?

Should Christians Be Depressed
StrongAxe, Thanks for your post, interesting that you brought up it being a natural survival or defense mechanism under normal circumstances. Understanding it's purpose helps to also understand a bit of what's happening when one has clinical depression. It's often not enough to try to deal with the symptoms only, which has limited success. Still much unknown

Love Your Enemies
joseph, earlier today I was thinking of what you said "There is nothing I enjoy more than an honest, and cordial exchange of Father's word. Thank you.". It IS a pleasure, and I found myself really looking forward to it. So many seem to know so much here, I feel somewhat ignorant, and sometimes hesitant to ask questions, but I don't want that to get in the way.

What Is A First Fruit?
Thank you for your answers. I couldn't help wondering, what is the significance of that phrase, why was that added, and not simply left as "18 He chose to give us birth through the word of truth," which encompasses being saved/born again.

Explain Genesis Chapter 1
Jerry, Josef, thank you. I thought as much myself. Josef: "He is that light from the beginning. "Let there be light" simply brought forth from Him, the light within Him." a good way of putting it.
"I believe that Spiritual aspect of Himself was concentrated tangibly, and brought forth from a particular point in space during the first three days of the restoration.
As with the clouds of Heaven and the depths of the sea. In Job 36:30 "He spread His light upon" [the earth]." Interesting thought.
Speaking of tangible, Word made flesh,also the light
2 Corinthians 4:6, Jn 1:9,Jn 8:12, Jn 9:5,

Love Your Enemies
joseph, "Yes, all He has given "eyes to see, and ears to hear", should give the Father all praises, with thanksgiving. For they are indeed, truly blessed." exactly! Amen!
Also, Happy you are blessed as well

No Light At End Of Tunnel
Frank, "In the end it will be not by might, not by power, but by his Spirit just as he said.
Trust the Lord to give you strength and light, lean not to your own understanding and keep walking in faith.
May God bless." Amen!

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