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Is Obama The AntiChrist
Ok,Obama is NOT the Anti-Christ. Harold Camping IS a crackpot.

Different Levels In Hell
I believe there are different levels of torment in hell.... in the bible, Jesus states that it will be better for one to have not known him, than to know him and turn his back on him. In addition there is no great or little sin for all have fallen short of the glory of god! This implies that a good person can and will spend an eternity in hell if they do not recieve Christ just like a Rapist-Murderer who dosen't recieve him! However, here is the funny part, you can have been a rapist or murderer, repented truly, and turned your life over to Christ, to make heaven your home unlike the good person who was self righteous and said I am a good person!

People Take More Than They Give
Emcee: The Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Looking For What Type Of Man
Sometimes I wonder myself. Seriously, strength of character; Godly; firm but fair; wise; ambitious; sensitive; generous; down-to-earth; humourous....

Other People Than Adam And Eve
Jared,In ancient Jewish history it records that Adam & Eve had 30 sons and 26 daughters. The fact that so few are listed don't mean they didn't exist. The males that were important in tracing Jesus's lineage back to Adam were the ones listed. In the book of Luke he is the only one of the gospels that trace Christ lineage back to Adam. There is a reason Luke did that.By the way the sons and daughters married each other. So to answer part of your question Cain married one of his sisters. jr8686

Resting On Sabbath
Lee - "You clearly cannot support any idea of Sabbath keeping in heaven without violating the definition of what a day is"

This statement is true if we try to comprehend the power of God and heaven through our earthly minds.

Isaiah 66:23 "... and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord"

Verse 22 shows it's talking about the new heaven. So obviously GOD intends sabbath worship to continue into heaven.

Moderators Questions And Answers
Moderator: How do you differentiate between persons who use the same name/initials? Could cause some confusion.

Moderator - I would recommend using something unique or your penpal User Name.

What If We Praised The Father
Got news for you. We are supposed to praise the Father for all the benefits through His son Jesus. We are also to pray to the Father in Jesus name. Jesus told us to do this. "Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father"! This is exactly how God wants it. Things are supposed to happen when we do this. Get it?

Who is Pat Robertson?
I may be young, but I appreciate Pat Robertson and his ministry. I've been blessed by CBN and they have helped to prepare me for the mission field. I pray for Pat and the people that sacrifice their lives for the advancement of the Gospel. We only are allowed so much time and there is still much work to be done. This is what we should be thinking on.

How Should A Boyfriend Treat
First and foremost, with respect. Should also be caring towards you and have your interest at heart. Of course, you should be treating him likewise.

Looking For What Type Of Man
Sometimes I wonder myself. Seriously, strength of character; Godly; firm but fair; wise; ambitious; sensitive; generous; down-to-earth; humourous....

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