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Is There Bad Worship Music
I believe that what makes music "Christian" is not the style or beat, but the words. If the lyrics reflect God's character and/or are a plea that we might better reflect His character, then the song pleases God, in my opinion.

Are Gospel Tracts Effective
I believe that they can be effective if the information contained in them is accurate - God uses many means to reach people. I also believe that it is beneficial to have contact information included on the tract so that a newly reached person has access to some real live Christians.

Is Yoga OK For Christians
Yoga was originally a variant of Hinduism and was intended to achieive spiritual union with an impersonal Hindu deity.

In our country, yoga may seem like nothing more than a way to stay healthy, but there is always the risk that one may become involved with its religious nature. Personally, I would avoid it.

Tactics Of The Cults
Cults exploit a person's weakness or vulnerability. They may offer an instant solution for a person's problems, or offer attention and affection to someone suffering from loneliness or despair. A cult may give a person a feeling of belonging that they've never experienced before. The draw is emotional, not doctrinal. Once a vulnerable person feels accepted and "loved" by the cult, he is often ready to accept the cult's false teachings.

Are Mormons Going To Heaven
Brigham Young taught other doctrines that Mormons would like to forget. He taught that Adam was God who took on a body and came to Eden (in Missouri) with one of his heavenly wives, Eve. This Adam-God fathered Jesus by having sexual relations with the Virgin Mary. Brigham Young declared, "He (Christ) was not begotten by the Holy Ghost"

Mormons are not Christians!

Are Mormons Going To Heaven
A doctrine Mormons don't like to talk about...Mormons believe that Christ's blood could not atone for certain sins, but rather require a man's own blood. Another could kill him as a righteous act as Brigham Young described as "loving our neighbor as ourselves...if he wants salvation and it is necessary to spill his blood...spill it."

Mormonism is not Christian!

Does Polygamy Still Exist
In Utah today, there are an estimated 30,000 fundamentalist Mormans who still engage in polygamy. They believe that they will be barred from heaven unless they follow the covenant of polygamy set forth by Joseph Smith in 1843. The Mormans recanted their polygamy doctrine in 1890 after the U.S. Congress became so concerned about the Morman practice of polygamy that they passed the Edmund-Tucker Act, threatening to confiscate Morman property and jail its leaders.

People Want Entertainment
I think that the key is the church. I believe church should be fun and enjoyable. It should offer clear, simple Bible teaching, and can also help to fill the entertainment "void" by facilitating Christian fellowship and activities. By doing this, you build up the believer, and also reach out to the unsaved. When the unsaved see friends having fun at church, they may want to check it out...and when believers love to be in church, they'll invite their friends.

Old People Change The World
Love and mentor someone else. Sharing your Godly wisdom in an atmosphere of true Christian love will change a life.

Wrong For Christians To Drink
I agree with you that the Bible warns against drunkenness, not drinking, therefore I believe that the decision to consume alcohol is between an individual and God. We must be careful though not to cause our brother to stumble - alcohol abuse/addiction is rampant in our society today. Also, we must think of what image we are projecting (are we avoiding the appearance of evil?). Ex. Are we at home having a glass of wine with a meal, or at a bar drinking? Also to think about - will it affect your witness?

What Is A Christian Fanatic
We should be fanatical about Jesus. Christian love should be the principle that guides our actions.

What Is Shame Facedness
It comes from the Greek "aidos" and means regard for others, respect, reverence, self-restraint, modesty, not being bold or forward, bashfulness toward men.

Do Christians Fear Death
I'm a Christian but I fear death for these reasons: 1)it's something I've never experienced before; there are unknowns. 2)I love God and try to live by His Word, but I feel inadequate. Sometimes I doubt my salvation (though I know better!). 3)I want to grow to maturity as a Christian. I want to hear Him say "well done good and faithful servant". I know that I'm saved and will one day be in heaven, the Bible says so. But because I'm human and imperfect, I do have fears and doubts.

How Do You Die To Self
We die to self by learning to consistently choose God's will over our own will in every decision we make.

This is a daily battle and a growing process. It's acheived by praying (relationship with Him), and by being in His Word (getting to know Him). We must also make a conscious choice to obey His Word. As we do this, we become less carnal and more like Him. As we mature spiritually, doing His will becomes more natural and less of a conscious decision.

Why Ask Personal Question Here
I'm not close to anyone at church. When I have a deep issue, it usually stems from my past, which is filled with dysfunction of the kind that most people can't relate to. I've been hated and rejected by Christians in the past and though now saved and delivered, I'm still sometimes judged by Christians who know my past. Thus, I can understand why some might ask personal questions here - they want feedback without being judged by those who are a part of their church, and who are supposed to love them.

True Meaning Of Friendship
A true friend loves us unconditionally, as God loves us. The only way to show others the true meaning of friendship is to be a true friend. It's hard to love others unconditionally - it means that we have to put aside our own agendas and do what's in the other person's best interest. It means that we have to trust God to meet our needs as we sacrifice to meet someone else's needs. It means we must choose to love in every situation, even when it's not easy, convenient, or fair.

Jesus Loves Me
If you believe that the Bible is true, then you can know for sure that Jesus loves you, because it is declared in the Bible. When you feel depressed, overwhelmed, or doubtful, you can have the reassurance that you are loved by Jesus simply because the Word of God is timeless and true.

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