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Give Up 501(c) 3 Status
YES! The body is not a particular church. It is scattered all over the world like salt. The organised churches have absorbed false Roman teachings and refuse to stop teaching them, This is one reason why God has withdrawn His Power from them, but they delude themselves into thinking they have it. 'Come out of her my people"

Love To Submit To My Husband
I am 61 white man lookinnng for marrige with woman that's ready to submit to her husband now

Should We Ask God For Signs
It is sad and concerning when a professed believer finds confirmation of their faith through signs and wonders apart from God's word. we have the full revelation of God in scripture. To add to this is blasphemy and the evil of sorcery. See Matthew 16:4. It is a trap to think that God is going to reveal his will to you or to confirm an action taken by you through a visual sign. It will cause you to seek other sources of spiritual confirmation instead of relying solely on the revealed word of God. Stay away from signs.

My Wife Snores Too Much
I used to love my husband, but over the years, his snoring got to the point that I could not sleep. I would go for days and weeks without sleeping. I was constantly on edge and anxious, fearing the time of day that bedtime would come because I knew that it would be another sleepless night. I got to resent him tremendously because he was the cause of my not being able to sleep. He refused to get surgery for it. He eventually moved into another room. From the point that the snoring became so horrible that it could be heard throughout the house, upstairs and downstairs, the marriage was pretty much over. Other issues existed as well, but the snoring was a factor.

Can I Marry My Ex-Son-In-Law
I married my daughters ex-live in. We've been married for 3yrs. and have known each other for 17yrs.. We have a good relationship. They had 2 children. My daughter was out of the picture 4 yrs. prior to this. Because of a drug habit. If you think you can make it work go for it. It works for us!

Do Women Dress Appropriately
Good morning. You are right. God is love and cares about all his children. In one way though, you were wrong: In the Bible, there are instructions (all over it) about how women should dress and how men should react to it. It is stated that women should not dress to make men think sexual thoughts, not be fancy with hair and jewelry, and not to be distracting attention away from God. It also states that men should look the other way when women behave in this manner.

Who is Bishop Eddie Long?
Sad to me that the membership of this church will allow this person to stand in the pulpit and hold his self out of the commandments of the God most of us worship.

Its not Mr. Long that will be judged. He has proven his self in N.C. and now in Lithonia. The congregation, those who donate heavily each month that should now look in the mirror.

This church was ask to submit financial documents to Congress and the ECFA for accountability. They refused. Do we , and I say we those outside the congregation wonder why. Mr. Long painted it as a racist issue. I hope that Congress and the IRS come down him.

A prayer for each member who allows this man to represent gods word should not sleep well until this seed is removed.

Can We Disown Family Members
Well the answer is clear to me. You can not you may not like what they become or what they do but they are your family. I can not imagin anything that my children could ever do bad enough for me to disowen them However there are those that can my father in-law first disowened his daughter, then his grandson and now almost 2 years ago his son my husband and the worst thing about it is that my husband has lost his mom and his father. No they are not dead but close enough his mom can not even come see us or talk to us in fear of the repracations. It is so sad. I told my husband not that you would but if you ever told me I had to give up one of my children for you I am afraid you would have to go because that is not happening.

Unbelievers Prayers Answered
I Kings 21: 25-29
It seems that God answered Ahab's prayer, and we see no mention of Ahab ever becoming a follower of God.
I John 5:14-15
An unbeliever may be able to ask something that is in fact "in God's Will"

God Takes Bad Christians Home
Tony writes, "God will bring them home, if they refuse to be who He called them to be as a witness in the earth." Can you tell me where that passage is found?

God Takes Bad Christians Home
I've been looking for two days. Can anyone tell me where the verses are found that state God takes bad Christians home early. Thanks

Is Depression An Evil Spirit
Depression is a disease endemic in the demands of modern society. As jobs become scarcer, so employers expect greater productivity out of their workers, making redundant those who do not fulfil these higher expectation.

Those suffering depression are victims of modern society. Today's world is like a jungle where only the fittest survive.

My answer to depression is prayer and petition to our ever-merciful Lord Jesus Christ. Ask Him for the healing you need.

Secondly, the sufferer needs sanctuary. This can be found in the body and fellowship of the church, or the quiet of a manstery or convent

Thirdly, get out into quiet countryside and walk. Drink in the tonic of God's beaautiful and unique creation.

Merchandising Churches Biblical
There is nothing wrong with having a bookstore or repository in church. What I object to is the proliferation of television evangelists who try to sell overpriced books and DVDs over the air.
It is shameful to make money out of religion. If Jesus overthrew the tables of the money-changers in the Temple owing to their greed, what would He do to such evangelists who live in luxury off their earnings.

Married Pastor Future Husband
Marriage is a sacrament. As a pastor I am sure he took vows before God in the sight of a Christian congregation to stay married to the same person all his life.
It is dispicable that a man in his position, a shepherd of Christ's flock, should behave in such an abominable way. May God have mercy on him.
Your only option is to walk away. Find another church. If you continue in this relationship with this pastor, and it becomes common knowledge among his followers, you will inevitably be branded a Jezebel. Walk away or you will be as much to blame.

I Am In A Bad Marriage
I would like to be able to help if I can. Perhaps you might like to contact me with a little more detail about why your marriage is in trouble. Please check me out on Cnet as Teren8687.

God Bless, and I will pray for you


Dating A Married Guy
What you need to ask yourself is "What would Jesus say?" Reflect on the story of the Samaritan woman at the well: If your man divorces his wife for you, where does that put you in the eyes of God?

If he was married in church and took vows before God, then you are helping him break them with all the consequences for his wife, his children and the families on both sides. Can you live with that?

Often a situation like you find yourself in derives from loneliness. Even in marriage there can be loneliness which often spurs a partner to look elsewhere for love.
The basis of this relationship must be LOVE, but so far you are wavering which makes me think your head and your heart are not in sync.

God Bless

Demon Will Not Leave Me
A few years ago I had a similar waking dream. I could neither move nor speak, and I felt as if I were being pulled down to hell.

I cannot describe how horrible it was, or how I knew it was real with every fibre of my being.

In that moment I started reciting "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" over and over, and after (I think) the third recitation, I felt the power of the demon break, and the (I can only describe as) 'pieces' of his power fell away.

Hope that helps. Love in Christ,
Terence Toolan

Is Wearing A Cross Wrong
I am a man and wear the cross to REMIND who I belong to. I am against wearing a cross that has the body of Jesus on it. To me, this is just keeping Him on the cross.

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