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I Hate My Wife
Once there is Jesus in your life, there is Hope, there is Life!. Five wonderful kids,she must be doing something right, it takes 2 to raise those kids. you did't say if the are all under 10yrs. that would be a lot of work.May be she does not feel good about her self. Maybe, she is feeling the Things she is calling You. Get a good Christian Counsler to help. Gob bless you and your wife and children.

Countries To Apologise For Slavery
Lori.I find this statment rather Chilling(an eye opener)"when blacks were allowed to move throughout the county" This tells me that there are still many who have a very deep seeded hatered for their fellow human beings. Are you a Christian? or are you sometimes to ONLY some people. By the way all your comments are hearsay. As U said U saw it on TV in the 1960's. This was the view for you ONLY 1 sided.

Countries To Apologise For Slavery
Beth: What r u trying to say? I can respond to 1 of your many comments/statments. The leaders of The Democratic Party are about 70% White. So, why are you blaming blacks...I will use the term African Americans for various of your issues? I live in a large city in the NE where 9 out of 10 voters are Democratic and the voting population is about even African and White Americans.

Pray For My Friends Son
Lord, we lift Ryan up in Jesus name, you said that if two or more agree in his name it is done. We pray that you strengthen him during this difficult time, you are the healer of all, touch the drs. that they may help Ryan. in Jesus name Amen.

I Am 19 And Love A 42 Year Old
lina, it been many months now and i am curious are u still with this 42yr,old guy? Re-read Dottie advice, they are also mine. Hope all is well God bless you.

Countries To Apologise For Slavery
I have read several comments going back and forth by Carla and Darlene. It is painfull, to say the least about slavery and the history of it. It does not matter that only a small fraction of whites in the U.S.A. own slaves what matters is that all whites were taught that blacks were "chattles"to be owned. They were considered 3/5th human. This set the tone of how Africans Americans were being treated in this country. May God bless us all and help to ease this horriffic pain in Jesus name.

Should Parents Teach Their Kids
The truth is children are being exposed to this world from birth, so it is up to the parents to teach(impose) Christ from birth too.This secular society will not do that.

What Are You Thankful For
I am thankful for my job, even though it sometimes drain me in everywhich way. I go back to work in a day. I have a friend in realestate, she has been doing very well, but the realestate market has almost hit rock bottom and all of a sudden she is financially poor. This made me relaize that my job is a constant and i a so greatful(thank u Jesus) School's in. congrats on your new grand and daughter-in-law Trish. God Bless.

Wife Has Bi Polar Disorder
Had student who was diagnosed with BiPolar, was like a roller coaster by the minute. Very aggresive, moody, violent, but sweet on occasion. Parents refused to give the medications pescribed by doctors.

I Hate God For What He Did
Trish, God Bless you.

Is Homeschooling Better
Public Schooling is exactly what it says "Public" which is serving the community at large. Open to all,the basic reading, writing, math and any other subjects that would cause the student to function in a public socity. For Christian education one must attend a school which meets the State's requirements of the public education but is taught in a Christian school. Of course the Bible is taught. I teach in a one of the largest cities in the U.S., there are many different religious schools.

Roman Catholic Bishop Allah
Is't there 99 names for god?

Recently Cheated On My Wife
Raymond, First i guess you will not be getting drunk anymore? Jesus says forgive seven times how many? If your wife suspects(even if she did't) then should be you be honest and let her know, and be there to help with the pain.By the way getting drunk is not an excuse. God bless.

I Hate God For What He Did
Trish, it seems that you have had some very trying times. Yet, you did not turn your back on God. He has give you strength to go through. My husband loved the ladies, well we are divorce, he makes much more than me. However i see how he runs around to make this money and works like a horse, he is now a minister. I did ask why? however i can only make me better in Christ. I can say that i am happy now than in the marriage. So, hang in there in prayer, it works mircles.

Hillary Clinton For President
I believe Hillary will be President. It is the perfect time for her, everyone blames Bush for everything from the war to the housing market. No, matter what, all wrongs is attatched to Bush. The Republicans are out. It does not take much to see that she plays to all and this country is too divided to wake up and smell the take over,They will be No hanging chads. The Liberals will push all their agendas. If we think we in trouble now, waite until she takes office. God help us all

I Hate God For What He Did
I am sure you heard store up your riches in heaven, on earth it shall pass away. James 2:5 hearken, my beloved brethren, hath not god chosen the poor of this world Rich in FAITH & theirs of the Kingdom which he promised to them that love HIM?

Divorce Abusive Husband
What? who told you that lie. & why would you want to pass abuse on to your children, don't u want to stop this. It will gratly affect your children, their children. Break the cycle if not for you, do it for your children,,,pray..... the lord will give you courage. I will pray for you and children

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
The question is how many Catholics believe the pope?

Husband Seeks Attention
First you should not feel wortless in any area of your life. If you are christian, then you're a child of the most high. It is your husband that is feeling wortless and has no slefesteem. Both of you should get to a counsler as soon as possible, if the does not want to go, then you go. God bless

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