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Is Dating A Sin
Yes, dating is a sin, because it involves lust and other sinful desires..

What Is A Revival
I believe revival is all the above.god has no respect of person therefore when he moves it can have a major effect on any & everyone in his holy spirit presence.

Where Does Joy Come From
The trick to getting through this phase of your Christian life is to stop looking at what hurts. My strategy is this, and it works for me. Remember Romans 8:28 and be willing to give up your personal happiness for right now - just trust God with it. Instead, seek out someone that you can help and try to ease their struggle and make them smile. Don't let yourself think about your troubles in the meantime, and focus only on helping others - as many as possible. In helping them, you help yourself. In making someone else smile, you find a smile that nothing can take away from you. It's a spiritual principle that when we give it away, we gain it for ourselves. Focus all your energy in trying to give joy to other people and you will have joy.

Report Miracle Healing
One time 3 years ago, I relapsed with a sore throat and fever. My mom prayed fervently for me, including in the middle of the night. The next morning, the symptoms had pretty much disappeared and I was pretty much well by the end of the day. This was in early April of 2005.

Good Christian Rock Bands
I grew up in a church where "Christian" music was only hymns or southern gospel. I believe you have Christian LYRICS set to either upbeat,bluegrass,R & B(etc) music. God wants to reach the youth and this can be done by a very important outlet today---MUSIC. Barlowgirl has songs about purity, modesty and trusting God.Their lyrics are good Christian values I want my 12yr old daughter to hear. Every song doesn't have to be a worship song. It can be about life as a Christian.

Can Christians Drink A Little Wine
I personally do not drink alcohol but the Bible never says to REFRAIN from drinking. It says it's wrong to be DRUNK. There is a difference. That's why Paul got on to the Corinthians because they were drunk. Everything should be done in moderation.

Reading Harry Potter
I just want to say that if you make the HP books evil, then they are. If you purely read them for the love of imagination and fiction, then it's just another good series of books. I, personally, am a strong conservative Christian who enjoyed the series. I think the movies portray them ina more evil way, but I am not one to judge. People need to relax and not condemn/judge others on this topic.

Obedient To An Angry Husband
Remember that a husband is supposed to treat his wife as God treats the church. Being submissive and obedient to your husband does not mean allowing him to be violent towards you, whether it is in words or through actions. You still have the right to walk away from abusive behavior. I'm not saying get a divorce but don't allow him to treat you in an abusive manner. In a way you are facilitating his violent temper by continuing to allow the anger. Pray to God for your husband and for your protection.

Wearing Immodest Clothes
Wearing immodest clothing is not a sin but it can cause others to sin, stimulating lust to the onlookers.Moreover, our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so why should we dressed in such a manner?

I Hate My Husband
I'm going on 17 years of marriage with a hateful, angry, GOD hating man. 17 years. Somehow GOD's grace is sufficient. I feel so much for your situation, but I promise could be a whole lot worse.

No Baptism Then No Heaven
just curios augua9846, if baptiasm saves, and it was those who repented and gladly recieved his word who were baptized, then how can an infant be saved through baptism when they cannot repent and recieve the word?

Is Mel Gibson's Apology Sincere
Amen Billy: "Wouldn't it be Christ like to forgive him weather he asks for forgivness or not, or weather his apology was sincere or not?" Just as Jesus did on the cross when He said Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing, and Steven too while being stoned prayed for the peoples forgiveness when they had not asked for us...that included Saul, and shortly after that Saul was converted. Forgiving is a siritual weapon not to be underestimated.

How To Catholics Go To Heaven
2) This is the problem withh the RCC.Note that there is no mention of Jesus taking our sin upon the cross and dying in our place. It is all works.There is truth used here to justify, such as love the Lord with all your heart. As for making Mary our refuge, that is simply idolatry. God alone is our refuge and our strength

How To Catholics Go To Heaven
1)Emcee's response is what is the RCC perspective on salvation: "love the Lord with your whole Heart & soul & your neighbour as yourself.Live by His standards, & trust in His Divine Mercy.Recieve His Holy Eucharist & you will abide in Him & He in You.Make His Holy Mother Your refuge & your strength."pray for us who have recourse to Thee"Please Her son who is Your Saviour,stay in the state of HIS grace.If ever you should fall seek his pardon by confession ."

Can Chistians Be On Welfare
2)but here having additional children does not give you more money, a common misconception. I believe that we are all responsible to/for one another, all have various gifts, and if we gave of ourselfs as Christ intended, none would be without. It is easy to blame the poor person for being lazy etc(judgement) and not look at our own selfishness. God resources are more then sufficient for all to have food etc, but greed/hoarding, blame and much more...(sin) is the true cause.

Can Chistians Be On Welfare
1) I've responded to this subject before. I feel that there is much prejudice towards people on welfare because of the many that have abused the system, however, it was/is meant as a good thing to help people truly in need. I have been on welfare as a christian at a time that was extremely difficult, and I did not want to do it, but did for my childrens sake. There have been many reforms in welfare which varies state to state,

Independent Vs Southern Baptist
I have seen much written here about worship music stirring up emotions, as if God created emotions are negative. True worship is in Spirit and truth, and can be very emotional. Love for God can be emotional, what is wrong with being passionate about our Lord Jesus? In the RCC where I grew up the services were dry, ritualistic, though I saw beauty in them at the time. What a shock to see, learn a different way that flowed out of the heart and cannot be contained.

Should Christians Help The Poor
3)For some time there has been limitations on what one recieves if they have additional children. It is foolish to think that someone actually benifits financially by having additional children. I hated having to go on welfare, but did in order to save my family at a time when there were serious problems and there was no help elsewhere, including the church. I worked hard the whole time I was on welfare, regularly putting in 18-20 hour days.

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