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Are UFOs Really Demons
after studying ancient egyption culture and their writing and symbals then reading stories about ufo's and the symbols in the crop circles are just like the symbols in ancient egypt I also came to the conclusion for this to be so.

Why Should I Become A Christian
One road leads to Life and the other to death! Take your pick!

Where Do We Go At Death
Donna, You got it Right!

Is A Future Pope The Anti-Christ
NO, he will not be.

Husband Addicted To Anger
Do you have children? are they watching this take place?

Theophostic Healing Ministry
not sure what the word stands for but i have a christian lady i meet with once a week for bible study and she is studing it right now and keeps telling me that i should look into it because it could help me.

What Has God Done Lately
Really worried,not going to be able to buy all my daughters school cloths, don't have much money, always shop thrift stores. Bought name brand shorts really cute and took them home washed them, fit great. Then my friend came over I showed them to her and said "I almost didn't buy these because I usely only pay .99 cents for her shorts and they were 5.99." Then I felt that the lining in the pocket was coming out so I stuck my hand in to push it back in and oh my to my surprize it was a $5 bill!

Rapture After The Tribulation
mima- ok, you are saying there will be 2 appearences of Jesus, a return and then a return again, scriptures please because all I read is of 1 return after the tribulation of his appearing and sending his angels to gather the elect, then judgement falls on the ones left.

What Did Jesus Really Say
yes there have been many different translations and different words are used but the meaning to each sentance is still intact and means the same as the original. Have Faith that God is Big enough to hold his word "the truth" together.

How To Handle Moody People
Love them and pray for them.

God Or Demons Speaking
George- Why do you think God is speaking to you and your not sure it's him?
Compare what you are hearing with his WORD!

Bush's Roadmap For Israel Godly
it reminds me of scripture in the book of joel chapter 3 is written at end of verse 2 they have also divided up my land. sounds like the what is to happen in the last days. and about george bush the book of daniel 11:37 and 38 -he shall exalt himself above them all. but in their place he shall honor a god of fortresses-

Why Didn't God Stop This
God may have been intervening through someone in that family but people sometimes tend to ignore his promptings.

What Country Are You From
Missouri, USA

Stop Sleeping With 9 Year Old
I have the same problem with my 7 year old daughter. She says she is afraid of the dark, I say she can leave the light on but she says she is afraid of the shadows. I totally feel for her, because I as a little girl was so scared to go to sleep at night I left my light on and hid under the covers afraid that monsters were going to get me. so please can someone give both of us some advise.

The New Ten Commandments
I watched half of the first night and caught many things not in the bible.

My Son Frightened To Death
you said your son came home- from sleeping, how old is your son?

Rapture In The Bible
Revelation 3:10

Daughter Going Unconscious
why are they waiting until august? thats 4 months away. it sounds serious. I would tell the doctor's to do the tests now not later.

I Will Be Raptured Because
Then explain this verse Rev. 3:10

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