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Tithe To Abused Animals
Yes it is. Animals are least then us, they are hurting and are in pain. Animals are flesh just like us. God wants all flesh to be saved. WSPA helps animals and find people better jobs.
And then the animals is free from these cruel evil people.
Animals go to heaven too you know.
So yes give and you will recieve for helping animals. God bless you.

God Told Me Who To Marry
I was interested to see your blog. I always test the spirits to see if a "word" is truly from the Lord by asking the Lord for Scripture to confirm. I fasted about my hubby, met someone, went through some intense spiritual warfare, bc Satan wanted us against each other and God did always confrim a "yes" that the man I was communicating with, was who I was going to marry. As things panned out, we ended up not communicating and stil do not, but with much prayer and wholly trusting in God, the Lord affirmed me many times, that my husband will be back. It has been 3 months since we have communicated, so I know how you feel! Satan cannot stop the union, he may try but God is sovereign. Embrace the prep time!

Can Good Christian Live In Adultry
The mere fact that you are asking this question tells me that the Holy Spirit himself is speaking to you and convicting you of this sin. Jesus calls us to be obedient to the commandments. "If you love Him you will obey His Commands" Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path. I will pray for you to have the strength to overcome the ways of this world and live in obedience to the Lord that brings blessing and favor to you.

What Is Annointing Oil
James 5:13 & 14 (NIV)
13Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise. 14Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord.

What Is The Annointing Of God
j. the way your question is worded it seems your having a problem with charismatics etc.
read 1Cor13 and Acts. There is a good teaching on spirithome and or layhands, they give multiple scriptures which 85 words won't hold. Just a thought. Andre 5846
Be blessed in His presence

What Is Baptist Bride Theology
"Baptist Brider" is an extreme Baptist who believes that"The Baptist Church"is the Bride of Christ.All other Christians supposedly make up the FAMILY of God, but are not part of THE BRIDE.The details of this heresy differ from one group to the next,

Another cult with a special ticket to
I've known Baptists,never heard of this. Can only figure its a fringe group.

Please someone slap me if I ever say you have to belong to my church to go to a special heaven.

Hybrid Animal Human Embryos
the last I heard the RCC was still against invitro fertilization etc etc etc.
Where did you hear this, I would be very suspect....doesn't sound like RC doctrine.

I took a course on medical ethics in an RCC University 5 yrs ago - no way.

Raised From The Dead

Why Different Denominations
The bible speaks to churches as individual entities(Rev) but as one body with many members and with one head (Jesus).
I don't think Christ developed different theologies -different churches develop for many reasons - 1) try to purport their own ideology 2) try to get back to basics.
I see every split as a new opportunity to plant a church and if God had cared about our doctrinal disputes He'd have written a precise set of instructions. As it is we have "Christ in us our hope of Glory",

Young Women Marrying Older Men
Are you married, Mary? If so, I can't enable a boyfriend, no matter how young or cute or whatever.

How Do You Feel About Death
thanks for making it so easy Mima
happy Labor Day

2008 June What's Up Blog
Thank goodness, I don't have blond or dark hair!
Everyone at Fox News has their hair dyed blond, it doesn't look very good. Some of it looks like total straw from a bale of hay.
Very few people can dye their hair blond and look natural. I suppose it's a company mandate - all women must dye their hair blond.

2008 June What's Up Blog
Dyed blond hair, home dye jobs are the worst.
Eventually the hair all breaks off and it looks like the dog chewed it off. Too many redo's and touch ups, you're left with strings like raggedty ann's head of hair, they go bald from too much dye. Very harsh, indeed.

2008 June What's Up Blog
I'm not a dumb blond and I really doubt that you are either, if you get my drift.
I get alot of things. I picked up on it several years ago.
You have a good day, now.

2008 June What's Up Blog
Pictures tell a story, and stories can gather photos from anywhere, really.
I wouldn't call that a duh, but a dupe.

2008 June What's Up Blog
I could use a photo of Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies, wouldn't really be a duh, would it?

2008 June What's Up Blog
Barbara talks about herself the same way. I doubt that either one of you are a dingy blond.
As for alan of uk, he's not a dingy blond, he's James Bond.

2008 June What's Up Blog
alan of uk, I doubt she's that distressed over it.
I think you should take over Rebecca's blogging, I don't think anyone would notice.

2008 June What's Up Blog
You'll have to find someone else to do your blogging while you're away!
I bet alan of uk wouldn't mind!

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