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Most Accurate Bible
I cut my teeth on the King James Version, and that is still my favorite version.

I Don't Feel God's Presence
Sometimes God purposely withdraws from us to see if we have learned enough to stand upon his word alone, that is one of the ways he chooses for us to grow spiritually, during these times draw closer to him thru reading and relying on His word, and remember always that he says "he will never leave you or forsake you." God Bless You.

Are you Sanctified
Mark Eden~ I disagree that the Father cannot look away from sin, He did so when His Son was on the cross. Jesus was in complete agony when this happened, His very words were : Father, why have thou forsaken me? He was without Gods presence at that time.

Christian Man Remarry
Love.Jesus ~ if you love Jesus
as yourself, you will also love your neighbor (in this case your husband) as yourself.
We live by the Spirit of the law, not the law itself

Christian Man Remarry
The woman who was caught in the very act of adultery, was told by Jesus himself, to go and sin no more. He did not come to condemn the law, but to fulfill it, meaning that we are to live by the spirit of the law, and not be the letter of the LAW.

What Are Gates Of Hell
I believe that there are literal gates to Hell that keeps in the ones who are there, and seperates it from the ones who are in Christ JESUS.

Father Abandoned Son
it is wrong to abandon ones own flesh and blood, and it is equally wrong to condone this action. Prayer is needed for this family rather than judgement, however.

Husband Who Cheated Online
Marriage is a lifetime committment between two people, however temptation comes to all at some point, how they handle it is the important thing. God is on your side, because you are legally married to this man. Take this before the Lord in prayer, asking God to break up this unholy union. Also ask God what you can do to spice up your marriage so that your husbands attention can return to you where it belongs. Go into overdrive to win him back, don't allow your marriage to become a statistic. Fight back, with Christ at your side, and win. God bless.

Tithe Net Or Gross Income
God judges the thoughts and intents of the heart.If you give in the right spirit, you will be blessed accordingly, if you give will be judged accordingly... So, the ball is in your decide how or if you want to be blessed.

Holy Spirit Prompt You
One way the Holy Spirit prompts me is to continually have something in front of me to remind me of what he is desiring of me. Recently I was struggling with forgiveness, and it seemed that everything that I heard or picked up was dealing with forgiveness. God kept it before me, until I agreed with him, that it was a requirement. I confessed it as sin, and asked for his help in that area, and was able to give it over to him, to work with, asking for his help, and his peace, when I did that, he quit bringing it before me. I am greatful for his help in keeping me on the right path, and it feels really good to be in agreement with him, rather than in opposition. Thank you Jesus for your help thru the person of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Does God Love Everybody
Yes, God loves his creation, but he hates the sin. It is not his will that any should perish, but, that all should come to him in repentance. He is patient, and kind, and very long suffering, that is why people no longer have any fear of God, because they believe that he is all love. That is incorrect, because he is also a God of judgement, and the bible says it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God. So, he does have his limitations, and he is the only one who knows when our time is up. He will do everything within his power to draw us to him, but if we continue to resist, we will die outside of his will, and there will be no more hope for us.

Ontario Canada Earthquake
We have to know that we are very close, by all that is happening in the world. We are having one disaster right after another. Jesus gave us the signs in his word, to look for, and they are all around us. Now is the time to get your house in order, in preparation for what is to come. Stay in faith, stay close to Jesus, learn to lean on him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. Offer a hand whereever it is needed. Forgive those who transgress against you. Love God with all your heart.

Keep The Sabbath Holy
God gave us the examples that he wanted us to follow. When he finished his work of creation, he rested. He showed us this was his will for us, as well as putting it in writing in his word. Before I became a Christian, I had no regard for Gods day of rest, and I ended up wearing myself out. Burnout comes from lack of proper rest, and overdoing work. I experienced this. Now, God is number one in my life, and I look very forward to my God given day of rest. In fact, I end up taking two days, both Saturday and Sunday, and I love it. I feel especially close to God on both days, and I no longer dread Monday morning, as I am refreshed from my days of rest, and communion with my Lord.

Enduring The Tribulation
The answers are in the bible, as well as the examples. We are to live by faith...continually. If our faith fails, we fall into sin, and need to repent, to get right again with God. Now is the time to be strengthened by the word of God, and by his spirit, and by living in communion with him, and by being around people who love God and his word, and live by his teachings. The world is getting darker but, Christs light is getting brighter and brighter. He will lead the way, if we will only look to him.

The Thought For The Day
Trust God with all your heart, mind, soul, strength and body, and lean not to your own understanding, and he will direct your path.

Visited By A Demon
I have never experienced this, but, have heard of many who have. Sometimes, God sends angels to comfort us, but, other times, I believe that Satan sends demons to seek to control us, and to take advantage of us when we are in a vunerable position. Resist him, and he will flee. His tactics are designed to promote fear. Gods word tells us to not be afriad.


Prayer To Stop Smoking
I tried several ways to quit, and finally put them down completely. It took 3 weeks of praying every time the urge came, but, Praise God, I am now free & have been for 25 years now. Fasting will help you to have the power you need to stand against the spirit of nicotene. Get others to pray with you and for you, and rebuke the desire every time, soon you too will be free.
They have no power over me now.
God bless...

Dad Got Me Pregnant
I would def. not want this burden placed on my shoulders if I were 14.... Please.. wait till much much later, and only then if it comes up, and she shows that she really really wants to know, otherwise, I think it is better off left buried...

God be with you both..

Can Mental Illness Be Healed
Mary...yes of course God understands exactly where you are, and he knows how to take you where he wants you to go. One of my favorite bible verses is,Isaiah 42:3 A broken reed, he will not break, and smoking flax..he will not quench. This means he is extremely gentle with anyone that is already struggling. You are safe with in his love, and let him lead you.Over and over he tells us to "fear not." (((hugs))

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