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Is God In Control
Samuel, Obama didn't JUST play golf. He played basketball, had concerts at the White House, movie theater and bowling parties. That's why people said he used the White House as a Party House. Obama worked less than 6 hours a day.

Strongaxe, herd immunity is how all contagious viruses/infections are conquered. Look at Sweden. No mask or lock down orders

Think about it? Why do we have to take a flu vaccine EVERY year? Because it isn't a vaccine. CDC calls it a vaccine to make people feel good.

BTW, even the CDC admitted at least 6500 Cov-19 deaths were actually Deaths with Cov-19. Meaning people's bodies who died in car accidents were tested for Cov-19. Then listed as a Cov-19 for Federal benefits. Numbers are disingenuous.

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved
No, I don't think it is rude. I rather be asked then assuming I am Saved.

I am a Catholic living in the South. Many people have asked me and I tell them yes I was Baptised.

Now, that's when it can get rude when the questioner refuses to believe the method of Salvation.

Anywho, I rather someone be rude to me, than being nice to me as I walking closer to hell.

Some people just don't know unless they are told.

BTW, I haven't seen Cluny's posts. Is everyone okay? Any update?

Was Peter Saved Early
Ven, I believe I understand what you are saying. Jesus came to Save Israel. But He also saved many Gentiles. Only those who find out and start to pray to Jesus have the choice to follow Him or not. God gives free will.

God doesn't force anyone into hell. One refuses God's Mercy and sends himself to hell.

Bill Gates Required Microchip
//Communists don't believe in private property, so billionaries CANNOT BE COMMUNISTS by definition.--StrongAxr

Missed you. That's exactly WHY Jerry and I hate Communism!

Billionaire love Communism because they don't want to live UNDER Communists rules. They want you and I to live by those imagery idealistic life.

Gates is a DICTATOR wannabe.

Are you suggesting Kim Jong Jong un isn't a billionaire with private property? The North Koreans have private property?

Gates wants the Masses (you and I) to follow rules he believes is good for us, but not for himself.

Medical people knew the WHO has been political organization tool decades ago.

I am happy you finally found out the REAL WHO

Covid-19 Life Impact
Strongaxe, so the CCP discriminating against Wuhan Chinese is okay with you?

The CCP BANNED Wuhanians from flying within China. They could ONLY fly out.

Italy and New York got hit the worst. I wonder why?

Could it be because they have DIRECT flights from Wuhan?

BTW, you seem to have forgotten EVERY COUNTRY BANNED flights from China.

You are mad because Trump thought of it first.

If I lived in Wahun I would have gotten away if I could. Remember, they nailed doors to prevent people from living their homes.

Many people died of starvation not from the Wuhan virus.

So the CCP can try to contain an uncontrollable outbreak, but Trump can't?

Are Democrats Traitors
Kathr: haz27, Is Nicole saying Dems are racists, OR was she saying Black Dems makes slures at her for being a republican?//


//Certainly white republicans don't have an issue with her walking off the plantation. Or do they?//

Ironic that you just wrote that statement.

//Nicole loves playing the victim. It's a black on black thingy.//

No Kathr, Democrats are mad because I WON'T play the victim.

I can take care of myself. That's the problem with the Democrats.

I don't need the Government to take care of me.

No Black Democrats or Republicans have ever accused Stacey Abrams of walking off any plantation.//


Because she hasn't. She is a Democrat.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
Kathr: John W. Rogers Jr....representing the 52nd district...
Is Nicole REALLY from Alabama?//

I am not in the District 52 that's in Birmingham and Bessemer. I can't vote in District 52

Democrats can't be anti-abortion. That's like saying a Democrats were anti-slavery in the mid 19sth century.

I can't say I am anti-rape, but hang round men who rape women everyday.

//..several southern states wanted to make it a law in school to say yes ma'am yes sir.//

Kathr, I am in FAVOR of kids saying ma'am and sir.

Our argument is about Slaves saying sir or ma'am.


Show me proof that Slaves said ma'am INSTEAD of misses.

Proof that Slaves said sir INSTEAD of master.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
Kathr: REP ROGERS remembers differently than you.//

Who is Rep Rogers???

Making up statements and arguing with your own made up statements.

//Argue with him.//

An imaginary person? No thanks

//White kids were NEVER given 40 lashes. YIKES!//

Now where did you get so violent? No one should. That's child abuse. Even to non-white kids.

//QUOTE the yes, maam proposal brought back uncomfortable reminders of slavery and Jim Crow days.//



Kathr you were NOT ALIVE during slavery and Jim Crow days.

Besides that you are not black.

I am Black, but even I don't have any memories of those days.

Again, white kids DID SAY ma'am and sir. Slaves did not.

Are Democrats Traitors
Haz, I live in Alabama. Only DEMOCRATS slurred racist remarks to me.

They were mad because I walked off the plantation.

Black people are not allowed to Republican.

Keep up the good fight

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
I SAID white kids SAY ma'am and sir.

Slaves did NOT. They said misses and master.

California is in the West.

'Mr' and Mrs' wasn't mentioned. Plus, TravisR doesn't care if the name is used at all.

A person can ask the kid if he was happy or not?

His kids could not JUST answer 'yes' or 'no'. Ma'am or Sir had to follow the answer

BTW, you can't even use 'Mr or Mrs anymore in the Government. I just call people my their last name. Crazy.

Anywho. I don't like kids calling me by my first period. No matter what title is used.

TravisR and I don't believe we should raise children according to popular opinions.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
//..their friends tipped them off that it was a slavery thing in the south thingy.//

White kids say Maam and Sir.

Slaves said 'Misses' and 'Master'.

Can everyone PLEASE stop feeling sorry for slavery that happened 2 centuries ago.

I am sure you were NOT ALIVE when it happened.

Plus, it is a good chance your Ancestors didn't own Slaves.

Even though I am 72% Black my great, great, great Grandfather owned Slaves, but I am sure not owning that!

It was his sin and his alone!

Worry about Traffic Slavery happening TODAY!

More people are kept in trafficked slavery TODAY than slavery before 1865.

BTW, trafficking people are mostly coming from across the borders ILLEGALLY.


Diamond Stones Disappeared
Kathr: This does not have to be demonic in need of an exorcist.//


Strange how you left out the FIRST 2 listed possibilities.

Anywho, you are right about brain tumors also being a possibility.

I listed demonic because many act as if demons are made up by Christians and foolish to consider as an option.

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
If my father told me a new rule at the age of 15, it wasn't an option to disobey him because he started late.

And he didn't need my approval for my obedience.

Neither did my parents ask my approval of what we were eating for dinner as well.

Plus, if Adults in California let kids call them by their first name doesn't mean they are respectful when they call me Nicole in Alabama.

We say in response: 'Bless his heart, his Momma didn't teach him any manners.'

That's TravisR's point. He did teach his boys manners.

Children don't instinctively acquire manners.

They have to be taught manners.

Diamond Stones Disappeared
Either you are

(1) hallucinating naturally.

(2) Hallucinating from side effects of medication/recreational drugs

(3.) WORST of all: demonic influences are involved.

[1.] Solved with medication by a Psychiatrist.

[2.] Stop taking or using med/recreational drugs. (Note, side effects can be permanent thus 1st solution is needed).

[3.] Catholic Priest is needed.

BTW, I am serious and seek your wellbeing.

God Bless and take care

Teenage Boys Not Remembering
I think they are doing that just to push your buttons.

Find other disciplines methods.

Deny their favorite foods, hobbies, etc.

They are testing you.

You are the father and head of the house.

God put you in charge to bless, encourage and support everyone in your house.

Don't give up the good godly fight.

Are Democrats Traitors
StrongAxe: Soleimani was a government leader//

Please tell me his gov title?

Soleimani was in Iraq trying to kill Americans in our Embassy as he did in Benghazi.

BTW, Soleimani orchestrated the Benghazi attack.

Plus, since when does every President have to follow Obama's war policy?

Trump doesn't believe in the 'stand down' method.

Kathr, when Obama got Congressional approval when he KILLED two Americans without 'due process'.

No trail, no lawyers. Just Obama being the Judge, Jury and executioner.

Forgot Anwar Nasser al-Awlaki and his 16 year old SON, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki?

So much for Juvenile court!

I forgot, Democrats CARE more about foreigners than American citizens.

Celebrating Christmas Day
David: If one claims Jesus was born on the December 25 pagan holy day cannot be giving glory to Jesus Christ.//

Hi David, Christians have been celebrating the Annunciation (Luke 1:26-39) conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit on March 25th a long time before the Birth of Jesus.

December 25th is exactly 9 months from March 25th.

The Romans CENTURIES later picked December 25th as their pagan celebration.

It isn't any different today when Secularists replace St. Valentine Feast day with cupid. St. Patrick's Feast day and our Holiest day Easter to a stupid bunny.

Does that mean we Christians must stop celebrating our Feast Days?

Support President Trump
//He shouldn't be sending messages to "his followers". He isn't president of "his followers". He's president of the entire United States,//


He is fighting for us. Including people like you, even though you want him to LOSE in everything he does.

You can't be happy for the troops in Afghanistan when Trump visited him.

BTW, when Trump wins we ALL WIN. Thus, Rocky photo.

As for Obama, they claimed he was our father. Remember Michelle comment of Barrack made us eat our vegetables but not Trump comment?

Chris Rock claiming the Obamas were our parents?

Michelle stating that Barack was going to make us do stuff for our own good?

They saw us as children

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