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Salvation In The Church
While the church is very important for worship, for spiritual education, for Christian fellowship, and more, it is not required for salvation. To think think it is required is to indicate a person has to work for their salvation. Here are a few verses that state salvation is only provided by Christ alone: Romans 6:23, Ephesians 2:8, John 3:16, 17,Romans 3:23-28, I Timothy 2:3-6, and lots more verses document this, but space is limited. Again church attendance is nice, but NOT a requriment for salvation!

Can The Lost Get Saved
"Yes", in answer to your question. Read John 3:16, where it states, "God so loved the world....) Just replace the word "world" with the name of the person who wants Christ as their personal Savior. That's all that's needed to be a Christian-a personal decision. They should tell someone as a matter of testimony of what they have done and to make sure that they know what the word, "Believe" really means.

Satan On Over Drive
Satan is in "over drive" today because Christians are not. (I'm a Christian) Satan has as much power today as he did when he was kicked out of heaven - but Christians have allowed Satan to use his power by getting us Christians to lose our focus and sped our time bicker among ourselves. For example you are stating that all of the list you have made is the result of Satan's destruction of God's creation but it could also be God's warning us of a coming destruction if Christians don't get active doing what He told us to do. (Part of His instructions was to be 'salt' but we would rather spend our time stating that only the King James Bible that has a black cover is correct.

Different Denominations Marry
No, a Catholic and a Christian should not marry. Even a Christian can be "Unequally yoked" with another Christian:for example a Pentecostal and a Baptist may be unequally yoked because their beliefs may be too different. All may be fine until children become part of the family. That usually is when you start to have real problems When the child sees mom and dad who argue on what is the best denomination and the parents latter decide to let the child decide, the child will often not go to any church. (As a marriage counselor, I've seen it happen.) .

Meaning Of The Word Repent
You are correct. It's an action word, the first "step" is to be sorry for what a person has done, and turning from yourself and doing what God wants.

I Want To Serve God
To serve God the first thing you have to do is, "Make yourself avaiable", (No conditions.) Second, the Bible state He will give us the desires of our heart, so what do you want to do? Third, what training do you need to accomplish this desire. (It may be on the job training, collage, trade school etc) Fourth,write down plans on how you are going to achieve your desires, (Give yourself a timeline.) Be sure you are flexible and allow the Lord to adjust your plans if needed. Don't worry about about failing - trust the Lord to correct you if needed, right now Satan seems to be causing you to be scared - not God!

Sparrows Sold For A Farthing
"God don't make junk", slang but it answers your question about the sparrows and farthing. Jesus is stating that if God is concerned about a sparrow falling, that cost a farthing, (Which is a penny), He is sure concerned about you! Matthew 10:20

Interpret The Bible
The Bible doesn't state that!

Not A Church Member
The "minute" you add any condition to being a Christian, you are guilty of "law-works". This means salvation is not by faith alone, but if you also have to do something besides accept Christ as Savior, you have added a work to God's grace. (Personally, I like going to church, but it's not required.)

Sister Or By First Name
It would be best to ask her what does she want. At this point a person doesn't really know what she wants. But, for now, out of respect for the pastor, I'd address her as "sister". If she prefers that her first name be used, I'd check with him and see why he wants her addressed as "sister"

What Is Earthly Tabernacle
Check out both the condition and purpose of the tabernacle as noted in the Old Testament. It was built and maintained under very strict guidelines, and the purpose was a temporary place for God to appear and stay. Fast forward, in my personal opinion this means two things for today, we are to respect our human bodies as a dwelling of God and we are to maintain it as long as we are on earth.

Keeping Of Sunday
Mark 2:27 The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath."

Do not confuse the method with the message. The Jews have their worship on Saturday, which is fine, Protestants have their Day of Worship on Sunday, which is also fine. The method is you can worship God anytime you want. The message is to Worship God. To say it has to be a certain day is legalistic. It was practical to have Sunday worship in the early church because most of the new converts were Jewish and did not want to be in competition with the Jewish worship. (Many of the new coverts had family & friends who were Jewish & the new coverts would have causes more damage than good by having their day of Worship on Saturday.

Explain Matthew 28:20
The name, "Christian" means, "Little Christ". Christ is in us through the presence of the Holy Spirit, IF you are a Christian. This means He is always with us. (The operative word is "In" He is not some ghost floating around somewhere

Baptize Our Babies
CLUNY: Based on the way you asked your question, you don't really want an answer, you just want to argue. Since that's not my purpose, I'll give you a very simple reply, "Study your Bible"! (In the process, read John 3:16 in depth.)

Denominational Church Missing
ROBERT: You are correct to state that only a King James Bible with a black cover should be used is in error - it just goes to show you how far away some churches have been deterred from was is important. Using the Bible as an example is just one situation I've seen - I could almost write book on what I've witnessed in my 81 years of how the 'church' has drifted away from what God intended.

Denominational Church Missing
One of the reasons we don't do as Christ instructed the "church" is we have put up so many misinturpretation we focus on what's not important. For example,as a missionary I've spoken in church's that if you don't use a King James, Black covered Bible, you are committing a sin. Others try to say only a certain day of the week is the valid day of worship, etc. The sad part is in ALL cases they don't know what the Bible really states. Even worse, they get upset if they are shown what the Bible states in these areas and that's keeps them doing what Christ said the 'church' should do. He just wants us to tell others that He is the only means to salvation, disciple them and live as He lived, which is living so that God glorified.

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