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My Husband Of 28 Years Died
Judy, please accept my condolences for the tragic loss of your husband. It is a deep wound but with God's help it will heal. We will surely remember you in our prayers.

Acceptable To Play Instruments
Does the Bible state that I should eat oats and ice cream? I hope so because I have that stuff everyday.

Helen, please don't let yourself become a fanaticist.

Isn't God Greater Than Net Mate
Linda, I think you're talking silly.

Put Daughter-In-Law In Jail
It is advisable to get someone close to you and her to intercede between you two and settle the matter in an amicable way.

Reporting her would make her a permanent enemy of yours plus your grand children will suffer.

I Am Confused About Life
Not sure what your confusion is but we all get an attack of confusion once in a while. Pray, learn by listening to sermons and reading good books - seek advice when uncertainties invade your mind.

Solve My Riddle
A Umbilical cord since he was never born

Only One Special Person To Marry
God gave us the freedom and intellect and He does not control every move and decision we make in fact many marriages are a living hell.

Do your homework; use your instinct and pray God for guidance but it's YOU who will eventually have to make the final decision.

Does Bible Contradict Itself
If the Bible is words of man, "inspired" by God, not written, it's acceptable to contain such errors. But the problem is some guys really believe EVERY word in the Bible. It's not the Bible that errs, it's the people who read it in a compulsive way.

Fiery Stones In Eden
I don't know, jody, but your answer reminded me of the recent gemstones that are falling in churches around the country. Some are falling in yards, etc. Maybe those gemstones are counterfeits of what you're talking about.

Gemstones Falling Into Church
jody, read this blog. Do you think there's a connection with your question?

Shame For Long Hair Men
According to paintings and art works, Jesus himself had long hair. It looks like those days most men had long hair.

I personally don't see anything wrong with men wearing long hair like I see nothing wrong with bald men.

My In-Laws Are Not Very Nice
Delia, be consistent in being nice to them. Some of my family did not accept my new wife because she belongs to another denomination. My wife kept treating them nicely and never offended their beliefs and today, they all hug her and love her dearly.

How To Show Attraction
I think it's in order that when you are VERY SURE that he is a decent man to tell him that you'd like to be friend with him.

Always be yourself.

Dumped Boyfriend Ignores Me
You should ignore him and if he is interested in you, he'll talk to you himself. Don't pamper him too much because he's either playing head games or he's simply not interested in you.

There are other fish in the ocean - keep fishing.

Roman Soldiers In Heaven Today
If they repented, yes, they would be.

Husband's Wife Wants My Kids
How can your husband be married if you did not obtain the divorce?

Whatever the case, the husband can fight for the kids but not his new wife. Seek legal councilling.

Husband Not Emotional With Me
Sex should always be an emotional experience because this is a union of both body and spirit, need for constant sex with no emotional attachment is mainly due to exposure to pornography, pray agianst that spirit. we will pray with you

Why Are You On These Blogs
I can never forget CN because through this site I have found my new wife and I consider her as a gift from God.

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