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How To Draw Near To God
pt.2.. because, If that key has not even been put into the ignition in a while, that car may be dead, likewise, thats how it is with us, spend time LOVING ON HIM, People actually spend more time loving on their cars then they do their God, they may have a flawless vehicle, but a filthy temple, so if we spend time perfecting our temple, Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened ask and it will be given, God will then give you as much time, as He sees you give to Him.

Want To Plant A Church
If you have a Divine calling, such as Jesus walking into your room and telling you to go into ministry, then I will advise you MOST CERTAINLY, a Pastors blessing is not needed in such a case, However, if this is not the case, it is important to be UNDER THE COVERING and direction of your Pastors authority. And wait until God directs him to release you.

Signs Of Adultery
Lipstick on the collar, new perfume smell, phone rings, then hangs up, condoms in his cabinet that havent been used with you, pulls up into the driveway with lights turned out, leaves for work early comes home late, and treats you like you don't matter at all.

Can You Lose Your Salvation
Annanias and Sapphira are not in heaven right now if thats what you mean. People who are not REPENTANT of their sinning will die in their sins.

Is Astrology Biblical
Marylin Hickey, has an excellent book out concerning this question. about, zodiac, astrology, and Christianity, she answers every question. I think you can get it on line maybie.

Can I Clone Myself
Whoa, The first second I read this, Like a ton of bricks falling on my head, all I could think of was the ''Nephilims'' And GOD REPENTED FOR MAKING MAN, when the demons had intercourse with the daughters of man hence, came the race of giants, then came the great 40 day flood, IT IS A GREAT SIN TO GO CONTRARY TO NATURE, and to do those things not convenient, it is man turned REPROBATE. GENESIS 6. [Sons of God, Fallen angels, turned demon]

How To Release My Faith
Faith is the subtance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

What Is Christian Charity
I've taken five MAF planes out into Amazon Jungle to go feed the lost tribal people suffering from deprivation and starvation, I assisted the Dr. Who flew out there with me, I cleansed their wounds, as the masses waited in long lines for there turns. keeping the ones who were dying of Malaria alive. I continue ministering to the poor, and winning souls to some of the same where I am now living, Just trying to follow in the footsteps of Christ as much as I know to do.

Prayer of Salvation
When I was 10 years old. I thought it was a free gift I felt clean and happy for one week. Fell all to many times after that however, Yes, I understood John 3:16, I would not perish, and have everlasting life if I beleived on Him.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
You must listen to the testimony of Bernarda Fernandez, I found it on the internet last night. She came from a Catholic backround. I personaly will never be the same after hearing her testimony. Your answer to your questions is found through her testimony.

Which Religion Is Correct
Unfortunately ALL are.
All religions are man made. God is the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the ending. God is not willing that any should perish but that all would come to repentance, that is why he sent His only begotton son that whosoever beleiveth on HIM would not perish but have everlasting life.

Church Location Matters
Once upon a time, in my younger days, I joined a world renowned,Christian discipleship training school in Europe, as part of the curriculum we had to attend and remained stationed at this Masonic Lodge, I had made many friends.. Yet while staying at this Masonic Lodge, when speaking my mind to the leadership, they became enraged, I was fresh out of Bible College, and for every one scripture they would quote I had five flying off the top of my head, which l.....1

Church Location Matters
pt.2 studied and retained. Which made them even more mad, suddenly their mouth started screaming that the whole school is following me and who do I think I am to not follow their ''legalistic cloanizing rituals'' teachings. immediately their mouths started to going in slow motion, lower and lower their voices became like a deep mans voice, like a bizarre fiction movie, I was thrown out. . because of my disagreement with their seductive leadership.

Church Location Matters
I would say to all here, to stay clear of the DEVILS TERRITORY, this is no joke, evil spirits are real, and they live and reside in these buildings, This is leading me to wonder if the Pastor is Masonic, for often the Devil comes appearing as an angel of Light, innocent sheep everywhere are lead like a lamb to the slaughter when the fangs come out of these, Posing as pastors, Dracula's in disguise.

Unclean Homes A Sin
I won't mind his filthy home, if he's got a clean heart.

Life Without Friends
God is a jealous God, sometimes it is best to be without people, sometimes God removes situations or people, that we had placed our trust in, to get us to a place of full dependency on Him, the ONE who will never leave you or forsake you Chrissy, Beleive me God Himself is feeling the same way you do, as so many have forsaken Him, People pay HIM lip service, and pray for all of their wants, but He ''GOD'' created US for this very purpose, for communication and felowship with HIM.

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