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Can We Kill Our Enemies
Rom.13:1; Everyone "ordained"/set apart by God is'nt always good. "offences must come, but woe to who they come by". Where would America, Israel or other 'peaceful' nations be without military's? When The Lord told Peter "if you live by the sword, you'll die by the sword", Jesus was saying in effect, if the ONLY answer to violence is violence, violent death's follows! Gods Angels fought against satan and his angels, same scenario. The last 'enemy' destroyed is death!

I Want A Man Now
Many christians believers feel much the same way. But, it boils down to [JOY], J(esus)O(thers)Y(ourself), while waiting and seeking God's will. Once that is established, you can "let down your net for a harvest", God proves us to ourselves at times, no fun going to the back of the line, or back on the potters wheel for what God wants to give you! Throw your hands up in surrender like when you first believed and confess with your mouth [your desires]! God's Strength and Best To You!

Can You Explain My Dream
[Joel 2:28, Acts 2:14-21], careful, unGodly advice could have been sought [James 1:5-8]. Possibly from things heard/seen before bedtime ["take heed what you hear/see, let not the sun go down on your wrath"], things exposed to, the subconscience, etc, not to mention one's spiritual surrounding(s). It sounds somewhat like "Jacob's Trouble/Tribulation Period", [D. Wilkerson "The Vision"]. Focus on God [Phil.4:5-9]. *My answer? I Thess.[4:13-(18)]5:1-*(17,21)24. God Bless!

Is This Prophetess Of God
I've heard of and seen Juanita appear on reputable ministerial programs, she appears to be in the same 'mode' as Paula White. As the scriptures says we will know them by their fruit(s), and to try the spirits by The Spirit, if they're of God [I Jn.4:1]. Finally, "quench not The Spirit, despise not phrophesyings. Prove all things, hold fast that which is good". I Thess.5:19-21.

Christians With Generational Curse
Gal.3:13-14 lets us know everyone who has accepted Christ and His Atoning death on Calvary, is free from all [generational] curses, etc, though symptons may linger through ignorance, or return due to backsliding. Curses are as real as blessings, hell as real as heaven. If we never question physical 'genetics', why question spiritual 'genetics'? Read Matt.5:17 along with the above verses [Isa.53, & I Pet.2:24 also]. [some unbelievers are blessed because of their believing predecessors also], God Bless.

Jonah Swallowed By Whale Or Fish
There's many real lfe accounts of men being found 'alive' in the belly of sperm whales, colorless, [a 'throughly white' man would have gotten lots of attention in that part of the world then!]. The scriptures also says God had prepared a great fish for Jonah, this being the case, everything needed to keep Jonah alive was in place, including the fish's preordained route, destination, and exactly where to 'deposit' Jonah after God spoke to it v.10 [apparently where he left from]!

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry
"Why call me Lord, Lord, and not do the things I say..", and other scriptures. Your husbands Christian reality is questionable to put it mildly. You'll be unequally yoked if you remarried him, according to the scriptures. God will give you the self control needed until your ex brings forth fruit 'mete' for repentence, or someone really committed to Christ scripturely, appears! James 5:16-18. Focus on your spiritual(wo)man, God will give you rest [carefull who you 'confide' in]! Maranatha!

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry
Auror hit the nail right on the head! You can (re)marry, scripturely ["only in The Lord"]. You were also defrauded! In today's America/world, one has to be really careful, especially if someone is not a US citizen. The (d)evil one beguiled Eve in her sinless state, how much more can he do the same to anyone today? Eph.6:10-12, James 1:5.

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