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Many Women Pastors Today
Women are trying to take over where men
have fallen short.There is no biblical
history of women pastors.There is no
guidelines for women pastors as it is for
the man.The man is,and should be the bread winner. The women don't want a piece of
the cake ,they want the whole thing.

Heard The Voice Of God
You will have to sort between the pages
of life.What everyone says is not always
the truth.Some things are said by people
that want others to think that God have
spoken to them.Not that He cannot speak
to us.But that,some lie about it.

Husbands Friend Cooked
Yes,it is out of hand.So many relations
have been broken up because of the
intervention of friends and in-laws.
In a relationship one should be able to
please the other,and not let someone else
take away what love is between them.
If one cares for the other their feelings
should come first as to what is required
from each of them.

Prayer Request For Baby
If one loses their head over small matters.
Its no wonder what they will do when they are
confronted with the big matters of life.
In order to stand firm one needs more than
what intellect the world can provide.
You must be able to turn the other cheek.
One have to smile at the trials of life.
God gives his children this statue above
common actions and reactions of the spirit.

How Did God Create The Planet
There are 8 different ways by which the Almighty God went about creating all existence.It is a sad thing that humandkind
is without this knowledge.Eventhough the bible explains it well.

Justify Creationism
It matters not what is said about creation.
It will not convince you nor those that believe as you do.If you don't believe the bible.Surely, you will not believe what is said about it.Until the end of the earth
there will be people like you who will
reject God.That is why a place was prepared
for you,otherwise, than heaven.It seems as though you have made your choice.AND THE

Justify Creationism
I have to ask this question.How can one
species produce another of a different
sort.Such as humans evolving from apes.Thats like saying rabbits evolved from roaches.
Everything evolve from its own kind as it was predestinated.Scientist have taken that
process out of context to fit their own
ideas of how we came about.But the picture don't fit the frame.Yet,the scientific world
would rather force it into place rather
than get another frame for the picture.
They are trying to be God.

Is President Bush A Christian
One cannot be a christian and leave out the principals Of God in what they say and do.
Everyone that say lord lord,or go to church
will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
As it is so written,IN MAT. 7 V 21

People Before Adam And Eve
There was no earthly bodies before adam
and eve.There was only CELESTIAL BODIES.

Explain The Ice Age
4th and the 5th time-spands of His GODHEAD.
The caveman was also present during this

Are Jews God's Chosen
No,the jews are not God's chosen people.
The rejection of Chirst by the jewish
people separated them from the new covenant.
Now they have to be converted into the christian fold in order to be saved.
There is no exceptions.

Call A Priest Father
One have to read between the lines.
It don't say in the bible'THOU SHALL NOT
SMOKE.'But when you read between the lines
your'll know that it destroy the body.
Which is a sin before God.

How Have You Blessed Others
If one would visit themselves,they will see
more of what is there than what they see
in someone else.One often-times seek to save someone else when they themselves are lost.

Drawn To A Bubbly Church
Should i fall,because someone else told me
to do so?Should i follow without knowing
where i am going.Can the blind lead the blind
through the forest?If one follows another simply because they are buddies.Then it is not God that is sought.It is themselves
that highlights the road.

God Speaks Through Prophets
The proof is in the PUDDING.NOT BY WORD OF MOUTH.Some have eyes,but cannot see.Ears they have, but cannot hear.When a person speak from what they think,and not from what they know,they are like a face without a
mouth,and a brain without intellect.
Let one believe in what comes to pass,and
not what they think might come to pass.
Seeing is believing,that is what justify
the means and the ending thereof.

Daily Living Not In The Bible
All that we say and do in life,the bible
have directions for.Questions is asked because the right way is sought as to what is and what is not for one to say or do.
Seek,and you shall find.Its here a little,
and there a little.As it is written.

Am I A Big Fat Pig
Dont try to keep up with the joneses.
Make the inside of you be more to you than the outside.Don't overlook the outside.
But don't let it be above your conduct in
life.The body will return to the dust.
But your spirit is eternal.
There is natural ways that you can keep yourself in check without following the
same methods of others.

Are There Any Protestants Left
It is written that people are destoryed,for the like of KNOWLEDGE.You should have ask the question,IS THERE ANY TRUE CHRISTIANS LEFT?Sunday came with the NEW COVENANT AND
COVENANT because of the rejection of Christ
by the jewish people.This change was
PREDESTINATED BY God to take place.It did'nt
just happen over night.
Catholics and Christians are like oil and
water.You cannot put one in the other.

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