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Explain Matthew 10:37
This is unbelievable cant quite understand this horrible verse

Can I Marry My Step Cousin
I dont think its wrong if you guys did not grow up as cousins. If you grew up practically like first cousins then it would be weird and might cause family tension. But if your aunt of uncle married their parent after you had already met each other and where teenagers then it should be fine

After The Resurrection
Hi, I'm pretty certain we will have physical bodies but not with the limitations of our current bodies, certainly. I'm just grateful my mama accepted Jesus on Saturday and will soon be in whatever body God gives her in Heaven. My heart is breaking but for her, I rejoice.

God's Rules For Family
I've been physically and emotionally abused. How about watching my husband go out the door, knowing he insists on seeing his girlfriend? How about a man not letting his wife near him in bed because he doesn't like to be touched. Sorry, but I and many others do know what emotional abuse is.

Do All People Smile
I think I helped win over my best friend with a smile. :) She had the "don't approach me" look downpat when I first met her--fear, ya know? I smiled and talked to her and 30+ years later, we are best friends. :)

Son In Pink Clothing
Jed, instead of "not allowing" his wife to dress the baby in pink, how about if he has a rational discussion with her about it? Honey still attracts more flies than vinegar! :)

Son In Pink Clothing
Hi all, I agree personally that baby boys probably shouldn't wear a lot of pink--they will be confused for girls lol, but as a breast cancer survivor, I LOVE t-shirts like "tough guys wear pink"!! :) I don't see them as unmasculine--just totally supportive of their loved ones. :)

What Is The Trinity
I don't get what people argue about here: the Bible makes it plain there's God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. So what's the problem?!

Saved Person Commits Suicide
Hi, I like John's answer. Our God is a compassionate and understanding God who fully understands grief and pain. Nonetheless, suicide should be discouraged at all costs! For one thing, it's one of the worst things they can do to the loved ones they leave behind.

Emotionally Healed By God
Hi Rita, I totally agree with you sister! :) God once had me do something that was completely different than I would normally do and the blessings were beyond belief! God definitely speaks to us in many ways. :)

Emotionally Healed By God
Hi, thank you Trav, Mark, I'm so sorry about your son, may God continue to give you peace and comfort. Hugs, Mary

Emotionally Healed By God
Hi, I am sad for the skeptics. I for one know what happened to me--losing my sense of guilt and seeing my brother in his heavenly health and I am FREE!!! :) I will praise the Lord! :)

Death Penalty For Criminals
Hi everyone, all I know is my brother's killer should have died for deliberately sending Bryce's life. For one thing, if he had, he wouldn't have gone on to hurt an innocent child!

Bankruptcy Church Elder
Personally, this sounds like nothing more than gossip and airing out another's "dirty laundry".

Divorced Christian Wedding
Thank you for answering Carla, I do feel a lot better now, I misunderstood your post.

Finish It Here March 2015
I don't understand why anyone would have a problem with trinitarianism. There is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit--3 in 1. So what's the problem?

Divorced Christian Wedding
Carla, are you implying every divorced woman is a harlot?! What about the men?! You know nothing about my prior marriages consisting of verbal emotional, sexual and physical abuse towards me, who are you to judge me or any other divorced woman? Not to be rude but this really got to me and I hope you answer, thank you.

Gender Neutral Movement
I think it's disgusting and can potentially lead to even more rapes--really!

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