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Tithes If We Are Unemployed
We give back to God a tenth of what he blesses us with. His blessings never ceases whether you are employed or unemployed.So as long as He blesses you through other means give back to him in tithe. When i was a student i payed a tenth of whatever money i was given by my parents and God had nice and pleasant ways of making more people to give to me.

25 Year Old Virgin Woman
Dear girl, you are one of the people daring to be different in a world filled with a lot of compromise. I was a virgin until i got married and i have never regretted it. It feels good to be able to tell my daughter one day that i did, so she too can stand to honor God with her body. When we honor God , he rewards us and HE can trust us with great things like Joseph in the Bible. I am proud of you. May your life be beautiful.

How Do I Stop Stealing
God is more than able to meet all your needs, you don't need to steal. Others get hurt by your action and you lose your peace and probably something dear to you. It's not worth it. I pray for you to have grace to say no each time your hand moves to steal. Find someone that can hold you accountable if you are really serious about stopping this habit. I think you are brave to share your secret. God bless you.

Does Jesus Talk To You
The holy spirit is the reveler of all mysteries which is usually for a specific reason. God can sometimes talk to you about others if he wants you to pray for them, send them a word of encouragement, sometimes it's a word of instruction for them. But this takes a level of maturity spiritually. Most of the time Jesus speaks to us about our selves and that is fun and comforting.

Will Jesus Take Me Back
Definately yes! The moment the prodigal son came to his senses and decided to back to his father and ask for forgiveness, the door opened to welcome him. God is more interested in having us back than to loose us forever in hell. God loves you more than you know . make up your mind to sin no more and asking for forgiveness is enough for God once it's genuinely from your heart. My advice is don't run alone join a group that believes in the bible and get support. we all need it

Tolerating Each Other In Marriage
Definitely there is a lot of hurt and pain in there. If there is still any hope and desire in your heart to want to save your marriage then do something undeserving for you spouse this anniversary.A Surprise can set a spark no matter how little it is. Most importantly pray about it and talk to someone you can trust about it. Love is tough, it is sometimes giving to another not necessarily because you feel good about it. God loved us already even when we didn't care. It shall be well with your marriage. you are not alone.

Reject The Complete Bible
This blog sounded judgmental to me while reading through. My first thought is, does this blogger have any particular person in mind? Having said that I'd say we need to present the message of the Bible in love. To be a christian definitely means believing in the Bible and Christ. Let's just be patient with people who might have things mixed up or are still avoiding facing the TRUTH. Pray for such a person and lovingly point them to the the amazing things in the Bible.

Did God Make Us Robots
God gives us the options while he gives us the free will to make the right choice.The good news is that when we are confused about what choice to make at any point in our lives, we can ask him to show us the way. I have found peace and blessing in trusting him. prov 3:5 & 6 - "Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge him in all your ways and he shall direct your path."

Arrested For Praise Music Too Loud
I think the church exist within a society and we have to take a look at what the laws of the society say. I believe in the right of exercising our faith but then again a church in a residential area will definitely have issues with people who don,t want to be disturbed. So it is either the church tries to be considerate by reducing the volume of its speakers or move out of the neighborhood. A technical way to handle it, is by stationing your speakers inside and not outside. Love is patient. Wisdom is profitable for all things.

Husband Love His Stepdaughter
It is certainly a tough and painful spot to be in. Right now you are feeling betrayed by two people you love dearly. I want to say there are no easy answers. But first i pray for you that the love of God will embrace you and hold you at this time. UNDERSTAND THAT GOD'S LOVE FOR YOU IS UNCONDITIONAL. He says he will be with us when we pass through the fire. Don't feel you are a bad person. So my human reply is that you might have to let go painful as it maybe. Find a support group preferably christian friends who can pray with you and give you sound counsel. Your life will be beautiful again.

Want To Marry A Non Christian
Its wonderful that you are praying for him to receive Christ. Don't wait for him, trust God to give you a man who loves God, then he can truly love you. This man doesn't share your values and beliefs, it will become an issue later on if he does marry you. Some dear friends have a lot of tears to show for such a choice. BE NOT EQUALLY YOKED WITH AN UNBELIEVER.." is one of God's instructions. It pays to obey rather than sacrifice our happiness.

Pastor's Wife Doesn't Talk
Pray about it, be honest with yourself and find a way to talk about it with her.

In Love With A Single Pastor
What is he busy with? I think both of you really need to have an open discussion about your relationship and your feelings.Find out what the issue really is with him. He may not necessarily be seeing someone else. He may be showing his love to you in a different way. Be honest with yourself, what do really want.

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