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How Do I Stop Stealing
i ant to stop my bad habit

My Husband Keeps Cursing
Every word that comes out of my husbands moth is real sick and i,m fet up, I think he should get soap put in his mouth and weashed for every time its said , that is how i feel,he makes me feel real not happy and not comfortable and dont want a marriage this way, he was never this way before.He has road rage to and gets on peoples you know with a vehicle and my heart beats up seting and i dont what to do about him any more.He has a bad temper than before to. I do alot for him and he is never happy.

Should Christians Use The Tithe
Brothers, remember that Jesus Chist did not come to do away with the old testament. If anything our Lord Jesus raise the bar even hire for those who are truly in Christ.It shouldn't be inspected, but expected of us truly born again.We need to remember GOD see'and knows all things.GOD does need us or our money,I strongly believe he will test us in what we value most.In our sinful nature sadly to say we tend to feel secure with money and many times don't trust GOD in that area.

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
Mima,I don't agree with you.True christians that are grounded in the word,would recognize what land GOD gave the Isralites.So any kind of peace that continues to devide the land that GOD gave his people is againts GOD's word.One fact I know GOD will not never ever will he compromise his word.AMEN!!

Where Are The Real Ladies
yes, the ladies are there as every other blessing God has kept in store for us. the question is, how do you get to your blessing? on your knees and by faith. be the 100% guy and who knows.......

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