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I Have an Bad Addiction
Talk to someone who you feel comfortable with, but mostly talk with God and ask him for help. If you feel alone read the book of Pslams, this helps me. Please go to someone, anyone in church, do not be afriad. People in church should not attack you because noone is perfect, only JESUS was perfect. Everyone in this world has, or had an addiction to something. God loves you and wants you to be happy, I will pray for you.

I Will Never Obey My Husband
I think people ( men) who give a reply are quick to Judge you Pam, but I wonder if they "obey" what God demands of them. Men are the image of God, and God is love, patient, merciful, compassionate, forgiving, and many other goodness. Who is anyone to jugde you?, it is God who judges. If you love and are faithful to your husband and you both respect each other that is all. Just pray for him and yourself. Read the Bible and it will make you feel right or wrong about anything.

How Do I Stop Stealing
You really need to consider how you'd feel if you got something stolen from you. What if by stealing you create a big problem for someone else that can cause a spiritual problem for them ? Someone spiritually went down cause they got robbed or someone never comes to Jesus because they are angry they got robbed ? You think that'll please God ?. (Exudos 20:8) God said clearly, thou shall not steal. I can say this, To steal from someone else is like stealing from God.

Click Here For Star Wars Blog
Not really, there is a time for everything. Things come and go and soon Star Wars will go away along with everything else in the world, "eventually".(Matthew 24:35) Remember when it was all about Rocky, jaws, elmstreet, jason, lord of the Rings ?...where all that go ? what's important is that, the lord God was, is, and will forever be, this we shouldn't get tired from.

Picky About Blog Questions
I agree with you even though every one does have a right to an opinion about what they choose to read and reply about. (James 2: 19 12) Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying. Let's just be patient with one another. And pray for each other. Noone is better than anyone or perfect, only God is perfect!

I Will Never Obey My Husband
As a christian woman, you should read the whole new testiment, especially Ephesians 5:21-33. But also, you do not have to obey everything he says if you find it absolutly wrong, insulting, or against God and God's will. Everything in marriage should be done with communiction and respect towards each other. Sure woman have minds and do not need to be treated as children, but always make your self clear to your husband about your feelings. Always love, and respect each other. God demands this in the Bible.

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