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He Is A Devout Catholic
well we don't pray to mary and the saints. and we got an intercessor between us and God, his name is Jesus.

I Like A 16 Year Old Girl
who cares if the nfl players are kneeling for the flag. what they are kneeling about is what they perceive is discrimination. ok, you fought in the military, good, thank you. now do i need to get you a cookie. did you choose it, did you get paid?

Woman Divorced Three Times
to t he woman been divorced twice, for your husband to call his second wife mentally ill is an excuse. i suggest if you get married again, to work through every problem, and to not have divorce as an option. the only unpardonable sin, is complete unbelief of the holy ghost

What Is Love
love is a choice.

How To Read The Bible
a tornado comes, 5 folks hold up a bible and are spared, but the storm goes down the road and kills 8 and some kids. did God have control of that, of course God is in control. i do believe in irresistible grace, if he calls you, you are coming.

Suffer From Depression
how do you know pastors don't know depression. but for me depression was a choice, and it did not help i drank a lot. but you have to grow from being put down, and choose Jesus. i think most depression , if not all, is a choice, a personal problem if you will.

Tithe To Abused Animals
amen, we got starving people in usa, and there are commercials about feeding the po animals, ridiculous. people are much better than animals, we were made in God's image. i know there is scripture saying not to abuse animals, but more about not abusing people.

Prayer For Healing
we have a copy of God's originals. the book of mormon is a man made document. how can yu believe God the father was a man on another PLANET one day, and that he waS so good he became a God of his own planet, and quens in heaven,not to mention , magical glasses, and joe smith, KRAY KRAY!

What Is Love
love is a choice

Is Mary Special In Heaven
When Jesus was on earth he gave no extra emphasis to his parents than a normal Jewish man was expected to do. He honoured His parents as a "First Born" Jewish son.
An interesting note is that Jesus put God first before His parents at the age of 12 when he remained in the Synagogue/temple. 12 was the appox. age of responsibility before God. Jesus's life changed from this point in regards to His earthly parents.
Jesus showed responsibility to hand over His earthly Jewish responsibility to another at the time of His crucifixion.

There is no special relationships in heaven! Heaven is a place of perfect love, where there is perfect love there is never any favourites and no-one is ever more special than the other!!

Third Temple Sacrifices
There has to be a third temple because when Christ returns and stops the armies. He then goes thru the eastern gate and is annointed with oil and reigns from Jerusalem for a 1000 years. How or where would he rule from without the temple?

Are Sabbath Keepers Judaizers
let ask you one question ,on what day of the week did Paul go to the snyogog ?

Bible Say About Hypnosis
id like to know many of you people saying youre under someone elses control has ever even looked into hypnosis? i am a christian and i was hypnotized to quit smoking and lose weight. i was completely aware the entire time.

Humans Lower Than Angels
We do command angels with the Word of God. They are sent to minister to us as we use God's word. They will respond to and only to, God's Word and to do His will in this world.

What If Big Bang Is True
If the big bang were true, then we can all go burn our Bibles and forget about God and live the relative morality life.

Who Are Lost Sheep Of Israel
OT national Israel, like most everything else in the Bible, is a picture of a people whom God foreknew from eternity past and whose names He wrote in the Lamb's Book of LIfe written before the foundation of the world.
He has always called them "sheep" as opposed to "goats", and they are the ones the God of Glory came to save and redeem in the Person of His Son, Jesus Christ.
They are scattered all over the world, separated and divided by things that result from a fallen world, but united by the blood of Christ, reconciled to God through Christ.
Like someone said in this thread: They are a faith people. That's the closest description. But, whose faith ?

What Is A Foot Washing Baptist
Primitive Baptists and Progressive Primitive Baptists wash the saints' feet after observing the Lord's Table.
It signifies love and service of saints to one another.
Some Missionary Baptists still do feet washing.

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