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Is Day Trading Unbiblical
I ask myself when day trading if I'm being a good steward, or is there a high probability I'll lose that money. Then I ask myself If Im doing it because I love money. If I am not being a good steward or do it out of love of money, then it is for me a sin.

Marry A Much Older Woman
My advice my son. Run! Run and never look back. You will regret this the rest of your life. There are so so many young women out there that for you. Marrying a woman 16 years your elder is a horrible idea. Do you want kids? It's already to late for her. Do younger women catch your eye but your 44 year old woman (bless her heart) is getting grey and wrinkly. Trust me man. Don't do it. I married a woman 10 years my senior and I absolutely totally regret it. I want kids now at 33 and she is 43 and can't have any. Trust don't do it.

What's Up March 2014


Telling physical location is not of much importance,
But Gods will.


Did Rome Rule The Church
thank you for your reply MARK.
I was talking on a historical and political base more than religious. God guides everything for a reason. Out of that time came the protestants and Lutharians. In time came the Methodist and Baptist.
Sorry if I have confused by bringing in history and politics. It was not my intent.

Mission Of The AntiChrist
2* Please read in conjunction with 1.
Even Genesis says the Sons Of God came to man and gave birth to giants. For this to happen the DNA of man would have had to changed. However it happened.
This maybe the mark of the beast. The changing of the mind to beast. The hand being the physical change.
Today we are mixing human and animal DNA. Today we are changing species including ourselves by the chemicals we use. If the DNA of the earth and all in it was changed. Then Satan believes there would be no second coming there would be no one left to recognise Jesus. Then Satan would escape punishment.
This is a theory for discussion are the sons of God angels does it hold any truth?

Any Unholy Days Since Christ
Every day is Holy.
Everyday we sin.
Whether it is the worship of materialistic things such as car, money, home or persons. There are many false idols.
If we think ourselves better than even the poorest, if we take when we can give and do not give when we can. Is that not sin?
When we pass judgement on another saying you are not a Christian, or, you will be damned. Are we not in danger of the very sin Lucifer was condemned for, putting ourselves above God? Surely that is for God to judge not mere mortal?
How many times do we sin with thought word and deed however unintentional?
Some choose to worship the Saturday. Others prefer the day of the risen Christ. Others believe in daily prayer and direct communication to the Lord.

Can I Marry A Married Man
Well Paul says a man cannot be the head of a church with more than one wife. The bible doesn't say anywhere that a man cannot have more than one wife. However in North America its illegal. I say truly seek him about it.

Give Jesus A Chance
When walking in the Spirit of the Lord only God will tell you what to do or say. So let he spirit of the Lord guide you each and everyday. The question then becomes the answer Is its Gods Will that you say this? God Bless You and all that you do!

Reject Christ And Still Christian
Jesus is God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Trinity. Without one there cannot be another. Only by the exceptance of the Son will the Spirit be delivered giving you the truth and Knowledge that you seek. God Bless!

Denominations Needed
We are all United by the one he gave. The power of the Holy Spirit given unto us by the Power of Prayer. Blessed then shall your life be through the trinity of God and exceptance of Jesus Christ who died for all those that believe. God Bless

What God Can't Do
The question was: There is nothing God can't do.
This is NOT true! God seems to have his limit's as what he can and can Not do. I'm living proof of that! I have spent 30 years Begging God to help me, to heal me, to make my life better. I have believed with all my heart he could do this. yet here I sit, 30 yrs later still waiting, and for the most part..wishing to just die to escape this misery I have asked, and begged God to help me with. So yes both the statements: There is nothing God can't do. And Matthew 7:7 Ask and you shall receive are false.

5 Year Old Has A Demon
We are talking about a 5 year old child!

You people are scaring me....same mentality as during the Salem trials!!

Can't Trust My Pastor
I was an Assistant Pasor who left my church, the ministry and every Christian relationship I had when I finally stood up to the corruption and deceipt of the Senior Pastor and his wife. This was in 2000 and I have struggled in my faith ever since. Although I have moved on in my life since this trauma, it cost me my marriage and a great deal of confidence regarding the church, Christianity and formal religion. I am actually closer to God today and finally have a "voice". Are there are specific blogs that deal with betrayed ministers/Christians and finding total peace again in the midst of great loss? I am not looking for a counselor, just some moral support and encouragement, as I will also offer to others. Thank you

How To Pray And Fast
to Mark Eaton,
You said:"The statement by Jesus does not mean what you are reading into it."

Sir, I read absolutely nothing into it. I claim the Savior said exactly what He said to exactly who He said it, at exactly the time He said it.

I contend that it is you who are clearly "reading into it" the imagination of your own heart. You actually said "if you read it as a parent". Were all the apostles whom He was specifically speaking to parents?

Why not just take Him at his actual words?

BTW, I consider it very rude that you completely ignored my question about whether God wants all to come to repentence.

What Is Sin
Are you asking "what is Sin" or "what are sins"? The answers so far seem to be about the latter. The former is a much more interesting question.

What was it that Eve most wanted? What is it that mankind has been stuck with ever since?

Did Eve want to do evil? Did she want to sin? No. Unlike us, she and Adam were created "very good" (Gen 1:31). She had no sin nature. She didn't desire to do evil.

I think Sin is alluded to by Satan in Gen 3:5. Instead of simply trusting in God, she took the sucker-path of "knowing good and evil" and the subsequent responsibility that goes with such knowledge.

Thankfully, we are saved by the Savior from Eve's foolish pursuit of performance.

How To Pray And Fast
To 1st Cliff and Michael E,

Michael is absolutely correct. There can be no doubt that the Savior was speaking specifically and only to 11 hand picked men at a specific time and place. Michael's reasoning is logical and air-tight.

To those who claim prayer's aren't answered because they aren't in the Fathers will or Jesus' will, I tell you plainly, in light of 2 Peter 3:9, pray that everyone change their minds and trust the Savior. That is absolutely in His will, but we know from prophesy that it ain't gonna happen.

If you have a logical argument, bring it. But spare us the 'you just don't understand like I do' self-righteousness.

Explain Parable Of The Sower

I don't see any mention of losing one's salvation in the Parable of the Sower. I see no reason to add that to God's words. He said what He wanted to say, and He didn't mention losing salvation within Matt 13:18-23 or Luke 8:5-15.

The parable is primarily about fruit bearing, not salvation. The only mention of salvation is with the first group, which never understand, much less believe, in the first place (Luke 8:12).

I believe a great many self-styled Christians would fall within that first group, since they refuse to repent of trusting themselves and their own works.

Is Tithing Mandatory
All I know is that I have been tithing since childhood and it is always with a cheerful heart. I give above the 10% to some missions supported by my church, and to other things as the Spirit leads me. I am BLESSED beyond measure in my life. All the arguments I've read here will not convince me to stop giving my firstfruits to the Lord. God bless you all for these frank and open discussions. Never take anything at face value - search the Word and test the Spirits.

Depression, Recession or Recovery
This is a Depression, but we will get through it. Economics are cyclical.

My bigger concern is regarding the future of our middle class.

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