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Why Does God Test Us
God test our strengths so we may recognize our weaknesses

What Did Jesus Look Like
Jesus was not a White man. He lived in the Palestine area. Everyone is brown skinned or darker. Also Men rarely grew to 6 feet then. He was thick and muscled due to the hard work he did.The Bible tell us He was NOT good looking so as no one would follow Him because of His good looks. How wise our Father is! His feet were bronze colored and His hair was like wool symbolizing an Afro. Also, Jesus had a number of ancestors of African descent. So He looked like an unattractive Black man with a Afro. Can you accept that? I personally do not care. Go to the Discovery Channel or Magazine prepare to be shocked. It is a skull of someone in Jesus era reconstructed by computers. Thus showing what men commonly looked like.

Living With A Bitter Spouse
I am convinced that the Bible has the answers to this dilemma-not necessarily Christian counseling. Being married to someone for over 20 years and who is totally ashamed of Christ (no, I didnt stutter), I too, have had my bouts with extreme frustration after they look you in the face and tell you they know God and act as if He does not exist. However, the book, Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas put it all into perspective. I could go on and on but realize that Christ gave you that spouse for a reason-and it may be just to have your focus on Him versus on your spouse. He does not make mistakes. God bless and we will be praying for you.

Scripture For Salvation In Tongues
Sometimes the spirit give utterance because we know not how to pray. I had the wonderful experience of receiving tongue interpretation. A woman in the service received tongues, came up to the pastor began to give a testimony, and went into tongues, I HEARD THE VOICE OF GOD WHILE SHE SPOKE, then the pastor said somebody got the interpretation, I stood and said the Word of the is not part of your salvation but for the building up of your faith walk....prayer voice, the Lord is always speaking

Where Is Jesus
Absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. the Word also says that he will come again and receive us unto himself. In addition, on the day he steps out and calls us the dead in Christ will rise first. The thief was told by Jesus that "today you will be with me". We don't really know but God is trustworthy, so of all the things to be concerned about in living by His word what is the fear?

Is Cussing Sinful
I would have to say that cursing is a manifested result that sin is present in the life of the one doing it. We always focus on the act and the real issue is with the heart, Proverbs 15:23. God is looking at our heart, and we should be examining it as well. When the heart is healthy, the speech and deeds will be too.

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
Even at the age of 17 years of age, if I was disrespectful I received a spanking. My husband and I also practice Christian Domedtic Discipline. I do not resent my spankings as a child and teen, and I am marrief to a man who loves me, and respects me.

Obama's Marijuana Possession
I believe that people at times do need help. But I also believe that people have to take responsibility for there actions. Should President Obama help his half brother? I do not believe that just because Obama is our new President, that he should get his half brother off the hook. Half brother or not, should he show favortism to his half brother? His brother needs to take responsibility for his actions. If it was you or I what would happen to us? We would go to jail. Think about it!

What Is Confidence In Flesh
No confidemce means no trust, faith or reliance in the flesh. The word flesh is the whole natural, or unregenerate man, spirit, soul and body, as centered upon self, prone to sin and opposed to God(Rom. 7:18). The regenerate man is not in the spere of the flesh, but in the spere of the spirit(Rom. 8:9). The flesh is still in him and it is his choice to walk after the flesh, or in the spirit.

Pastor Has Bad Habits
Angela,awesome question, a Pastor should mirror what is preached through him by the Holy Spirit. His life should line up with the word of God. Now I know that Pastors are not perfect, none of us are, YET. Have you tried talking to him about this? This is just my opinion but if it was me, I would first PRAY to the Lord, next talk to your family then focus on what God would have you to do. Your Pastor could be hurting the body of Christ which in itself does not bring glory to God. God Bless!

Economy Is In A Recession
America is a great country, but what has happened?? Only one word comes to mind.... GREED. The bailout plan that our President has proposed is only a temporary fix. We need to keep our eyes fixed on one, and that is the Lord, Jesus Christ. Matthew, chapter 24 comes to mind, and as our Lord Jesus said When you see all these things occur, this is just the beginning of things to come. Things will continue to get worse, but God is in control. Praise the Lord!

Pray To Quit Drinking
Emily, when you pray, are you praying with faith? Do you believe that God can change him? I know that when we pray for someone that we have to have faith in God and believe that God in His timing will answer the prayer that has been prayed. Give this person totally to God for we can change no one, but Almighty God can. He created us all and He knows us better than we know ourselves. TRUST GOD! Amen..

Valley Of Dry Bones
Mima, according to the Scofield Bible, The bones are the whole house of Israel who shall then be living. The graves are the nations where they dwell. The order of procedure is: the bringing of the people out(vs. 12), the bringing of them in(vs. 12), their conversion(vs.13), the filling with the Spirit(vs. 14). God Bless!

Pastors Wife Goes To Other Church
Speaking from a pastor's wife's perspective, this was seriously funny. You only have to read the repsonses to understand why the wife goes to a different church:)

God's Will For My Job
pray about your options,ask God for guidance,believe that He hears you,believe that He will answer you and He will give you Peace in your heart about what His will is for you. Trust God and be patient. You will know. God bless!

Book Of Mormon
Hi Bob, no I am not the Cynthia that has been here for two years. I am fairly new to this site, been here about three months.

List Of Honorable Charities
Greetings Mr. Graham. I would recommend Voice of the Martys. I would actually classify it more of a ministry, but what they do is help persecuted believers that are being tortured and many times jailed for their faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They have a prison alert that involves us sending letters of encouragement to our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. Also feed the children is a charity that you may want to find out more information about. God bless!

Family Of Men Who Cheat
Claudine, first of all, as long as you tolerate this type of behavior, your husband is going to continue to do this. No one made him do this it all boils down to choices. He made the choice to do drugs and commit adultery. Please do not continue to be a doormat for this man. Talk to a Lawyer and divorce him. Move on with your life. God does not want you to stay in a relationship such as this. God Bless!

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