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What's Up Sept 2008
Happy Birthday Holly:-)hope you all the best

Big Fat Ugly Weight
Thanks Leon.:-)

People That Speak Out
Donna66, You understand what I am saying:-)

Son Killed By Motorists
I am so sorry this happened. My heart goes out to you. Take care of yourself dear.

Happy Birthday To Me
Happy Birthday Mima!!! I hope you had a wonderful day...and may there be many more.

Sow A Seed Ministries
Mod, I agree with you completely. It is really very sad how they use the name of God to rob many people. Many of these people are naive and they are being taken advantage of.

Sermons Or Good Stories
Where my husband and I attend, the preacher uses alot of scripture. I would not have it any other way. He also makes commentary that relates to the scripture-metaphors and such. The focus is living for Christ. Plus every Sunday we have communion, to remember what Jesus did for us. That is done right before the preacher delivers the sermon. It all ties in really well. We are very happy at our church.

2008 July What's Up Blog
I will be working soon, it may be a seasonal job until something else comes along. My husband and I will be moving to the next town east of us. It could be as early as August or as late as October. It all depends on when we have enough money to do so. My husband and I look forward to being closer to church familly and those we haven't seen in a while. Keep us in your prayers that I can find a decent job. Thanks and God Bless.

Why Are Christians Mocked
Well said Alan:-).

Daughter Afraid Of Driving
I am 29. I don't drive, but I've always been a responsible person with jobs etc.

Are You Losing Weight
I have a problem with water weight. It is mainly because I was not drinking enough water! When one isn't getting enough water their body stores extra-like there is going to be a long draught. Also, the liver helps aid with metabalism. When the body stores alot of water that just sits around the liver has to work more aid the kidneys in purifying it-thus it can't use it's full potential toward metabalism. This is just the begining. :-)best to everyone and may you all have a wonderful weekend. Love, Kella

Getting To Know You
I enjoy playing with my cat, Boxer and teasing her. She is a riot!

What Is Your Favorite Food
Seafood, food on the grill, Indian and Chinese..porkchops,hamburgers:-)I really like Red Robin. Fruit! I really like mangos, blueberries...all berries, peaches-yummy!I also like veggies, even eggplant. I like green beans cucumber etc. And I really like mushrooms.

People That Speak Out
Ulrika,speaking from personal experience with these people?

The Cheese Sandwich Of Mary
Is this question for real? Part of me wants to laugh and the other part feels bad for the questioner.

People That Speak Out
Cynthia sister, thank you so much. You are so kind.God Bless!Hugs, kella email me

People That Speak Out
I don't want anyone to flatter me. I already know I need to lose weight. I do not ask opinions either. I know better. It would also be unfair to ask others and put them on the spot.

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