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Bad Places Of Worship
there is a since that our bodies are a temple 1 Cor 3:16 but in another since we are part of THE Body which is also a temple 1 Cor 16:12-27. we are commanded in Heb 10:24 And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.
the question at hand is who can you let yourself assemble with.

Singing Same Song Again
yeah it can be a tool but we shouldnt altogether throw it out. when i tire of singing the same thing i stop singing and use the music as a background for personal prayer and worship. i get honest with God and say what needs to be said. this elevates me into whole other realm of worship and feeling where God becomes so much more real. on the flip side much of it is laziness, the crowd just wont learn an old hymn and wants to cater to the young.

Did Jesus Pray To Himself
Joseph you hit it right on the head, i got nothing more to add i just want to make sure others dont gloss over the revlation there.

Trinity Of God
emcee- the Spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ. unless your trying to say im full of the devil (i hope your not). my view of the trinity is not new you know, of course i believe its the same view of the Bible but the same time the RCC under Constantine was making the trinity their official view, modlism was the main opposition view. why cant God be one "person" manifesting in many different ways at the same time i.e. Christ baptism.

Trinity Of God
i gotta tell ya i grew up in a traditional sit on your hands dont read your Bible kind of Protestant church, i grew up trinitarian, i can try to explain the God i know to you till im blue in the face, it will never work. you need a revelation. its like chocolate, i can tell you about it all your life but until you have it you just cant understand what im going on about. when my eyes finally opened, when i stopped praying to 3 and made Jesus my all in all that was the treasue i couldnt see in the feild.

Sins Of My Father
Jer. 31:29 "In those days they shall say no more: The fathers have eaten sour grapes,And the childrens teeth are set on edge. But every one shall die for his own iniquity, every man who eats the sour grapes, his teeth shall be set on edge."
That scripture is fulfilled now in our time. when your faith is weak quote that verse.

How Should Christians Pray
the Bible says let everything that has breath praise the Lord. when in a "personal devotion time" where we pray and praise (lets hope you dont just ask ask ask all the time) it should be vocal. every prayer recorded in the Bible had to be outloud or else who could write it down. remember that next time you feel funny about TALKING to God. its very Biblical so fight your "church" tradition. when out and about i do suggest silent devotion. im talking about prayer closet time.

Next Two Years On Earth
alan- we are NOT the salvation army. Christ is more interested in maked new people not new circumstances. souls are #1 priority and if a building helps unify the saints and establish the new then yes it is needed. Christ may have fed 5000 but thats not why He came. He came to seek and to save that which is lost.

God Created Extra Terrestrials
there are all kinds of odd creatures mentioned in the Bible. the problem is they are in prophetical books like Revelation, Daniel or Ezekiel. so they may be real beast, spiritual representations of different kinds of angles or just a metaphor for something else. if there is other life out there it seems they are subject to God and active in worship not giving anal probes.

Are Instruments In Church Evil
the Bible is NOT silent about instruments. Read psalms. we are COMMANDED to worship God and give Him glory with all kinds of instruments. does God change? these people are hypocrites as they listen to and play worldly music but refuse to use such gifts for the One it was intended for. David was a man after Gods own heart and he played before the Lord with all his might.

Did Judas Go To Heaven
the demoniac was full of a legion of devils and still worshiped at Jesus feet. Demon possion is not an excuse. also how would Judas repent for suicide? hard to say your sorry when a rope is crushing your voice box. Jesus even said that He lost none but Judas and he was the son of perdition. if Jesus says someone isnt saved i would take His word for it.

Was Jesus's Body From Mary
no reason the egg couldnt be from mary, heres why. both adam and eve sinned but the Bible says sin was passed on by the man, Adam. if the sinful nature is passed thru the mans "seed" then all that God needed was to make a "seed" of His own in Mary's body. He created a woman from a rib he can make a sinless sperm from anything.

Do We Have Free Will
Free will is not making a road to anything we want, its coming to a fork in the road and picking which way to go. God has a path for each of us but its narrow and if you dont care to follow it you will miss it. whats at the end of each path is not up to you, just which direction your going. Just because God helps us follow His path doesnt mean we dont have to shuffle our feet.

Do You Have The Holy Ghost
the Bible never said you had to be perfect to recive the Holy Spirit. Far from it. Peter said if you repent and are baptized in Jesus name it is PROMISED to you. to all that are afar off (thats us) EVERYONE the Lord shall call. when you repent you are perfect in Gods eyes and therefore worthy thru His blood. The Spirit gives you power to live above sin, if you could do that without the Spirit, well then you wouldnt need Him would you. Jesus on the inside working on the outside!

Church Is A Boring Place
First off you need to be in a Spirit led revival Chruch. if you have to move and take a lower paying job, its your eternal soul thats importaint. if you are the problem and not the church be faithful. the Bible is full of wilderness experances. Moses, Elijah, Jacob even Jesus had high points and time alone in a dry wasteland. dont worship how you feel worship hard because Hes God. contribute to the services, maybe you can bring about change.

Must Believers Cast Out Devils
i grew up in a church that thought all the signs and miricals of the Bible are past. the Bible speaks of them as thoes who have a FORM of godliness but deny the POWER there of. i am thankful to be in a church where the Spirit of God has liberty. i do warn aginst seeking a sign. Seek Christ, if you do that right He will let you know. learn how to pray more than a "lay me down" prayer. most peoples prayer and worship is as shallow as a puddle dont be afraid to go deep and get loud.

Baptized Two Times
John the baptist disciples needed to be baptized in Jesus Name, like everyone else. Its the only name that saves. Titles dont save, the ONLY way anyone was baptized in acts was in THAT NAME. prove me wrong! show me scripture from acts where they used the titles. 2:38, 8:16, 10:48, 19:5, 22:16 - all Jesus name. If its done right you only need to be baptized once. you are baptized into Jesus' death (Rom 6:3-4, col 2:12) He only was buried once. Eph 4:5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism.

The Thief Was Not Baptised
Janet - do you have any scripture for your statement? i have heard of the baptism of disire once before but only on this site. i have read the Bible thru many times and never seen it, do you have chapter and verse or is it some extra Biblical mumbo jumbo? Sarcasim aside i would like to know what that teaching is about.

What Is Leviathan
i dont remember what book it was i read about it, maybe the book of Enoch. it said leviathan was a sea monster that God made to play in the oceans of the world. Supposdly he made it without a mate so they wouldnt take over or over hunt the waters and that this beast was killed and given to a people for food. none of this is credable but it goes with the lore. does anyone know more about this story?

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