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Marrying Non-Christians Advice
I encourage you to not marry a non-believer. I was in the same situation you are in and I wish I would've waited for a believer. My husband and I have nothing in common, the closer I get to Jesus the more I am painfully aware of his lack of relationship with Christ. I worry of the influence that he will have on our children because you can't raise Christian children if you yourself are not a Christian. Then there's also the fact that he is not saved and it is not guaranteed he ever will be. Please save yourself the heartache and disappointment. Do not marry a non-believer.

What Does Shondo Mean
I'm appauled at the things people are saying.I can't say that I've heard anyone speak the word shanda,but lately when praying I find myself saying it frequently. Now I know tounges are heavently languages, but at times it sounds so much like earthly languages so I've decided to research some of the commom ones i've been saying.Just maybe there might be an interpritation. Other times God gives us the interpritation. I've heard of people speaking in tongues and someone who speaks that language was able to interprit,I don't know how true that is,but God is God he can do what he choses.So for people who do not understand the mistry of God,
for heaven sake be quite,seek God and learn the truth.

Is The Trinity One God
Have you ever seen a spirit,and we cannot see God because of his glory so he sent his son Jesus in the form of flesh to dwell among men.So yes God is all three in one. We will never ever have three Gods.He said in his word the Lord thy God is one.I and the father is one,there is no other God before me.You cannot serve two masters,you must love one and hate the other.

Husband Is Mean To My Kid
I have been going thru this for 8 years. I found answers here but a very different outcome than you would think or I expected. Shocked! "Stand by your man", "a man leaves his children from his first marriage" Are you kidding me? It is so clear that protecting my children comes first! The only unconditional love is with my God and children. The relationship with a spouse is very conditional. Conditional on the way he treats us. Please dont let the "Christian thing to do" cloud your judgement and allow you to fail your children. I am done waiting. Waiting for him to see the pain he causes, for him to be the man & father we deserve. My God will understand my decision & love us thru our pain.

Husband Will Not Provide
I am married also and my husband before we got married deceived me. He was doing jobs and living with parents and told me when we got married he would have a better job being a teacher. Six years later he is teaching but ex-wife took him back to court and pays a lot of child support to her and I still have to provide for him. I'm tired of being the provider and he won't be able to until his daughter turns 18 in six years. I"M TIRED OF HIS MOOCHING OFF ME!!! What should I do?

Supernatural God Experience
when I was 18 years old back in 2008, I was watching the TBN channel. They were showing a movie . During the movie , i started to cry because I was so happy that the character in the movie turn his life around and gave his life to god. So I started to cry to the Lord saying " Lord please hug me. Can you please hug me ? I just want to hug you. I said this while lying on my back. As soon as I said this, all of a sudden , i felt heat come all the way from my feet to the rest of body. And then I heard something deep in my ears as if it was a ocean , and it was very loud too. this happen for about a least 5 minutes. When it stop , I immediately said " forgive me god forgive me. " My room felt so peaceful.

Supernatural God Experience
I was lying down and had a vision. In the vision God wanted me to sing a song and give my testimony. And this women would give her life to him. I asked the pastor if I could give my testimony and the Holy Spirit fell in the room. I looked up while I was testifying and this women staggered to the Alter. What A Blessing!

Husband Never Gives Me Gifts
Same thing here,only i am not married,been with a guy for 5years he has never given me a present or even surprised me!He does make excuses all the time and his good at it!! you belive so much that things will be different the next time.Wait till i told him he did not do anything special and that i wanted time he cared and wanted to give everything...I would tell you to give him time but always let him know it is not fair your on one end always giving..

Are Magicians Demonic
My ex-boss practiced the magic tricks. He was tempted by the devil into the knowledge of Wicca as well. He also was a witness of a situation when one of his acquaintances gave up a satanic religion. I am a born again Christian and I can tell you that I have never been attacked by the devil more then I have been attacked since I met this guy. I no longer work with the company where he is a manager. I plan to write a blog on this matter. Anyhow, yes any type of magic is demonic, it is just another way of satan coming as an Angel of Light to lie, kill, destroy and bring souls to hell. Stay away even from magic shows or tricks.

Friendship With A Married Man
It is NOT OK for a single woman to friends with a married man. What void is this woman filling that his wife should be?

Obedient To An Angry Husband
Not sure how you're dealing with this, but stay calm as possible with your husband's anger. It's taken me 3 years to get it. It works. The wife's job is to keep peace at home even when the husband wants to fight. A lot of men test wives with outbursts. It takes strength to be patient & long-suffer. Most men will acquire tender hearts over time seeing their wife's reaction. Some men are amused/entertained by their wife's foolish reaction. They want someone to act foolish with them to justify their childishness. Pray, hold fast to patience & God's word. With that said, separation is not divorce, therefore, not sin. If your husband isn't budging within 3 years, I suggest leaving temporarily. Show him you mean business without acting out.

Online Emotional Affair
You must tell your husband no matter what the outcome may be. Yes, I would seek a counselor so that you can talk about your issues while dealing with the affair.!

Christians Required To Tithe
Matthew 23:23 says How terrible it will be for you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites!For you are careful to tithe even the tinest part of your income, but you ignore the important things of the law , justice, mercy, and faith. you should tithe, yes but you should not leave undone the more important things.

Malachi 3:10 says Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my temple. if you do, says the Lord Almighty, I will open the windows of Heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won't have enough room to take in!Try it Let me prove it to you.

Do You Dress Up For Church
We are always on display before our Lord so, as a Christian teenager, I believe we should show respect by always dressing in a modest and elegant manner. When we look our best we feel our best and do our best. I show respect to my community when I wear a nice skirt and jacket for school. I wear them to work out of respect for the customers. On Sundays to show appreciation for all the blessings in my life I put on my best suit and hat for church. Ever notice how no one is ever discourteous to an elegantly-dressed person? If we all presented ourselves that way perhaps there would be more courtesy and less strife.

Husband Has A Girl Friend
Oh please woman are you blind,
is it not clear to you that he has not come clean at the start by not telling you about the lunches. He is not worthy of you, divorce is the only option for a man who can lie and make a mockery of your marriage. Marriage it about two people not three. Tell him to get rid or you get rid.

Cheating Lying Abusive Husband
you say you dont believe in divorce! so do you believe it is right for you to live in misery? do you think that you should be used and abused? do you think its ok for your man to lie and cheat and hurt you mentally and physically?
does he think about you when he is in another womans arms kissing her holding her making love to her, no your the last thing on his mind. If he truely loved you his mind his heart his soul would be with you and the thought of laying with another would not be a passing thought never mind an action he repeats over and over. Your worth more, be more he's not worthy of any womans love specially not yours. Leave him before he hurts you bad.

Favorite Christian TV Show
I love watching The Billy Graham Crusades on TBN(Trinity Broadcasting Network).

Would You Date A Blind Man
I met a blind man last year Oct, and we have fallen in love. We have moved intogether, and we are very very much in love. I am 42, and he is 39 yrs old. We have loads of fun together. He is very independent and does so much for himself and now for me too. He is witty, and oh so passionate about life and love. I thank God for sending me this angel, after being divorced for 14 years. His timing was once again PERFECT. Keep well. Michelle from Cape Town, South Africa

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