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Best Parts Of The Bible
I have found that at different moments in my life different parts of the Bible have seemed more alive to me. Many days I ask God to open the Bible to where I need to be reading for a particular season of life. Remember always that life is a journey and the Bible is our map. I don't always get lost in the same place.

Nachos For Communion
Communion came from the last supper in which Jesus broke the bread and poured the wine. I assume that if Jesus wanted Nachos to be used then he would have created them for that moment. No, Jesus used bread and wine so that will be good enough reason for me to use them as well.

Substitute Curse Words
If the tongue were cut out could the heart still be heard? Curse words or their substitues do not originate in the mouth or the brain but are released from the heart. The substitution of a different word may cleanse the mouth however the heart would still be diseased.

What Do Women Want
The Bible tells us what both women and men should desire in a spouse. The television gives us a different model of expectation.
Unfortunately I have met more television stars in Church than Biblical heroes. No wonder the Christian divorce rate is par with the secular tally.

Watching Football A Sin
This question can apply to any sport, movie, picnic, and just about any other daily activity in which we voluntarily or involuntarily participate. If this activity leads you to sin then flee because it surely is not going away. The real answer to your question is do you sin, or cause others to sin, while watching this activity? If so, then stop watching.

Who Is Jesus Christ
The first question as stated, "Is Jesus God", must be answered yes by all believing Christians or we are wasting our time. If Jesus is not God and can not grant eternal life then I have been following a fraud.
Given his statements and assertions, he is either God or a liar. My experiences and studies have found no larceny in his words so I must conclude that he is in fact God as he says. The complexities of the Trinity however may require a little more space than allotted here.

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