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Is New Age The Antichrist
That is one of many. Islam is the antichrist. Buddhism is the antichrist. The Jewish religion as it is now in it's official capacity , is the antichrist.

The new age is a secular, false spiritual organization, it is the antichrist.

Any religion or secular institution that does not agree by confession that Jesus is the son of God .. is the antichrist spirit of the world.

The Great Falling Away
There could be a number of reasons. One of them is because they are accepting unbiblical, secular influences into them. That is the Leodician church. So instead of being "a light" to the unbelievers, they are becoming "a black-light" of unbelievers.

Are These The Last Days
The "last days" started when Jesus was crucified, dead, buried, and risen again.. The "last days" church began on the day of Pentecost (Acts).. The term comes from the prophetic seven thousand years of human rule that God gave to Adam and mankind.. The four thousandth prophetic year was when Jesus, the light of the world (corresponding to Genesis 4th day), was born into the earth.. The church age is 5th-6th thousand. The 7th is the Millennium.

Can Pastor Curse Me
Those who are in sin, when they speak of others having judgemental and self-righteous attitudes.. she cannot do so without judging herself. According to Romans 1.. She has a problem with sin, and a problem in repenting of that sin. She is walking in the flesh and not in the spirit.

Plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and family everyday. Confess that the favor of God surrounds you like a shield against accusations. That because you please the Lord, that even your enemies be at peace with you.. Confess that you in Christ are blessed with the blessing of Abraham. And pray for that woman who walks in darkness.. that she may walk in the light.

How To Get God's Wisdom
You think that God doesn't like you because you've been told that you're unlearned about the Bible.. but it says that He will give wisdom to those who ask and upbraid not.

Every Christian starts out "unlearned and unwise". But His word will give light and understanding to the simple.

If you're saved, then the remedy of being unlearned is to read the Bible, and study to show yourself approved in rightly discerning the word of God.

Is Time Real
That depends on the topic discussed. For instance Time Travel isn't real.

We live in a natural world, the Sun and Moon are natural time keepers. Our clocks were designed in mimic of them. The seconds, minutes, hours of each day add up to weeks, that add up to months, that add up to years. Those confirm that time is real.

Each year a person is one year older. The age changes are a confirmation that time is real.

Anything discussed by setting those aside.. is an area of non-reality.

Support False Teachers
Anyone can do with their money whatever they want to do, to give it to whoever they want to give it. Whether anyone else thinks that it's wrong or not.. The matter of "exposing and proving" a false teacher is for an apostle such as Paul or Christ to do.. Because of non-qualified persons armed with a personal objection to different belief.. the words false and heretic are used without true discerning. As those who called Jesus Christ a false teacher, and those who called the apostle Paul a false teacher. In that case it's time to put into effect Isa.54:17.

What Are Vain Repetitions
The matter of "vain repetitions" is Biblically, referring to statements that pagans made when they were "summoning their idols" the best example is when the prophet challenged the pagans to see Who would respond by fire when an animal sacrifice is offered. They were not addressing any (G)od who could help them. That is what makes it 'vain'.. Any Catholics prayers that address themselves to God are not vain repetitions. Same with Protestant prayers.. Repetition is not vain when singing songs that invite people to God.. repeated quoting God's word is not vain.. Repeated saying the math tables is not vain. Repeated saying to memorize your phone number or home address, or social security number.. is not vain.

Types Of Worship
What is the difference of one a powered battery hooked up to something.. and several empowered batteries hooked up to something?
For instance.. I saw a battery powered car once. It had more batteries than a regular car with one battery plus gas in the tank.. Or, use volts, or watts. The more you have, the better to get the job done. It takes a lot of power to provide electricity to a village, more to a town, more to a city.

The congregation can do more with their collective individual power from God than one individual alone can do. But, if your not thinking a Christian has power, then the question doesn't really matter.

Righteous Or Self-Righteous
The righteous rely on God for everything.

The self-righteous, by definition, don't.

What Is Vain Philosophy
Vain philosophy is worldly wisdom that might sound right to someone who has not renewed their mind to God's wisdom.

There are churches that teach such vain philosophy and deceive others because it might sound right. Such as the Pharisees with their religious traditions that made the word of God ineffective.

Jesus Is Coming Back On A Cloud
The scripture does not say that it is a natural cloud.

The word 'cloud' is descriptive of the myriads of saints riding on horses though the air with Jesus in front. From any distance, near or far, since it happens up in the air, where clouds float.. it's an apt word to use.

Lack Of A Healing
What is the track-record of the pastor's prayers to result in healing?.. it can't always be the fault of the sick person. Prayer to be healed has to be according to the faith of the person praying as well as the faith of the sick person.
A pastor should teach healing by faith, then if his faith is strong, relying on the anointing of God, then give an alter call to pray for the sick. All things being equal, healing should result. If not, blame should not be assigned, but just keep teaching healing by faith and encourage confession of healing verses.

The matter of not getting healed because of sin in one's life is not a Biblical statement. James says to pray for the sick and if he sinned it shall be forgiven him.. so that he be healed.

Explain The Bible Code Theory
The Bible code theory is not false when used correctly. The Jews have known of it for centuries.
It should not be treated as a doctrine.
It should only be used by those who already have believed by hearing God's word alone. The codes are a secondary way of confirming what the surface scriptures already say.

The Bible codes should not be used to attempt to convince non-believers. The codes are not intended to be the source of one's faith in God.

Building Of The Ark
God gave to man intelligence and a physical body to function in a physical world.
God expects man to do what he can do.

What if God had made it Noah's responsibility to miraculously materialize the ark using his faith?

What if God made it your responsibility to miraculously materialize your home, your car, your food, your clothes by using your faith?

With a challenge like that.. I would think that a lot of Christians would truly have nothing.
There would not be any need for a vow of poverty because most Christians don't use faith to have the basic things in life.

They get what they have by an honest days work.

Support President Trump
Yes I do. Why.. is none of anyone's business.

Properity Gospel Biblical
God prospers those who keep His commandments. God gives power to get wealth as the way that God establishes His covenant in the earth. God is delighted to prosper His people. It's either prosperity or lack. The conclusion has to be that the gospel includes prosperity. The children of loving parents prosper without working for their own money. This nation either prospers or we will all live in poverty like Venezuela.. Anyone who is against a gospel that includes prosperity is against using faith to be more prosperous than what wages they earn by being employed. But if you can't get a job then being in poverty is your status without government welfare available for you.

Can Angels Have God's Grace
The obedient angels who are not the fallen angels.. exist in and by God's grace.
God created angels as servants to Him and for Him. They are not the objects of God's grace.
The angels minister to we who are heirs of salvation because of God's grace to sinners.

Prayers God Has Honored
Every prayer prayed in faith, every prayer that is according to God's will, every prayer that is prayed in Jesus name. Every prayer request made with thanksgiving unto God, every prayer by the leading of the Holy Spirit, every prayer that includes forgiveness of others.

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