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New Age In Todays Churches
AXE. The Progressive Left have proven themselves to be the very antithesis of Christ and his teachings, just like Satan is.

They are narcissists, haters, racists, oppressive authoritarians, Christophobes whose record for genocide, Pharisee-like Cancel culture, corruption, lies, etc shows that they are so unlike Christ that only a brainwashed follower of the Progressive Left would claim otherwise.

My own findings about Progressive Left Christianity have shown that they have no regard for Christs priorities for humanity as seen in John 3:16, Matthew 6:33, Mark 16:15, Matthew 7:21, Matthew 25:31-46, John 13:34.

New Age In Todays Churches
AXE. Satan is a Progressive as he sought to overturn and progress from God s established path to righteousness by faith.

Jesus is Conservative as he worked to conserve God s established path to righteousness by faith.

The Progressive Left today are renowned for their self serving virtue signaling, hypocrisy, Cancel culture, hate, racism, thought policing, conceit, etc. Such characteristics were likewise a big part of the Pharisees identity.

Jesus says to believe in him (John 3:16, John 6:29, 40), and works that shows this faith are to preach this same gospel we believed in to the spiritually hungry and naked Unsaved (James 2).

New Age In Todays Churches
AXE. Clearly those Jesus rejects in Matt 7 were NOT believers otherwise he would not reject them.

James 2:14-17 speaks of works showing faith, such as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, which refers to preaching same gospel (John 3:16) that we believe in, to unsaved souls who are the spiritually hungry (lacking Christ, John 6:35, 1Cor 10:3,4), spiritually naked (lacking garment of salvation, Isa 61:10).

I've seen professing Believers who are (political) social justice virtue signalers (read Matt 6:1-6 to see what Jesus thinks of such self serving hypocrisy) who show no regard for John 3:16. Such seem to fit the description of goats in Matt 25:31-46 who neglect spiritually needy unsaved ("least of these").

New Age In Todays Churches
AXE. Believing in Jesus is the will of God. See John 6:40.

John 6:28,29 Jesus says the works of God we do is to believe in Him.

These works of believing in Jesus manifests in ways such as preaching the same gospel (John 3:16) we believe in, to the unsaved who are spiritually hungry (lacking Christ our spiritual food. John 6:35, 1Cor 10:3,4), and spiritually naked (lacking garment of salvation, Isa 61:10).

When we preach GOSPEL OF PEACE (Rom 10:15, Eph 2:17, Eph 6:15, Col 1:20) we are the PEACEMAKERS in Matt 5:9 who Jesus describes as SONS OF GOD.

The will of God, the works that shows our faith, and the fact that it's the sin of UNBELIEF the world is convicted of (John 16:9), all points to John 3:16.

New Age In Todays Churches
AXE. This is the message in Rom 5.
Rom 5 true believers (those who DO THE WILL OF GOD , Matt7:21) have been JUSTIFIED BY FAITH and thus have PEACE WITH GOD, having been RECONCILED to Him.

Through the 1st Adam SIN entered the world and DEATH through SIN (v12). Through Adam's disobedience we were made SINNERS (V19), and thus ENEMIES of God (v10), resulting in CONDEMNATION (v18) & DEATH (v12) which is the wages of sin.

But through Christ's obedience , true believers are made righteous (v19) and thus no longer able to be charged with the SIN, CONDEMNATION, DEATH that ENEMIES of God face.

Hence why scriptures like 1John 3:8 says those who SIN are of the devil.
1John 3:9 says those born of God CANNOT sin.

End-Time Alien Delusion
AXE. Read all Rom 5, especially 12-21. Note too that we were ENEMIES of God (v10) but were RECONCILED and now have PEACE with Him (v1).

Try reflecting on what tree of Life and tree of knowledge in Eden symbolize. Note that Jesus is the Life (John 14:6) and book of Life (Rev 20:12).
What do you think tree of knowledge symbolizes? Rom 10:3 might help in understanding.

You are correct even demons believe there is one God (James 2:19). So what differentiates Christians from them? Our works shows our faith (James 2:20). What are works that shows faith? FYI Jesus told us what they are.

Also what is the will of God that Jesus said true Christians do (Matthew 7:21)?

End-Time Alien Delusion
KATHR. It's good you understand that "sinners" refers to unsaved.

But what sin do you say Christians commit?

Transgression of law (1John 3:4)?
But we're not under law (Rom 3:19, Rom 8:2, Rom 10:4).

Is it sin of unrighteousness (1John 5:17)?
But our faith is counted for righteousness (Rom 4:5).

Is it sin of unbelief (John 16:9)?
But we believe on Jesus (Joh 3:16).

Is it sin of blasphemy (Mark 3:29)?
We do not blaspheme.

BTW our PERFECTION came only through Christ's sacrifice (Heb 10:14), and not by behavior of our flawed physical being that's already DEAD (by faith) because of sin (Rom 6:6, Rom 8:10).

AXE. What is God's will (Matt 7:21)?
What works shows our faith?

End-Time Alien Delusion
AXE. As usual you resort to Leftist thinking to try to discredit God's word.

I'm an EX Catholic, so I know quite well how typical Catholics are clueless about gospel.

FYI I take ALL scripture into account in understanding scriptures like 1John 3:8,9, 1Pet 4:1, John 8:32-36, Gal 2:15, Rom 6:7 that describes that Christians cannot sin.
As to why you persist in rejecting God's word on this is between you and God.

Yes, in Matt 7:21 Jesus describes that true Christians DO THE WILL OF GOD.
Do you know what the will of God is?

New Age In Todays Churches
Strange trends can come and go in churches.
I recall several decades ago there was Holy Spirit laughing in churches, and fears of demons in Cabbage patch dolls, etc. Now we don't hear of such absurdities anymore.

End-Time Alien Delusion
AXE. NAZI = SOCIALIST German Workers Party.
NAZISM is certainly SOCIALIST.
Hitler's Socialized child care, healthcare, education was aimed at taking care of German people (the likes of Jews, Gypsies, excluded).

Nazism evolved from Fascism, which evolved from Communism, as Winston Churchill admitted in 1948.

Nazism & Fascism are where Socialist government CONTROLS AND REGULATES private enterprises as this was recognized as a better formula than Communism's state control of means of production which was such a failure that it devastated Russian society.

Regarding James 2:19, what works do you think shows our faith?

End-Time Alien Delusion
AXE. Spaniards were merely pushing the empire of Catholicism, where there may have only been a hint of the gospel present from few individuals.
Cruelty came from RCC, just as cruelty within the tribes they conquered came from their own tribal culture.
Cruelty/inhumanity is seen in ALL cultures in history, with the most genocidal being the Socialist Left and Islam.

KATHR. ALL NT scriptures confirms that Christians are no longer sinners (1John 3:8,9, 1Pet 4:1, John 8:34-36 Gal 2:15, Rom 6:7, etc.).

End-Time Alien Delusion
AXE. Christians committing "genocide".??? That's the type of propaganda followers of Christophobic Fascist Left cult say.
Matt 7:21-23 you quoted Jesus even indicates there are fake Christians.

As for genocide, the world leaders for that are Socialist Left (Stalin, Mao, Hitler, etc) and Islam.

The Right say Fascism is of the Left simply because it FACTUALLY is. Fascism came from Communism as historical records prove. The political Left always push revisionist lies to hide their embarrassing past such as Fascism, Nazism, racism, KKK, etc.

The "big picture" core message in Bible shows Christians have been set free from sin, hence why scriptures like 1John 3:9 etc says we CANNOT sin.

End-Time Alien Delusion
AXE. How do we know who is born of God? 1John 5:1 Whoever BELIEVES THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST IS BORN OF GOD,...

Marxists Lenin & Mussolini were good friends, such that Mussolini adopted Lenins State Capitalism (Fascism).

Fascism & Nazism are clearly political Left.
As for Nazism Vs Communism thats merely family infighting, same as Shia Vs Sunni Islam.

Authoritarianism & suppression & persecution of political opposition is Leftist trait (similar from DEMS today).
Majority of news media speaks with one political propaganda voice, proving the Lefts dominance of it. Hence Fake News.
Censorship & Cancel culture also Leftist trait, which we see today in Leftist dominated Western nations.

End-Time Alien Delusion
AXE. 1John3:9, written to Christians.
Whoever has been born of God does NOT SIN, for His seed remains in him, and he CANNOT SIN,

Who does 1John1:8-10 refer to? See 1John1:2-3, author BEARS WITNESS, & DECLARES...ETERNAL LIFE (Joh 3:16) to the addressee so they MAY HAVE FELLOWSHIP.
If unsaved addressee hearing gospel claims they have no sin then they're like Paul before conversion (righteous according to law, Phil 3:6).

The definition you gave of Fascism fits Leftists well. Oppressive authoritarians, regulating/controlling industry, racists (DEMS, NAZIS).

Leftists have long controlled public debate/thought, and they routinely demonized Christianity, Whites, patriotism, heterosexual men, etc.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
AXE. Marxist Lenin was almost overthrown as leader after the failures of Communism devastated Russian society. Lenin had to change direction, so he reluctantly backed off from full Communism and instead developed a mixed economy, which he and his Marxist friend Mussolini called State Capitalism.


Mussolini adopted Lenins changes, and named it Fascism. Thus we see Marxist Lenin was actually the first Fascist, although he did not create that label to identify it.

In 1948 Winston Churchill noted this evolution saying As Fascism sprang from Communism, so Nazism developed from Fascism

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
AXE. Fascism is clearly of the Left. Its a variant of Marxism, as proven by Marxists Lenin and his friend Mussolini who concluded from the revolts due to failures of Communism that changes had to be made, hence the Marxist variant of Fascism was born (Mussolini first used the term).

Listen to academics such as Prof Carol Swain on Prager U YouTube site as she exposes the lies in the Lefts Big Switch myth.

Genocidal? Progressive Left have been pushing for ever easier and later term abortions (mostly Black babies) for many years.

Christophobic? That is very obvious from the Fascist Lefts constant attacks against Christianity for decades.

Your questions only further proves how much the Leftists control your mind.

End-Time Alien Delusion
AXE. I suggest you study scriptures to find out God's definitions of sin, who it applies to, and it wages.

When scripture says Christians cannot sin that refers to our spiritual position in Christ, as my post below states.

When you accuse a Christian of sin you are saying that there is sin in Christ as that is where a Christians identity lies (Gal 2:20, Col 3:3). FYI there is no sin in Christ (1John 3:5).

As for the failings in behaviors that Christians commit that is not sin that can be charged against Christians (remember that that old man is already dead, by faith, because of sin, Rom 6:6, Rom 8:10). Instead we see that God chastises us for our own good.

End-Time Alien Delusion
KATHR. Considering all your political propaganda rants you yourself fit your description of living in worldly politics....a walking contradiction....who minds earthly things.

FYI Jesus describes will of God in simple terms in John 6:40, which is consistent with your quote Romans 16 on obedience to the faith.
It's also consistent with will of God described in 1Thess 4:3,4 which is for our sanctification, and that we abstain from sexual immorality. Can you see how this is saying the same as Jo 6:40 and Rom 16:25,26, but describing it in a different way?

BTW, from what I've seen the Kingdom now crowd is Progressive Left Christianity who trust in the likes of the DEMS for a Socialist kingdom of god.

Interpret The Bible
AXE. As the political Left have increasingly dominated institutions of power & influence over the past decades then clearly your fears of an Evangelical's kingdom of God is absurd.

The thought policing, Pharisee-like Cancel culture, persecutions, and control of public debate/thought in Western nations over the past few decades comes only from the political Left.

The fact you express fears of a sector of society that has little influence in comparison only proves how much Leftists control your mind.

I supported Trump (and similar politicians in Australia, Europe, U.K) because they bravely made a stand against the thought policing Leftist tyrants who control institutions of power & influence.

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