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Are All Humans Saved
there are many scriptures that talk about being cut off from God. In order to be cut off you must of been attached at one time.all i can say is read the new testiment and you will see for your self.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
Have u accepted Jesus Christ as Lord in your heart? If you have great!!!!If not do it today!!! The demonic dream could have been a message from God to fix apart of your life that is wrong..or if you are a Christian to test your faith.. Remember as a Christian we have power over all demons thanks to Jesus.

Is It A Sin To Eat Pork
Jesus fullfilled the old testiment. Jesus said it is not what enters the body that is unclean but what leaves the body as a result that makes us unclean. Don't declare what God created to be unclean. if you declare something unclean for yourself then it is unclean for yourself. alchol is unclean for an alcholic not because its unclean but the sin that happens as a result of consuming it.

Husband Says I Am Stupid
Accept Jesus as Lord of your life. Then stand on this principle. You are loved by God. You are a princess and shall be loved for all eternity.sink into Gods unfailing love and He will bring the words to say. Study the bible and grow in Gods love. Walk in the Spirit and be filled love,peace and joy. U dont have to do it alone anymore.

I Want To Believe In God
walk in faith.there is a God.One Creator.Accept Jesus Christ as Lord of you life once again.repent from your Gods face.allow Jesus to win the war in your mind.cast out all disbelief and pray for wisdom from God.<><

Unspeakable Groanings
so you see everything that we say has Power, for good or bad. sometims we dont know what we need or how to ask so our spiritual father who acts in the spirit gives us this as a gift. and a great one

Unspeakable Groanings
"You recive not because you ask not". We know that words are power. God created us in his image, he spoke the world into existance and molded us with his hands

Is The Anti-Christ Alive Today
It has been revield to me that indeed the ani christ is not only a man but its a group of people. one thing I say onto you who listen wach the chip that will soon come from the harlot. The base of the anti christ is threw muslims, they belive in the fake prophet galatians 1

I Want Some Penpal Friends
I am in search of religious ,intellectual penpal

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