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Are There Christians Here
Oh yes, there are Christians on this site, along with attention seekers. racists, bigots and hypocrites and they do it all in the name of Jesus.

America's Historical Monuments

First, Sally Hemings was not a woman. History suggests that she was between the ages of 14 and 16 when Jefferson made her his slave concubine.

Second, Slaves were not freed because it was the moral thing to do. Lincoln had other motives that were self serving.

America's Historical Monuments
For those of you who believe it is wrong tear them down or remove them, I'd like to know your thoughts on putting Sally Hemings next to Thomas Jefferson, Slave women next to Dr. J. Marion Sims. He was physician who experimented on slave women without anesthesia or how about Frederick Douglass next to Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth or Nat Turner on a chapel? Are they not history too?

What Is The Curse Of Ham
Hi Bryan
The Book of Philemon
Lev. 25:44
Cain's curse in Gen. 4:15
Eph. 6:5, Col.3:22-4:1
Gen 15:13-14

What Is The Curse Of Ham
The curse of Ham is one of many biblical narrative grossly taken out of context by Christians to justify white supremacy and the enslavement of African people.

Pledge Of Allegiance
Don't see why not. Some of you have already pledged allegiance to Trump. Some of you have even anointed him as the forerunner to the second coming of Christ. John the Baptist would have a whole lot to say about that one. Happy Turkey day!

Saved With Atheist Partner
You are making reference to OT customs and practices that have changed throughout the centuries and attempting to pass them off as God's standard for modern times.

Can Christians Vote For Trump
You are correct, Trump does market his Christianity the way people want him to but it is not about what people expect. It's about what The Lord expects. He expects us to model Christ and... out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Luke 6:43-45. Can you honestly say Trump's words and deeds model Christ?

In Love With A Single Pastor
It may be a good idea to end it as his behavior could be a preview of things to come. Your instinct about him seeing or being interested in someone else is probably right. Most men have no problems with pursuing a woman they are interested in and the fact that he is not pursuing is sending a clear message.

Mentals Disorder For Christians
Hi Judy
Romans 10:8-10 is how you know you are saved. I have had periods of anxiety that made me feel like I was having a heart attack. I always asked The Lord to show me the cause and then help me to deal with it. My last major anxiety period was last year. I was sick all the time and did not know why. I prayed and He revealed the cause. I found out have wheat allergies. I am now dealing with the allergies and for now there have been no more anxiety attacks. Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you!

What Are Soul Ties
Hi Lidia4796
The term soul ties is most often associated with the bonding that takes place during physical intimacy between a man and woman. There are no direct Scriptures related to the topic but many Christians use Eph. 5:31, Gen. 2:24 to make a case for the term. They do this to encourage abstinence because of the potential to carry memories, feelings, etc of past physical relationships into marriage.

Sell Their Possessions
Hi micha8489
They sold their possessions so that none in the community of faith would go without having their needs met. Acts 2:45

Was Jesus Sinless
Research appointed in the Greek for Acts 13:48.You might find it very interesting. Matthew 28:18-20 is good too.

Is Religion Brainwashing
People can only be brainwashed by religion if they allow others to tell them what to believe rather than thinking for themselves.

Hobby Lobby Government Fines
Your information is wrong about Planned Parenthood.

Does God Know In Advance
You are masterful at manipulating people's words and thoughts. I know what I said and I suspect you do too. I am done.

Does God Know In Advance
Yes he was drawn to Christ. That is what led him to ask his question. He was also invited to follow Christ but he let possessions stop him. Not saying he lost his chance. We don't know. That is why it important not to ignore God when He calls us to salvation as a second chance is not necessarily promised. Mark 5:18 is not the story of the rich ruler. It is the story of the demoniac. Jesus told him no to staying with him not salvation because he wanted him to witness where he lived about what Christ had done for him.

Does God Know In Advance
John 6:44 is self explanatory. You cannot have a relationship with Christ unless you are initially prompted, urged, pulled towards convicted of sin or invited by the Holy Spirit to follow Christ. Once that work happens you can accept or decline salvation as was the case with the rich ruler.

Does God Know In Advance
Your explanation of that text does it a huge injustice. You can ignore it all you want but the botom line is Christ offered him eternal life and he declined.

It is really sad that you cannot engage in discussions without name calling when challenged. Maybe it is time for you to grow up in the faith. You come off as a really spiritually immature christian despite all the Scriptures you quote.

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