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Thinking About A Divorce
God does not allow His children to ask for divorce. HE did not allow me to ask for it until my ex did. So continue to discuss your problems with God until solution will come.

Explain The New Testament
Jerry: Old covenant = physical separatiom of the believer from unbelievers, location of the believer in a special place of security & provision. New covenant(placed on top of the old, resting on it) = spiritual & total cleansing of the believer by the sinless blood of Jesus Christ which makes regular sacrifices of animal bloods{not the whole instructions of old} irrelevant.

How Many Commandments
Reply to francis on 14/8/09:"i do not recall any convenant made with gentiles". Answer: God told Abram, Gen.12: 3 ".., and in thee shall ALL families/nations of the earth be blessed". Is this not a convenant to the Gentiles? also in Gen.17, God told Abraham that He will make him "a father of many nations" Gen.17: 4-6. Are Gentile nations not included?

Are 10 Commandments In Force
If someone is living a surrendered life in Jesus Christ, his/her conduct will fulfill the laws(not negate them).He/She is looking unto the only One that directs/leads perfectly. But if someone believes in following the laws without believing in the Lord Jesus, then that person is deceiving Him/herself by rejecting God's saving-plan to overcome sin. The laws give us the knowledge of sin but cannot help us to overcome sin. Jesus gives true believers power to overcome intentional sinning.

I Can't Stop Sinning
This happened to me before until I went on my knees before the Lord Jesus and sincerely asked for HIS help, HE delivered me wonderfully. This is 15 years after and there is no looking back BY HIS GRACE.

Why Can We Eat Swine
God created all things, each one for overlapping or different purposes. God knows there are certain things in swine not good for human consumption. How long did it take science to know that tape-worm can be transferred to humans thro' its oil? God said do not eat fat; how long did it take for human science to agree? Do you know how long it will take for humans to dicover other bad things in all God told us not to eat? SIMPLE, COMPLETE obedience to God's word helps a lot.

Is Male Companionship Cheating
In the beginning God..... 1st take this problem to God in prayer. Tell Him everything you are feeling and the things you need that are not against His will.
Ask Him to help you in His wisdom to correct the situation, to correct you if you are doing something not quite right in your home, and to also correct your husband. believe HE will do it, you will receive it.

Best Way To Witness
If you have surrendered your life to Christ already, start praying that God should use you to reach out to others.
You will be groomed(through other persons)and led into witnessing by His Spirit(in group or not), because witnessing is not something a one can do by oneself alone.

Has God Spoken To You
Yes. I asked God to please help me to understand "fornication". Weeks after GOD asked me in my mind, "what is the greatest commandment?". I replied "Love your neighbour as yourself". God replied me, "The unmarried girl/lady is your neighbour's wife".

Can I Live With My Boyfriend
It is a very very dangerous thing for a Christian to do, it is like walking into sin when you should flee from it.

How Long Should One Date
You can date in the Godly way as long as it is convenient for the 2 of you.

Hard To Be A Christian
Until one surrenders total control to Jesus and HIS word to lead one's life, it will be "HARD". When you tell God that you desire to live for HIM and HE should help you as it seems "hard" for you. At that instant GOD will send HELP to you and groom you to know the joy, peace and goodness of living that HE had designed for you & everyone.

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