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End-Time Alien Delusion
I doubt aliens will be involved. But as pointed out. So called Christians have done a lot of evil. The point is. That the true Christians walks in love. Whiled the fake Christians are those who speak of GOD but do not care about others.
Those who walk in love of GOD and love of others keeping his commandments are the true Christians. Not the ones who pretend to love.

New Age In Todays Churches
There are people in Hillstrong who believe if you lay on the grave of one of the prophets. You will get spiritual power. Others speak of them as being little gods.

Daughters Of The King
Thank you strong axe. Good points.

End-Time Alien Delusion
First No proof of Biden being a pedophile.

Second I disagree with his church choice. But he walks for others. Trump walks in hate and loves sin. That means he cannot be a true believer. Biden never made the claims or had the claims made about Trump. So not a good argument.

Interpret The Bible
The RCC went against the Bible and taught against the wods of GOD. So you cannot teach against the Bible and say you support the Bible. Since that is contradictory.

Bible above tradition. Love.

End-Time Alien Delusion
Both of you make good points .. That I can agree with. God be with you and yours.

End-Time Alien Delusion
Amen Strong ax and others .

We need to pray for our country. That those who are working to damage our country. So sad that a single man who calls him self the Messiah is working to undermine the country so he can illegally stead the election. Trump lost fair and square.

God bless America.

Interpret The Bible
Yes Kathyr

If they repent they can be saved. But those who do not repent will be lost.

amen Sister.

End-Time Alien Delusion
It is very sad. That so many who say they are Christians get behind Trump.

Interpret The Bible
True the words lose their salvation is not found. But the word hypocrites is. The saved live in love of GOD and love of others. As ! john says when we sin we repent.

Hypocrites to not repent. Thee is a son that says if you don't love your neighbor. You don't love god. That is true. No matter what you say.

Are You Stiff-necked
There is only the New Covenant which is made with Israel. We are all now part of that New Covenant. Read Ephesians 2. Jew and Gentile are now all Israel children of Abraham.

What Is The Perfect Law
Correct mostly. But many forget the Sabbath. Which is easy. I just believe we need to keep that one also. But love shows who is saved. There is a son about those who don't love their neighbor. Google it.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
Good points.

Interpret The Bible
Those who study the Bible can come to different views.

But many times that is set up by what they are taught.

For instance those who teach once saved always saved disagree with those who teach a person can be lost after being saved. Feelings is tied into the once saved view.

What Is The Perfect Law
If the law is perfect why work to get rid of it? The Commandments are part of the perfect law.

The law is based on love. Those who love others will not murder them.

So all of the Ten Commandments are not done away with. Those who love GOD and love others die to self daily and live in love of GOD and love of others.

Holy Spirit In Unclean Temple
Yes Paul had the Holy Spirit. He was refereeing to his old self and his sinful nature. But when we are Born again we have a new nature. But we end up with war against ourselves. That is why Paul says we have to die daily.

What Is Love
Love means you actually care and try to help others.

What Is The Perfect Law
The Ten Commandments have not been destroyed. If they had than lying, murder, coveting, stealing and adultery would no longer be sins.

But Paul says they are still sins. Read Romans 6. . Romans 3:31 Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law. 1 John 3:4 whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law. The Old Covenant is gone. Not the laws of love.

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