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How Did Cain Find A Wife
Its called incest..

Is America Becoming Communist
---Tim on 11/5/21

There are a lot of things I like about Biden. I like that he is more for the everyday people and not for the uber rich. I like the idea of rebuilding our infrastructure (not just roads and bridges but things that help society as a whole. I like working to decrease greenhouse gases and moving away from petroleum based products. I want to see health care for all, I want to see a better education system (not everyone needs to go to college). I have no problems with taxing billionaires.

To many to list on a short blog like this.

And jerry, you want to discuss it, go for it.

Is America Becoming Communist
You just proved yourself wrong!
---jerry6593 on 11/5/21

StrongAxe.. why do you even try. Jerry can't research, he has been lying since I first got on ChristiaNet over a decade ago.

He's your typical trumpette winger. Always thinks hes right, but never so.

Importance Of Free Will
--jerry6593 on 10/28/21

Typical Jerry... its all about him and to heck with his fellow man..

Is America Becoming Communist
You have no clue what a communist is.

Do You Miss Trump
Nope, not in the least. He is a misogynistic, lying, hypocritical con man. No wonder you love him.

Wouldn't miss you and your ridiculously biased questions, either.

Is It Sinful to Watch Cartoons
With everything going on in the world is this really your focus???

Was 2020 Election Stolen
Jerry, its not YOUR country. Its our country and it has a new president

Massive Democrat Fraud
Jerry, I for one, am fed up with your pettiness and your lies. Your responses, including your name calling, show us who you really are.

Youre a fraud, just like Trump. At one time I thought you had some smarts, but you have proven me wrong. I would gave thought you were just conned. But that's not it, you're ignorant.

People like you are destroying this country

Massive Democrat Fraud
Jerry, I know what I saw and read the response to the lies being pushed by you wingers. You dont like the decisions of the court, given by both liberal and conservstives, but all you hsve are your lies.

It's time to get over it. TRUMP LOST.

Massive Democrat Fraud
---jerry6593 on 12/5/20

EVERY one of your claims has been refuted. Your lawsuits have been either tossed or withdrawn. Your witnesses are deemed unreliable by the courts. Your "videos" have all been refuted.

Are you so blinded by hate that you cannot see what trump and your wingers are doing to this country?

I voted for Biden because he was the best candidate. You voted for trump because you hate anything that goes against your beliefs.

Trump lost and on Jan 20th you're going to have a new president...

Massive Democrat Fraud
---jerry6593 on 11/29/20

The court cases have been thrown out, withdrawn or outright dismissed. Poll watcher were in the room, the ballots were already there, there were not more "votes than voters" (proven wrong), and the only case of dead people voting was a republican voter. Otherwise, you have absolutely NO proof otherwise.

You are either completely ignorant or a liar. Which one is it?

Massive Democrat Fraud
He is very Anti-Trump, and you want us to believe him,
---Ruben on 11/28/20

Trump was the one who said he downplayed the pandemic and that he did it on purpose. So were not supposed to believe your childgod now?

Massive Democrat Fraud
No, Trump did not close the Chinese border, he closed only a small part of it. Still allowed almost 100,000 people to come in from China. What did he do after that? Went golfing.

There is not massive fraud going on (unless you count Trump), and Jerry, I challenge you to prove it.

Massive Democrat Fraud
You don't like the answers because the premise of your question is ridiculous. There is NO massive voter fraud and for you to continue to say there is disingenuous at best and an outright lie at worse.

The courts are not buying the garbage you republicans are throwing out. Its what 0 for 6 for your side now?

Why is your republicans don't want all votes to count? What I see is nothing but being a sore loser.

Trump lost... time to put on your big boy pants and grow up.

Is It A Sin To Go To Las Vegas
---jerry6593 on 11/12/20

Why shouldn't his opinion count? Why should yours? Trump is a con man, and I question anyone who supports him, and holds him up as an example, a poor excuse for a Christian.

Do you fit in that catagory?

Saved Before Born
Yet those burning and stealing and destroying pleases you.
---ven. on 11/2/20

Another lie by Ven.... Don't call yourself a Christian if all you spout are lies.

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