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Ever Sent Out A Prayer Cloth
My craft group has create 100's of these small knit or quilted squares. They have made an impact on cancer patients, grief support, dying people, bullied children. The receivers learns that someone, somewhere cares for them and is asking God to be with them, not necessarily cure them but be with them while they are in need of his comfort. After all we are in God's hands.

Advice On Strong Willed Child
My problem is while I am trying to stay calm during my 17 year old son's temper tantrum episodes, he is trying to think of more ways of engaging me and it is escalating. I have been praying and trying to stay strong, but I don't know what is coming next.

He prioritizes his phone. I am clear that when he is disobedient, that is what will be taken away first. Even though he knows I will follow through (because he has lost it several times) and says that he HATES it the most when I take it away, he still continues to have weekly blow-ups, after which he loses his phone for his inappropriate behavior. One would think that he wants to keep it so bad, he would behave himself.


Protestants And Catholics
Both are monotheist
Both beleive Jesus is the SON OF GOD
Both beleive that Jesus was born of a Virgin
Both beleive in Heaven and Hell (with the exception of some apostate protestant faiths)

However to protestants and Catholic's alike you believe well, however, even the demons believe and tremble!

The Question is, do you know where you are going when you die?

Do you undersatand God's Grace and Salvation?

If you don't you have no excuse read your bibles please.

Church Practices Paganism
Reversals, backward masking, contrived and manipulated bible codes - I reject all of them as a means to arrive at prophecy.

If you have the Holy Spirit, you need none of the above. They are a new kind of divining rod.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
Yes, I have some thoughts.

Those are tormenting spirits or familiar spirits. You may need someone gifted in the deliverance ministry to cast them out for good.

Church Practices Paganism
As I was saying to Kathr4453, one individual that uses reversals/bible codes has at least 20 sites, maybe more.

They're easily identified, as they all say the same things in the same language. That's the thing about witchcraft, it tries to hide itself.

God reveals it to us through His discernment, you're not left vulnerable to every new move, wind of doctrine that will turn you away from God.

Church Practices Paganism
Kathr4453. The websites promoting these alternative beliefs are multiplying every day.
The people that write them have a way of getting around, and around the truth.

CN allows a wide variety of topics to be discussed. God shows Christians what these beliefs are really about. It's for our protection. We shouldn't allow any one to lay hands on us suddenly, and we should be discerning about what we put before our eyes and minds on a regular basis.

My Daughter Is Dying Of Cancer
I read it.

Alternative belief systems, frances, will keep you in an altered state. A state without forgiveness and no forward motion, but spinning the wheels.

I see clearly where all of these prophecies are coming from and the methods that are used to get them. They are devoid of the Holy Spirit.

With the Holy Spirit, you don't need a tape recorder - as MikeM used to say constantly - 'suffer a witch not to live', somehow justifying the belief that witchcraft is a viable way to arrive at prophecy. It is not.
It is the way that may seem like the right voice of one crying in the wilderness, but those are demons speaking.

Why Were There Dinosaurs
frances, T.F., EVP and RS, alternative belief systems. No absolutes. All the lines are blurred, life is but an illusion and up is down and down is up.

If it makes you all that happy - you wouldn't be here - asking for prayers, every day. Regardless of what RS has to offer, it doesn't have any answers anchored down in reality. It's all subject to change and change it does. If it was all that fulfilling, you wouldn't need anyone on this site or Jesus Christ, but we all do.
That's why I have prayed for you, not because I'm smug, self-righteous or a 'reptile'. I am a believer that follows Jesus Christ and I'm not ashamed of His gospel. I hope one day you'll be set free from all of those other alternatives.

Church Practices Paganism
Kathr4453, I recognize those prophetic words coming via the way of EVP and RS.

I don't think it was by accident that I found out where these RS prophetic words are coming from.

There is no scripture to back any of that up. RS is not a reliable source for end time events.

Church Practices Paganism
Moderator: I must tell you today. There is witchcraft being used on these blogs. It is called EVP and RS. Electronic Voice Phenomena and Reverse Speech.

If you want to look it up, you will find all of the prophecies and witchcraft beliefs that are being mixed on these blogs with scripture. It is witchcraft.

Reverse speech is a technique used, coded words, reverse speech patterns via tape recorders or without one. You can read about it on the web if you would like.
There are people on this particular blog using that technique here on your readers. The prophecies are identical what they share on their site. I found it while researching the photographic memory.

Church Practices Paganism
Moderator: They spend hours listening to reverse speech and then translate the coded words into prophecies.

At first when they listen to recordings, they usually hear nothing, but then the voice of demons begin to speak to them. They believe it is a gift from God but they are speaking directly to demons. The words are in reverse speech, they call them reversals. They're using it on these blogs.

I have known for a long time that witchcraft was being mixed with Christianity but did not know the source. Now I do, and these people do have photographic memories.

My Daughter Is Dying Of Cancer
Jesus Christ died so that we don't have to. He also walked where no man has ever walked.

I see two things from the pain that is revealed through the blogs, besides depression, anger and unforgiveness.

There are those that are broken who put themselves in harm's way. A showdown. Consciously or unconsciously.

It is a complete rejection of self.

God says when we forgive, there is a departure from anger. It goes.

If I did not care, I wouldn't bother telling you the truth. If I had not prayed, I don't believe I would have run across or crossed paths with what you're trying to say but are unable to.

Is Prince Charles The AntiChrist
James. I now recognize EVP and RS when I see it. I wish that I did not, but I do.

James, what's the point in carrying on with that anyway?

Honor Mother And Father
By taking care of them when they're elderly or unable to care for themselves.

I love my parents and enjoy being a help whenever they need it.

Is Obama Muslim
frances and holly4jc, I've prayed for you over the months.

Only God knows the truth about what's happened in these events you're writing about and in your past. I don't.

frances, I don't know if it was by accident what I found, but my prayer is that you'll find the peace of God that passes all understanding.

Forgiveness is the answer towards all those that have hurt you. It' the only way to be free from anger that destroys.
Jesus Christ came to set the captives free.

Is Obama Muslim
Analytical capabilities, structure, interactivity, relativity, critical thinking and reasoning powers have their place, but this isn't the CIA or place of subterfuge.

This is Christianity. Politics, a religion of choice for some. Politicians have become preachers but it's not the gospel of Jesus Christ they're preaching.

There's a reason the Moderator admonishes people to pray for themselves before they enter into a revival, and a reason we should examine what we put before our eyes and mind.
It can leave an indelible mark that shouldn't be there. There's a way that seems right to a man but it's end is a road that you don't want to end up on.

Lakeland Florida Revival
Moderator, thank you for that word of wisdom.

I agree with you 100%.

While researching the photographic memory as a result of severe trauma or abuse, how the mind splits or fragments into MPD, the Holy Spirit can give you a vision of Jesus Christ or give you a word from God to pull you through horrible experiences. Time after time. It happens to prisoners of war, too.

God does not leave His children without a way of escape, or to prevent someone's mind from going insane.

Is Obama Muslim
frances, I gave you a 'specific' that is very similar to the info you share.

Anger is present is many of these posts. Is that driver that motivates you to write them. I cannot understand what purpose it serves to write about your perceived injustices day after day. That kind of anger can hurt your well being. What do you have to gain by it?

I found it by researching the photographic memory that can come as a result of trauma, MPD vs. demon possession. frances, those lines can become very blurred when someone is not focused on what God can do, but what can happen when MPD can consume a mind, with no distinction between good or evil, what's real or unreal.

Is Obama Muslim
frances, I don't know if it was by accident, but I found out where this background info or theories that you've been sharing are coming from.

While researching about the "revival", it was right there. I now see that you do believe it, word for word. I thought maybe it was only for interesting discussion.

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