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Black Woman Wants White Man
Personally, I think James_L has offered you the best advice, so far. I'd take it and run with it.

Your generation is a lot more open-minded about interracial dating. Some of older generations are still troubled by the idea, but that's life. Do you anyway.

Love Of Christ On Blogs
I didn't bookmark the site, so I don't recall its name, but a while ago I was searching Google for an old CN blog and discovered a site dedicated to highlighting Christian hypocricy. There were a number of CN bloggers whose replies were posted on a forum there for ridicule.

It's one thing to have a healthy debate and another to feed those who are looking for a reason to cast aspersions on Christians the exact thing they're looking for. We can't profess lovingkindness and then spew ugliness toward one another without looking like hypocrites.

Paddle His Bare Bottom
Spanking and exposing a child's nakedness are two separate issues. Why do they have to be combined?

My son is 22 years old. He's an ambitious, well-rounded and respectful individual who has not been spanked since he was in middle school, and he was NEVER spanked on a bare bottom. Actually, he was never spanked on the bottom at all, since I was told that blows to that area can cause bladder damage. He's also never been "paddled" (I used a belt).

I understand that parents don't want to spank through clothing, but spanking bare legs (with boxers or shorts on) is sufficient in my book.

A child's private parts should never be exposed as part of a punishment. Just my opinion, though.

Leave Laid Off Husband
Men get depressed and suffer from burnout, too. Some are not as vocal about their feelings as women, but they do.

Consider also that it's particularly hard for a man to be in this position. On one hand, he is expected to be a strong leader and a breadwinner, but on the other he may feel tired, discouraged and ashamed about not meeting expectations.

I don't know your husband, but he could just need a break in order to keep him from experiencing a breakdown. Four years is a long time to be without stable employment, but he had 19 years of solid employment before that. This can't be an easy transition for him. Can you and your sons contribute more financially and allow your husband some time to regroup without making him feel bad?

Leave Laid Off Husband
The economy is bad for everyone and leaving won't make it better. Instead, work as hard as you can to help your household survive. While doing so, encourage your husband and show your children the power of a strong wife/mother. When times get tough, she doesn't bail...she rolls her sleeves up and gets busy.

Also, consider cutting back even further than (I'm sure) you already have. Unplug anything electric when not in use (those little LED lights means electricity's still running even after you hit the power button, so unplug!), downsize your living quarters, share a car, take public transportation, etc. Bottom line is to give up excess "stuff" before giving your marriage up.

No Looting In Japan After Quake
I still don't believe that looting (or crime in general) is widespread in Japan, but as I look more closely I've found multiple articles and photos online about looting since the tsunami. Also am reading about other more personal crimes that have taken place since then.

Is Slavery Bibilical
Carla, you, just like everyone else on this blog, have a right to express your own feelings and points of view. As a Black woman living in the UK, I put more stock into your personal experiences than anything I may hear secondhand. Thanks for sharing your perspective, sis!

Cluny, slavery does still exist worldwide, including right here in America. Google human trafficking and you will find that it is a larger, more profitable business than drug trafficking or any other illegal trade, which means it is a major issue we should all work to eradicate...beginning with educating ourselves and prayer.

Mima, you asked a tough question. Did you learn anything new?

Is Slavery Bibilical
Why is slavery still practiced in Africa? ~Cluny

Africa is a continent comprised of many different countries and cultures. Slavery is not practiced everywhere and in the few places where it exists, there is no single answer to cover all.

Some Arab North Africans enslave Black Africans because of racism and believing that Blacks are subhuman. Some Black Africans enslave other Black Africans because they've grown to believe that money and status makes one better than those who don't have either. Often, children are sold into enslavement unbeknownst to impoverished parents who believe children will receive an education with a new family. Read Slave by Mende Nazer or Say You're One of Them by Uwem Akpan for more info

Is Slavery Bibilical
Quite an enlightening blog, this is! If not for the facts on the subject matter, but for the opinions bloggers were willing to share here.

Andy and MarkV, I hear you. Yes, there is much to be learned and perhaps some things are better left unsaid. We're here now, though, and hopefully we can leave this thread better than when we found it.

Alan, Thanks for explaining Trav's style.

Trav, I appreciate you sharing your true feelings. My prayers are with you and your children.

No Looting In Japan After Quake
Religion should always be evident in what we do and not only in the religious labels we wear. Though many Japanese identify with Buddhism, many also practice a combination of several religions. Not sure how much of the crime rate can be attributed to religion, but I can say that Japanese appear to practice a very respectful, peaceful lifestyle.

If what I'm reading online is true, there are also social factors at play. Citizens are not allowed to own handguns and Japanese are big on not bringing shame to their families by breaking the law.

According to one U.S. state government website, crime in Japan is far lower overall than crime in America. We can stand to learn a thing or two from the Japanese.

Is Slavery Bibilical
Trav, I asked because for several days we've been discussing Black people and then your comment posted. I don't want to make an assumption about who you're speaking of, so I thought I'd be courteous and ask you directly. And, no, rap music doesn't offend me. Is that who you were referring to, though-- Black people and rap music?

Is Slavery Bibilical
"Fill our prisons, filth for music,kill our kids and their own." ~Trav

Who are you referring to, Trav? Black people?

Should Abortions Be Illegal
Donna, my late grandmother, an RN, was a nursing supervisor on the night shift at a small hospital. When my mom needed her to babysit she took me to work with her. I slept in a private room, but I remember hearing a woman moan and cry all night. Later, I learned the hospital had a reputation for performing abortions and that those cries were common. This was pre-Roe vs Wade and although they were only allowed if a woman's life or mental health were endangered, lots of them were done.

I've read elsewhere that some states that allowed them under special circumstances outnumbered the procedures performed in states with more liberal laws.

Arguments about legality are fruitless if we don't learn to prevent unwanted pregnancies sooner.

Is Slavery Bibilical
"Carla, if you hate America so much, what's to prevent you from returning to your wonderful homeland and getting rich there, where there are no white people to oppress you with their racism?" ~Cluny

Cluny, are we reading the same blog? I cannot find where Carla said she hated America. Please, kindly direct me to her statements to this regard.

Also, am I understanding you correctly that any Black person who doesn't like racism should return to Africa?

Obama Defense Of Marriage
NurseRobert, I have wondered the same about the moderation here. Like you, I chalk it up to the fact that they pay the hosting bill and can do as they please. It's frustrating at times, but it teaches me to accept things that I can't change and keep it moving anyway.

I had to submit my 3/9 reply about five times before it was finally posted. Before resubmitting it, I edited it each time to remove words referring to gender or lifestyles. They weren't bad words, of course, but common, neutral words used to describe each. My thinking was that perhaps my submissions weren't approved because certain words would trigger undesirable AdSense ads that CN didn't want. I dunno, that's the only other explanation I can think of besides bias.

Should Abortions Be Illegal
Could you expound a bit more on your reasoning, Elder? I don't get the connection between legal and free. Doctors (in the U.S. anyway) wouldn't want to perform any procedure for free, not just abortions.

In places like California, first trimester abortions and, in some cases, second trimester abortions are covered by Medi-Cal, so they are performed at no cost to eligible patients.

Obama Defense Of Marriage
You're right, Shira, Americans have become lazy. To a certain extent, I also agree that welfare programs have handicapped some individuals because they have created a sense of dependency and entitlement in some who have forgotten (or never known) the power that lies within them...the power to succeed with raw determination.

On the other hand, there is a necessity, particularly where children are concerned, to use social programs to help those in need. I've seen the abuse and neglect children suffer from parents who truly don't know any better. If the government is willing to fund agencies willing to teach them better ways of parenting then for the sake of children I'm all for it. Still, I understand where you're coming from.

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