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Why Are Pastors Having Affairs
The enemy is hard at work to render the church ineffectual and rouse the spirit of suspicion. The works of the flesh always war against the spirit. There are godly men. Do not let the enemy Rob you yet again. So sorry for what happened.

Coping With Anger
Anger management is a good start, but keeping a far distance is a good idea too.

Coping With Anger
Anger management is a good start, but keeping a far distance is a good idea too.

Are Crosses A Graven Image
I plainly think because of what the bible says it means. & crosses in churches are no exception. We might not bow to it, but it still is there,it's a carved image. I have the bible with Gods word reminding me of Jesus & what he did. I just do not see the point in stepping over Gods command & insist on wooden images in Gods house.As for carrying our crosses daily, it means our loads daily, or part of the responsibility, not a litral cross.

Is Church For Conviction Or Fun
Service or "church" is a time for the Lord, not a party time, the fun atmosphere, can be for afterwards, lunch or something, but we shouldn't be straight faced, boring, we can relax,smile, but still remebmre it is the Lords house we dwell in ,not our house.

Mother Theresa In Heaven Or Hell
On judgement day when she faces God she will know her answer & repent to God, we can not give the final answer.

My Son Has Some Tough Issues
i dont believe for one second that you went to far. sometimes as parents we need to step out meaning we need to stop being comfortable with the way that the things in our lives are going. if we continue to ok all of the wrongs then we as parents are just as much at fault but letting go and letting god is never a selfish thing and it is ok to let go thats how we grow and thats how we move on to new things in life.

Can We Kill Our Enemies
What part of, "Thou shall not commit murder" are you having trouble with??

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