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I Love Two Men
Aha you say you love these two men,what is love? see 1st corinthians please take an honest personal look at your love now that you see clearly what love is,make this your model and you wont need to 2nd guess at love is not static it moves and grows ask anyone who has been in a Godly relationship they will be more in love as time goes by.
Happy Christmas All.

Can Single Moms Find Man
Karen /Elvir,with my God and his love all things are possible,kids need love and support and adults do too, my God has been Mighty to Save,he has also healed and restored me and my kids and turned all things together for good,how can you give someone who you don't know advice like that it seems so negative/hopeless even?
Dear Elvir Walk with Jesus listen to him, the voice of truth in your heart,lay your life before him in prayer,share your burdens with him i assure you if its your hearts desire God is able to fulfill you,you may have to wait you may not.
NEVER EVER Limit God in your circumstances or you might never grow and NEVER EVER see all he has in store for you.Do not loose heart guard it its your life!!.

Married But In Love With Other
Hi,lets first read 1st Corinthians 13, people say they love others but really love encompasses so much more than a four letter word, so lets see first what love is,love is a person and that person has to be formed in you his name is Jesus Christ,love grows like anything worth while it takes time to nurture.don't look to others to be fulfilled find Christ in you and begin to love who you are in him,then you will see clearly what love is.Thanks.

Care For Widows And Orphans
Hello All,this blog is similar to the blog i started ("should the church...)i beleive we as a body should be supporting those within the "family of God"who need support financialy.
sadly a high percentage feel differently,and i beleive by ignoring this scriptural truth the body must be missing blessings,disobedience is "sin".
If the body is able to support "such as these"through tithes, but sends them to the world for support,it seems ""to me" at least a form of theft.

Hinduism vs Christianity
Rajesh,i know nothing about Krishna,
1.did he claim to be the son of God?
2.or was he without sin?
3.did he overcome Satan too?
4.did God bear witness to his words with miracles,signs and wonders? he alive today and still performing miracles?
6.if he was to stand before Jesus Christ would he find fault or deception in Christ and call Christ a lair for claiming sole divinity, and would you stand with him? Thanks.

Hinduism vs Christianity
Christianity and the God of Christians offer a one and for all sacrifice for sin layed squarely on the shoulders of one man made in Gods perfect image(without sin)if Christ was a lair then we as Christians are all still Dead in our sins.other religions accept Christ coming but overlook his astounding claims to be the only true son of God his words are truth and life and his final act of love speaks as loud today as it did 2000yrs ago his last words were not iam finished but "IT IS FINISHED"he done the job for us and God.

Demon Jumped On Me
joel,thanks for your concern,that was about 18 years ago shortly after i had given my life to Christ i guess Satan was trying to scare me off, he failed and never tried that trick again.i guess he got a fright when i called to Jesus for help.....we are never alone!!!.

Have You Seen An Angel
Exzucuh,the swine cant reach my pearls,they are safe i know what i have encountered and its all stored well out of reach in my heart,iam just sharing my treasure not keeping it hidden.
The written media is always subject to misinterpretation like text messages on mobile phones,unfortunate but true.

Benefits To Blogging
Thanks for all the positive feed back, I guess at times we forget this battle is spirtual and words are weapons. Blessings to you all.

Have You Seen An Angel
Exzucuh,you do seem very defensive and no doubt you have been ridiculed or hurt as we all have to some degree.please remember we are spiritual, we have an enemy and our minds are the battle field,the attacks on our minds come from Satans domain simply because he desires to cause divison and discredit truth,pray for your perscutors Satan wil give up quick smart,dont submit in the flesh and get wound up learn how to fight him, or he may lead you around the same mountain over and over resist and he will flee.

Speaking In Tongue For Everyone
Rodney i share the gift and thats exactly what it is a gift, i asked God for the gift and i am walking with God, if this gift belonged to Satan then in Jesus own words his kingdom is divided against itself as i have witnesses who could verify spiritual deliverance as i layed hands and spoke in tounges over them,i have no doubts whatsoever.ignore1st cliff outright.

Benefits To Blogging
Karen D... anyone who believes God the father sent Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for the sins of the world.anyone saved Through Faith,the strong follower and the weak, all who believe, those who see more clearly and those who don't,those who have walked many days and those who have just begun.thanks.

Benefits To Blogging
Thanks for you comments,i agree with most of your is sad to see so much contention though,perhaps we could start some "please pray for blogs".
How about "unity in the body" for a starter?.

Speaking In Tongue For Everyone
Exzucuh God is the potter we are his clay,every piece of clay is dirty,perhaps God in his mercy forgives them because they repent and makes use of them because they are willing vessels ultimately only God knows,many of Christs supernatural blessings were scorned and misinterpreted and he was perfect.

Should Church Support Widows
Ralph, thanks for that,whats your personal view then?

Christians With Generational Curse
I think the main blog question answers its self,you can "let go" of what ever you "carry" and be "free", the simple solution is come to Jesus lay down your burdens and take his hand if you have your hands full of his you wont need to carry anything to heavy and picking up rubbish wont be very appealing.Dont look back look forward.

Should Church Support Widows
Ralph i am sorry i don't understand how your reply relates to the MAIN blog question can you clarify please?
Also my previous post was meant to read thanks Alan of uk a man after Gods heart.

Should Church Support Widows
Thanks Bill, a man after gods own heart,i don't think Jesus would have closed his heart to the multitude when the five thousand were fed had no one provided the mere ration available at the time.What i am trying to convey is that if the body would take care of its self first we would be stronger, the world would see a body standing on the word not reaching to the world for support, and perhaps have more blessings and less bleating sheep,Who knows the lost might even rush into our open arms.Oh Lord our God hear our cry speak to our church leaders hearts, defend your name and bring strength,healing and sight to your body the church.

Demon Jumped On Me
Yes i have been asleep then fully awake with something pushing down on my chest it literally sucked the air from my lungs,but mentally i called to Jesus and away it went,oh he hates us alright loves the fear to try and get us to back off,my advice is advance into his realm full of power speak out with the sword and do him some damage, spiritual warfare i love it,you are a warrior in an army sharpen up on the truth and lets advance we cant set captives free sitting in church listening, we need to get active just like the word.

Pastor Gives Tithes Back
Ok heres a twist what about those who tithe but claim tax rebates from the government my personal opinion on that is its not giving at all its lending,or possibly its stealing and perhaps its actually stealing from the world,after all its a worldly concept and we are called to be in the world not of the world.try and take that theory to your church leaders.
Of course the list of this kind of issue could go on and on.
But mean time......
Oh our God please help us and our leaders,please heal your church body in every area, we all see whats wrong,forgive us God and help us all to put it right for your name sake.

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