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Are Catholics Christians
People... The word "church" does not mean building or structure. It comes from the greek word "ikklesia" (i might be spelling it wrong) which means "gatherings". All it is its just a gathering of believers, whether its just your home, a park, a garage, what ever. So if you have a gathering at your home to bible study, pray, read scriptures, guess what ITS A CHURCH!! Mr. Arron with all due respect, you dont know what you are talking about, do you? Get your facts straight instead of repeating stereotypes.

Are Catholics Christians
I apologize Mr. Aaron. That last part of my blog was intended for Cameron. Mr. Aaron, i agree with you in that some catholics DO venerate saints a bit too much and i know for a fact that the pope and priests are against it, but each individual believer is going to do what they choose to do, pray how they want to pray. God only knows whats in their hearts and their intentions. Ignorance and poor teaching plays a big role too.

Does Purgatory Exist
People on this site love to through stones. Its not new that concepts and ideas have been made through interpretations of scriptures. The jews (the chosen ones) did this and we of all people are not the exception. Purgatory is one of this concepts that came about through interpretation, and so is the concept of "the rapture". Can any one find the word rapture in scriptures? How about we stop thinking like we know all the mistery of this world, heaven, hell, and above all God. The Jews thought they knew everything but they couldnt recognize the Christ staring them in the face.

Lunch With Jehovah Witness
Are you guys planning on having dinner to debate whos believes are right and whos are wrong? You guys are going to try to convert each other over dinner? Its just dinner. Plus, you dont know what effect you might have on this person by just showing up. If your faith is strong, you wont be swayed by what she might say. Remember, Jesus ate with everyone, believers or not. You represent Him, your actions will show that you are His disciple in deed. Do what He would do. God Bless.

Celebrate The Easter Bunny
This blog question should read "American Christians", for in other countries, there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny. Personally I learn about the Easter bunny when I move to the U.S. I my country we celebrate passover and NO bunny.

March Humor Blog
==JOKE==A man walks into a Catholic Church with his puppy and tells the preist "Can you bless my puppy?" the preist says "I'm sorry sir but we dont do that here." saddly the man starts to walk away and says "I guess I'll take my puppy and this $1000 dollar donation down the street to that other church." Hearing this the preist say "My son let me see that puppy again :-)) HAHAHA

Is The Papal Seat The Antichrist
I dont know where you guys get your info but the Pope does NOT claim to be God, that's ridiculous. Maybe YOU guys see him as God-wannabe cuz YOU want an antichrist to point to, but I can assure you Catholics dont see him as God.

Why Do Churches Baptize Babies
I keep hearing this thing that its wrong to baptise babies cuz they are not of age or they are not aware. In the OT (Jesus in the NT), Jews circumsiced new borns to make them part of the convenant like baptism to make them part of Christianity. One is put in charge to teach them the Way until they are old enough, Bar mitzvahs for Jews and 1st Communion/Confirmation for Catholic Christians. I dont think its wrong.

Is The Papal Seat The Antichrist
People here are so intent in pointing out who might be the antichrist(some are actually certain...FRANCES), that when he does appear, you are going be blind sighted, your not going to see him cuz you already made up your mind on who it is. Only God knows these things, the date and time. How many times has it happened when people thought it was the second coming of Christ? And nothing happen, some people want so badly our Lord to come back that they are willing to set up the stage for that to happen.

Is The Papal Seat The Antichrist
#2: Face it people, we dont know who it is and Revelations doesnt tell you who it is either. For all we know it could be some dude holding a high office such as a CEO in the most money driven country, USA. We can make all kinds of assumptions, point fingers, but its not up to us to quicken things and to think we can solved the mistery when we are NOT GOD. Only He knows and that's it.

Is The Papal Seat The Antichrist
Ooh, ooh... I vote for the pop-evangelicals ALL over the TV, in MEGA Churches as the Antichrist, secretly brain washing everyone through the TV. Through their highly scripted, full of blinding light and singing and jumping up in stage shows. All it needs its fireworks...wait they do that all ready. They are getting thousands of people in a trance and even those billions watching all over the world, ha! There's your antichrist.

Is The Papal Seat The Antichrist
MikeM:: funny stuff :-)...also the immigrations issues, is Pope letting all the Mexicans accross the border, and melting the ice caps, keeping Castro alive, ooh, ooh, and rigged the Florida vote so Bush could win.

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