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Where Was Adam Made
David Genesis 1 and 2 are not different accounts showing the timetable in a different order. One states what was created on which day but two is a summary of what happened over those days but not expecting us to accept that as happening in that order.

We often do that about things that we have been involved in, we tell one person exactly what happens in sequence but to another person we might just tell them that various things happened over a specific period of time (but not necessarily in the order they happened). One is a summary of the other and that is what we have in Gen. 1 and 2.

Dating A Married Woman
Matthew 19:9 actually says "I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, EXCEPT FOR SEXUAL IMMORALITY and marries another woman, commits adultery." NIV.

If a man can divorce an adulterous wife and then remarry I am 'assuming' that the reverse would be true of a woman divorcing an adulterous husband.

Where Was Adam Made
Correct StrongAxe. I can only assume that, as God had provided no other people except Adam and his family (they were yet to come by being Adam's seed) He saw this (incest) as correct, at that time, rather than wrong. Killing someone comes in a different category and, I am assuming that God had given them a conscience so that they would instinctively know that killing another human being was wrong.

I've thought about this a lot and nothing else makes sense. I'm open to, and interested in, any other suggestions though.

Where Was Adam Made
David, they were half-siblings, sharing a father but had different mothers.

Nothing was against the law of God prior to God saying that it was. He had not spoken about incest at that point.

Incest was definitely part of God's plan initially because it was the only way to increase according to God's word in Genesis 1:28. Much later, when there were far more people on earth he told them to find mates less closely related.

Can't We All Walk In Love
To the best of my knowledge Christianet was always intended to be a 'blog' (a weblog) or place for discussions on the internet. It has a button for 'blogs' and each question is called a Blog question.

It was never meant to be divisive and was never called a place to debate. Debate causes friction, upset and even anger, all of which are not needed or wanted here. Debating and discussing are two different things and there are sites for those who wish to debate.but here WE are meant to DISCUSS, politely (and in Christian love).

First Step Of Salavation
God reaches out to us first so that we can reach out to Him. He does this via other human beings who have already reached out to Him and now follow Him completely. This can be via a sermon, an individual's testimony, something we just hear (which makes us want to hear more) and sets us about searching. When people tell how they were saved each story is different but all show that God drew them to Him (sometimes through hardship, bereavement, an inflicted hurt etc.) Sometimes it can just be by picking up a bible out of curiosity and then God shows the way from there.

Can't We All Walk In Love
Strongaxe and Stepheng I apologise for confusing the two names. I am awaiting a cataract operation (which can only be done at the correct time) so, until that is done, I'm struggling somewhat and make quite a lot of mistakes.

I appreciate each answer that has been sent to this blog. It is good to see support here. Thanks again.

Can't We All Walk In Love
Thank you very much Mark. I will not be here as often as before.

ProLife ProChoice
Thanks Chria. There are many situations in life, besides abortion, where people oppose something but accept that others should have the right to do what they, personally, would not do. Sadly in the U.K. abortion has been accepted as a right to the extent that people will abort a child 'because it is not a convenient time to have one' or 'it's going to be a girl and I have 3 already and wanted a boy' and other such sad reasons. We, virtually, have abortion on demand here now and that is incredibly sad. I think that many will regret such decisions as they age.

Can't We All Walk In Love
David, Chria and Strongaxe - thank you for your answers to my question.

ProLife ProChoice
I might be wrong Leon but I always assumed that Pro-Life meant being FOR life and AGAINST abortion. I also assumed that Pro-Choice meant that everyone should accept that individuals can choose for themselves which means that abortion should be legal for those who want it.

This means that the two are (more or less) direct opposites of each other.

I'll be interested to read what others have to say on this.

Dating A Married Woman
I'm quite amazed that you had to ask this. I hope that you did not come here hoping to hear from us all that God blesses such behaviour.

There might be some churches prepared to perform a marriage ceremony for you but being ALLOWED to marry by a church and by the state is not the same as being BLESSED by God.

All sin 'can' be forgiven but unless there is true repentance it won't be. If you tell God you repent He'll know if you are fake or sincere so don't go through the motions just so it will look alright.

How Does God Communicate
"this indicates that God isn't inclined to communicate with most people." Strongaxe.....OR it could be that most people are not listening or will just brush aside anything that God wishes them to hear. God does not force anything on us. If we are open to his guidance He WILL guide us but it will not be in audible words like two human beings would use.

Communication is not just audible words, but can be by thoughts, circumstances 'chance' encounters - to name but a few.

How Does God Communicate
I believe that God is capable of communicating with anyone with whom He wishes to communicate. He knows us so well and knows that one method will work best with one person and a different way with another.

God can communicate through dreams, circumstances, other people etc. If we truly believe God IS capable of contacting us then we will be open to the many ways that He might choose to guide us, tell us something, show us something etc. Everyone is unique and God will use our uniqueness to speak to us individually. We must not assume that He'll do so in a way that He spoke to a different person.

When we believe He is speaking with us we must pray and, maybe, ask for more clarity. If He gives instructions we must follow them.

A Lucky Charm Bible
Nicole, you'll keep this up for ever, it's becoming to look like a playground squabble so this is my last entry on this subject. Just want to let you know that, in the United Kingdom, we must have a Licence to watch T.V. It's illegal to watch without one (even catch-up T.V on a computer). I do NOT have a licence, I do NOT break the law.

A Lucky Charm Bible
Also, I did not say anything like this or imply it either - "But she dares to complain about us spending our OWN money (not her money) on religious objects?" I actually said that 'they do not show faith' because lots of people with no faith at all wear them also.

Additionally - these words STILL do NOT make any sense "If you are too ashamed or afraid to wear the Crucifix, then DON'T accept His Salvation." Where are we told to do this? Is YOUR salvation dependent on the wearing of such things? If you believe that it is who taught you this? I am really saddened by some of your recents posts here and your personal attacks.

A Lucky Charm Bible
Nicole your words still make no sense but you chose the wrong person to say this to - "I know Rita has a TV, went to the movies, vacations and other nonessential items for life".

You, absolutely DO NOT know that!! I do NOT watch T.V., I last went to a cinema when Sound of Music was released and have not had a holiday for about 25 years.

You really do need to read comments in context and not put your own spin on things, assuming that people are meaning something that they did not say. You are becoming close to paranoid on this subject and I suggest you calm down.

A Lucky Charm Bible
"If you are too ashamed or afraid to wear the Crucifix, then DON'T accept His Salvation."

Those words make no sense (except to people in countries where residents are persecuted because of their faith) and, those particularly groups of people are the ones who are NOT afraid to declare their faith. However, wearing such items does not declare faith at all, it just shows what the person decided to spend some of their money on acquiring.

Our faith is shown by our daily lives, our use of language, our disposition, our care of others and so much more but never by what we wear. Some of the worst criminals love their 'religious' jewellery.

Begats In The Bible
It is is referring to the next generations.

In my own family I could say that John begat Peter then Peter begat Robert and Robert begat Timothy etc. It shows lineage.

If the bible referred to women in the same way it would say Jennifer 'gave birth to' Susan and Susan gave birth to Pamela etc.

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