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Defense Of Marriage Act
Long before Man, even thought of making The Marriage Law, God had already made it, from the beginning of time! God has not gave the authority to any man to change it!! They have no Right!

What's Your Church's Name
The name of my "GOD Blessed, House of Worship" Church is "MULLINS-MARION FREEWILL BAPTIST"!! Located in Mullins/Marion, South Carolina.

Vatican's Salvation To Beatles
The vatican can not forgive sins, only GOD can forgive sins!!

Does God Answer Prayers
GOD answers Prayers, the way, HE wants them answered. And, in HIS time, not ours!!
That in no way, means that, HE doesn't still love us!

Is Darwinism Science Or Religion
Just something that, the devil would have you to believe in, instead of the Bible!

Been Diabetic For 20 Years
God can and will cure us of diseases, if, it is His Will!! But God also gave Doctors the knowledge that, they have. And, i am quite sure that, He would want us to listen to them, if, they are telling us, something for our good.
I work in the Nursing field, and believe me, you do not want your Suger to keep on going up in the 500's and higher. It is not a pretty picture. "Please take your Insulin"!!!!

Altar Calls Every Sunday
Yes, Churches should have an alter call every Sunday. In fact, they should have one, at the end of every service!
Our Pastor gives an alter call, at the end of his sermon, every time!
The Alter is suppose to always be open to everyone.
At every service, there could be someone in the audience that, is lost. It is up to the Pastor and the Church, to let that person know that, they don't have to leave that way!
That is what Christians are called to do!

Satan Or Holy Spirit
Is the thoughts, Good or Evil? That should tell you, who is trying to put them there. The Devil will always try to tempt us. But, Praise God, satan always has to flee from the presence of The Holy Spirit!

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