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Prayer To Stop Smoking
i need prayer to quit a nasty habit i have, i've somked for years now, and i know that is a sin, i need God to take the desire away from me and i will trust in him to do so, plaese pray for me

I Hate My Husband
To Debra who responded on 2/18...I am married to Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde so there must be more than one of them out there. I have been a Christian for over 30 years and am so thankful for my Savior as all of you, but I just cannot handle my passive agressive husband who makes me feel as if I'm going crazy because of how I react when he is evil-mean abusive. I just feel I am checking out...numb.

Let's Exchange Marquee Sayings
Hi, We do our church sign also. I like
"Someday it'll all make sense..."

Wife Having An Emotional Affair
I suggest you recommend your wife to get another job and distance herself from her boss. Because as Jesus Christ said in Matthew 5:28 'But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.' - Your wife has already committed the sin of adultery in her heart. Only if she wants to save her marriage with you, and trully repents and seeks God's help, will you both be able to move on and leave this emotional affair in the past. I will pray for you both!

Rights For People With Disability
Before I myself was disabled, I admit I talked down to people in wheelchairs. Then God allowed me to go through the fire myself for two years and that also happened to me. Just because a person is in a wheelchair does not mean they are not competent people. God taught me much during that time, to respect and treat people with disabilties as one would want to be treated themselves.

Is It Me or Is It The Lord
When we are spirit filled there is no need to question is it us or is it God. If we feel it inside of us about something we are doing is not right with God, it is the Holy Spirit speaking to us. He resides within us, thus it is He who speaks to us and we need to trust that inner voice.

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