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Shaved Head And Tattooed
"My belief is simple, judge people by who they are NOT what they wear or how they look."

Jed isn't judging anybody as I am reading his post. However, you are judging Jed! You are assuming what he is saying versus asking. Does that not make you a hypocrite?

Shaved Head And Tattooed
Rob what people do is what is in their hearts. Therefore, are you encouraging Christians to have a worldly heart?

If someone had tattoos or ear rings prior to coming to Christ, who cares. But to encourage Christians to copy the world is being a hypocrite. I don't know one non-Christian that thinks that is what Christians do. How is Jed confusing you?

Shaved Head And Tattooed
Isn't the Gospel different than the world, Mark? Are you saying copy the world and then go talk about Jesus? People will blow you off as a hypocrite. That's what Nurse Rob is encouraging.

How To Forgive My Husbands Affair
The only reason he says it is your fault is that he is unwilling to accept any responsibility for his own actions. My husband left me after 22 years of marriage for another woman and also tried to say that I was partly responsible. It has taken 6 years but I have forgiven him. He has "apologized" but only because it was on his counselors list of things he needed to do. You forgive so that you will be able to move on. It in no way takes away their consequences or condones what they have done. You forgive so that you will not become bitter. Allow God to work in your life so that you will become more dependent on Him (God) and grow from the experience. It may take time but it will happen.

Explain John 12:32
John 6:37 does not imply what Calvinists teach. John 17:12, "Those whom You gave Me I have kept, and none of them is lost except the son of perdition." So, Jesus plainly states that, out of the twelve apostles whom the Father had given Him, there was one who was not able to be kept, which was Judas Iscariot.

According to the Scriptures, Judas was given to Jesus by the Father, yet he is called the "son of perdition", and is certainly a lost soul.

End-Time Handmaidens
I have done the fast, taken the vows and participated in a Branch. The Lord delivered me from this cult when I saw that so many things Gwen teaches are occult. Yes they are spiritual but of a demonic spirit.Like any other cult you only see what they want you to see. Their inner dynamics are tightly controlled by Gwen Shaw. Her latest book is about Necromancy. The ETH have redefined what they think it means and don't seem to care what the Bible says. Please consider that you are being deceived and seek the Lord.

Meats To Lower Cholesterol
Rice and beans make a complete protein and at the same time lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.

End-Time Handmaidens
ETH is a cult. They do channel demons. They are all about the $$$$ and have supported such notables as...Todd Bentley, Benny the Hinn, God TV. Susanne Hinn has been a speaker at Englehell.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Reid
The moral state of our country is important unless Christians propose we ignore what's going on around us?

Merchandising Churches Biblical
Bookstores, yes, however coffee, fruit, bingo, etc - get it out of the church.

Christians Remarry After Divorce
Wow, Wal Rev, that sounds pretty harsh. I am divorced, but not by my choice. Both my ex and myself are believers but he chose to have an affair and leave me for her. He divorced me and now you are saying that I can't remarry? What if he repents - he can remarry but not me?

Christian Husband Cheated
Read Dobson's book "Tough Love". Don't read Wheat's book "Saving Your Marraige by Yourself".

Has God Spoken To You
God talks to me quite a bit in my dreams. In 2002, He gave me a dream I did not like. The dream was about me and my husband being taken over by hot flames. I know to pray that God would intervene in whoever this may happen to. 2 days later, we were awoken by a loud knock. Our neighbors home was on fire and their cars were parked next to our home. Our home had caught on fire. The fir marshall told us that if they hadn't got there when they did, our home would have blown up because our gas meter was already too hot.

Obama Is Bankrupting America
I beg to differ in my opinion of the matter.
I object, also, to the main "headline" of this blog topic.
How can you blame a new President for sad financial status of our nation?
I don't even believe it's any one person's or administrator's fault.
I'm asking you to re-think this "line of reasoning", please.
I say this because I have every reason to believe that just several (if not many)
greedy & /or oblivious to how most people live...very wealthy people have soooo
gotten accustomed to spending and spending and spending and getting away with not paying their fair share of taxes....
are more responsible for the sad state of this nation's economic woes.
America's not alone in this, either.

Do I Seek Revenge
To the gentleman who suggested I contact him and tell him I hate him, 2 things here. 1- I will not call him now or ever. I have no right to tell him to be faithful in his marriage I have no control over that. And do you honestly think that hearing it from me would suddenly make him decide not to be a cheat, really? 2- I do not hate him, ouch, that's an awfully strong word, I harbor no hate. I realize he is sick, possesses characteristics of a sociopath and needs to get himself help. This wasn't a one time mistake this was a very diabolical lifestyle he chose.

Do I Seek Revenge
Thank you for all the kind responses. I was not asking if I seek revenge, I am reaching out to rational compassionate souls seeking advice as to whether or not a married woman wants to know her husband is having an affair. Or even if a married man wants to know his wife is having an affair. Personally I would want to know if my husband is having an affair so I can make a rational decision to stay in or end the relationship. And I have spent much time looking into myself to learn how I could have been so blind to his double life. So thank you again, I deeply respect all of your advice. ~J

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
I don't think spanking at any age is appropriate. You may want to focus on the things she is acting out over and seek to address them. Also, do you reward her good and positive behavior, or do you ignore her and only give her attention when she behaves badly. She's doing what captures your attention which teenagers crave. Spend time with her doing things she enjoys. Remind her why chose to have her. God Bless.

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