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How To Love The Unlovable
The bible talks about separating yourself from people like this if you can, if you cannot, do not provoke them to rage by engageing them in arguments and finally pray for them and ask God how he would have you deal with them. Usually they don't know how to handle a quiet meek spirit. I have practiced this for many years and it works.

She Doesn't Like Me
Thank you for all your suggestions, most of which I have done already. No, I did not make demands. How could I? I was only the mother of the bride. My son and I have had a wondeful relationship in which I respected his privacy, especially with his dating. My husband was also treated the same and neither of us understand.

Can I Pierce My Nose
Will the piercing interfere with the God's intended purpose for the body part? For example, God designed tongues to aid in digestion and communication...piercing here would seem to contradict these functions.
Does the piercing draw undue attention to a body part? Consider the naval:a physical reminder of our once complete dependence on our mother. For women, it is close to the womb, a body part to be used in agreement with God's plan for new life, not an ornamental oddity.

Faith Needed To Be Healed
I'm not even sure that Malchus had any faith prior to his healing. He was one of the people there to capture Jesus. But, after being healed, I believe he knew that Jesus wasn't just a man, that He was the Son of God:)

Husband Has Bad Mood Swings
I'm in the same boat right now. I don't know what to do. He is a pastor and we have 3 children. He doesn't want to get help. I ask for your prayers. My kids are suffering from his actions (it's just verbally and emotional abuse). Please pray for us

Speaking In Tongues A Gift
Maybe be while there is such a discussion of speaking in tongues and deleima is also one might have not known the difference between recieving the Holy spirit and being baptised in the Holy spirit.
Speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy spirit.

Who Watched Da Vinci Code
I think that if you are a Christian and watched it you sinned. Everything that is opposite to the Holy Bible should not be watched, listened or approved by christian people. (sorry for my bad english, I am from Dominican Republic)

What Day Is The Sabbath
The Sabbath was in force after creation before the Ten Commandments. Jesus said not a "jot or a tittle" (dotting of an "i" or crossing of a "t") would be changed in the Law till heaven and earth pass away. This includes the 4th commandment, which is the Sabbath command. There is not one word in Scripture in support of the Sunday Sabbath, it was invented by man and Jesus often rebuked the people for keeping their traditions instead of living by the word of God.


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