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Is Pretending Considered Lying
Alright this is gonna be really specific. What if you want to ask someone you are pretty close to a question he/she would think little of you for asking? So instead you change your name so they wont know it is you. But they are a pastor and this is the kind of thing they do all the time. Is that wrong/sinful?

What Is The Mark Of Cain
Actually i have no idea and i don't claim to. however, all we can really do is speculate about these things because GOd doesn't tell us. But, I heard an interesting sermon that said maybe the mark was the color of white skin. You know because white people are gentiles, for the most part and in all realisticism, Jesus was most likely very dark. So why doesn't that make sense? i mean, we will never know for sure, but it is an interesting thought, huh?

My Husband Is Out Drinking
My husband and I have been married for 12 years and have a 11 year old daughter. He stays at the bar about twice a week until around 2:00 a.m. I have had to get our daughter out of bed and go pick him up before. How do I know if he is cheating (He says he's not) but why would he want to stay gone like that.

Should We Vote For Christians
Too often in politics, politicians use religion rather than practice it. I wouldn't give a whole lot of emphasis to what someone says they are. In America, the founding fathers were a mixture of christians, diests and even a few agnostics. What is important is proper motives, strong talent and good thinking. We need able men with good understanding and good hearts no matter whether they are Jews, Christians or just men of character.

Good Is Evil And Evil Is Good
whatever, the bible is a man made faerie tale; until they can prove that there is a god or even heaven, I'll stick to the sumarian dieties .truth be known the god who saves you could be your very selves.we are gods and godesses.

What Day Is The Sabbath
I'm sure I could learn more about the years between Christ's ascention and Paul's writings. But from what I have read in the Bible, I see no commandment from God, or even suggestion, that the day of worship was to be changed. It's laughable to think that just because He "met" with His disciples, that an unchangeable law was changed, without mention from Jesus Himself. He was THERE, why didn't He mention it? Sometimes the Bible is powerful with words NOT included.

What Day Is The Sabbath
Well Lee, smarter folks than you & I have studied & prayed for divine wisdom on this topic for a very long time, so I know you and I won't see eye-to-eye via blog.

I'm glad to see that you agree that Saturday is the Sabbath day, even if you disagree that we should "Remember" it.

Christians Follow Ten Commandments
Nah, I just keep the thermostat on 72.

By asking for divine guidance, by allowing God to own me and my actions, and by asking for forgiveness when I fail, I do try to adhere to the tenets of the 10 Commandments. I do so because He told me to do so if I love Him. Who am I to argue with God's will?!? I AM NOTHING. I am His servant.

The alternative is to disobey God by not adhering to His perfect, eternal law. Excuses of WHY I was disobedient won't hold water on judgement day.

What Day Is The Sabbath
So Lee, what is your take then on the TENCOMMANDMENTSDAY goal to "restore the Ten Commandments and Judeo-Christian values to their rightful place in our society"? Are they all wrong? This ISN'T an SDA organized event! From their website, "Finally, a day in which we can come together and celebrate God's ETERNAL MORAL LAW." You agree Sunday is not the Sabbath, yet here are Sunday-keeping churches believing the commandments are ETERNAL MORAL LAW. Reconcile that with Commandment 4.

Pork Eaters Go To Hell
Piggies are nasty little beasties, designed exactly as our Creator wanted. Tasty, too, darn it. But I don't think anyone who has seen how pigs live can argue that eating pork is healthy. Our bodies are our temple to Christ, and we are told to take care of our bodies. Did pigs change their ways when Jesus died on the cross? Did they suddenly stop wollowing in their own feces? Obviously, no. They are no more clean today than they were when God said don't eat them.

Ten Commandments Against Us
Nail on the head Mima. The commandments are divine, perfect, and from the finger of God. "I did not come to destroy the Law, but to _____ it." Destroy it? Or fulfill it? Jesus gave us an EXAMPLE of how we should live. WWJD? He kept the law perfectly.
Really, when you think about the 10 C's being nailed to the cross, it's rather preposterous & laughable, as God doesn't change, and neither does His perfect law.

Christians Follow Ten Commandments
Yes, we are all miserable sinners as measured by the 10 Commandments. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!!!
Now you have two options. Continue to TRY to keep the Commandments OUT OF LOVE as Jesus instructed, then ask for Divine Forgiveness daily, OR tell people that because we can't keep them, we shouldn't even try, then claim that we are no longer under the "bondage" of the law. I choose to Love, Honor and OBEY my Lord BECAUSE I love Him! And when I fail, I repent and ask for forgiveness.

Worship God On Everyday
In reading the Bible, it's clear that the "majority" is usually wrong. Why would the pattern change now?
IMHO, God is looking for those humans that He has faith in! Faith in those that will be good stewards of Heaven. Those that CHOOSE to not follow his laws will NOT make good stewards. Those with good hearts who live up to the light they've been given, REGARDLESS OF DENOMINATION, will be saved. "If you love Me, keep My commandments." Therefore, if you hate Him... don't.

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