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Will Noah's Ark Be Found
Looks like some folks just like to "anti" comment to get a rise out of others. Reminds me of elementary school....the less you react to the taunters the less interested they become in messing with you to get a rise.

I thank the lord so much for the peace he allows to reside in my heart and mind. May the good lord have mercy on ALL of us!

Christian Girl Seeks Attention
I've had experience with that type of woman. It's called the Jezebel spirit. Don't ponder, run from her. Search for a woman with a true heart towards God. And you won't have to worry about the swivel neck syndrome, making eye contact with other men.

Can Christians Work In A Bar
In a perfect world, that sounds nice, Rea.. But some drunken customers pack heat, guns. And you might be helping someone make a clean get away. So why don't you deliver meals to the elderly or haul them to their dr. appointments. I believe God would look kindly on that service.

Christians Partipate In Halloween
I thought Roy Clark was no longer living?

Can Christians Work In A Bar
Bad company corrupts good morals.

Reconciliation Years After Divorce
The fight in you and forgiveness is good. Don't see that very often. Pray it all works out for you.

How Control My Temper
You do mean the mormons, of course, MM.

Can Christians Work In A Bar
I know I'm coarse, but when it comes to drinking, I've watched too many men have their lives destroyed by alcohol. Without getting specific, I've watched kin shoot kin dead in the front yard, drunk out of their minds. I know there's alot of cultured folks in europe that can handle it. My family never could. Being a bartender is a bad idea from my point of view.

Can Christians Work In A Bar
Your shadow ought not to darken the door of some two bit juke joint. A Christian bartender that helps men swill a dozen beers then go home and punch the wife around? Help a man spend his entire paycheck on booze? Help contribute to somebody killing a family on the road? Just because he can keep himself out of the hooch doesn't spell much to me. If you're a waitress in a restaurant and you have to serve alcohol within moderation, if your conscience doesn't condemn you, neither do I. But a bartender, no.

Reconciliation Years After Divorce
Ben, I have watched alot of junky relationships with my kin. Roll on, friend. You deserve a fresh start with a gal that loves you. Here again, my Mama would tell you, sounds like you're ready to be jerked through another knot. If you want, I'll add you to the list of men I'm praying for God to send them a good woman.

What Is A Backslider
UK Alan, thank you. Good and upright is the Lord; He teaches sinners in the way. The humble He guides in justice, the humble He teaches His way. For Your name's sake, O Lord, Pardon my iniquity, for it is great. Ps 25:8-11 You can't judge how deep the well is by the pump handle.

Can A Women Ask For Marriage
We didn't have a phone until I was a senior in high school. Then it was a party line. If girls called the house for my brother or me, Mama would give them an earful. She would shame them into never calling the house again. Our sisters would all sit around and giggle/tease for months on end. Let this man get down on his knees with flowers and a ring.

Can A Women Ask For Marriage
My Mama always told me, when a girl chases a husband down, he won't be happy. Men need to think it's their idea. Don't force it. If you are a praying lady, pray about it. God may have someone else for you. If he doesn't have the gumption to ask you, and you get yourself in a frenzy with a fancy gift - I think that might deflate the whole romance picture.

Colorado School Shootings
Tragedy in the Amish community, same enemy, same agenda.

Can A Women Ask For Marriage
UK Alan, the ladies say you are a good lookin thang. If you really want one, I will pray you find a wife.

Can A Women Ask For Marriage
To give you a direct answer, No. A man convinced against his own will, is of the same opinion still.(don't know who said that.) How will he ever have the "buy in" if you do the asking. It's really the man's place to ask the woman to marry. Unless you plan to wear the pants all the days of your marriage. Save your money. Let him ask you. I was never interested in anyone who tracked me down like animal. Showing up everywhere you go (just by chance, ha) and all those other wiles. Don't chase.

Can A Women Ask For Marriage
You're not trying to buy him are you?

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