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Should We Follow Pagan Holidays
The Calender, with all the months of the year, days of the week, all pagan, better toss them out! Many of us have pagan first ans last names, toss them out to! My city, Yucaipa is Native America, pagan as well! My state is full of cities counties with RCC saints names and Indian names. I do know Native Americans do not celebrate Colombus Day.

Reponse To Cults At Your Door
Ryan-I ask a dozen people,all claiming God is speaks to them about the meaning of something- I get a dozen different answers. When I read scripture I 'often' believe I understand what I'm reading. In person I am a good debater, but long ago learned not to debate religion, as some become dangeriously emotive. The questions I have, coming from Hebrews 4,5,6,7, and 8 is, "who has the apostolic authority to administer in holy things?" Born againers run from that, RCC people at least try to answer.

Tough Theological Questions
I still do not know what 'interlocking principles' are. Doctrines were developed over the centuries by protestants in an effort to bring cohesion to their diverse individual religious views. If say the 'Book of Enoch' had been included in the canon, the structure of protestantism would be somewhat different. Again, I believe from the times soon after the apostles there was an apostasy.

What Is A Fundamentalist
2.Defining fundamentalist is difficult, like defining humanism. There are many sub-trends in conservative protestantism. One should be careful not to broad brush. Sinclair Lewis used the term in his books, 1910. I believe a good film on fundamentalist is 'The Apostle' staring Robert Duvall.Hollywood usuallly insults ALL religion, but this is an exception, a positive film about fundamentalism . The fear of the religious right(fundamentalist) is unfounded, as they are deeply divided among themselves.

Must Obey Creationist View
Claims God created a world with a false history 'Appearance of age' is directly refuted by the Bible. The Bible says the heavens declare His glory. Does any biblical writer make the claim that God's word contradicts historical facts? Claiming God would lie with false history, as in far away stars is a direct attack on Gods nature! God would not deceive, Satan would! The stars light confirm what they confirm, some are threatened, others are not. Stars light years away can be seen, it can't be refuted.

Who Is Kent Hovind
Does Kent Hovind have a valid degree?
He got a religious based degree in "Christian Education" from Patriot Bible University. "Christian Education" is an evangelism course, a religion degree. He does NOT have a degree in ANY physical science. In addition he has been busted for the iRS for not paying taxes, and is currently being sued by several parties, a (one a university) for slander, and fraud.
His knowledge of science is about high school level.

America As A Police State
While its possible, which way will it go, a left or right police state? If left wing it would be socialist, and traditionally leftist regimes are very, very, cruel to Christians, and all other 'competing' religions.

A right wing regime, on the other hand would court religion, for its own purpose- the problem is would it be 'your' religion-? The police state sponsered state religion would declare all other faiths as 'cults' to be wiped out.

Human Feet With Dinosaurs
Mina; Define 'worldly' judgement-? My education is in the Biological sciences. Does one sectarian standing always trump any and all 'worldly' scientific conclusions? If so that renders subjective conclusions as fact, and objectivity as irrelevant. Thats a fair question. (As to that Glen Rose, even the 'creation science' folks have given up on that, as they are in the process of giving up on denouncing Lucy, as two more have been found.)

Caveman Before Adam
Reading these posts, (LOL) I had a tummy ache. It was caused by the jesuits, no question about it. Yes them cavemen, like the pacific ocean never existed, does not exist, I learded this at Jethro U. (Also, the Jesuits created fossils in underground labs funded by the tri-lateral commision.

Who Are The Kansas City Prophets
A baseball team.

Al Gore Running For 2008
In my vieew al Gore and most democrats are socialist. The Republicans are slightly less socialist. I am Libertarian. I believe Hillery will be the next president. I will cry when that happens.

Why Were There Dinosaurs
Alwayson, 'Spirit Cave mummy'the oldest human mummy found in North America, is dated at 9,000 years old using mass spectrometry, this was done at UCR in 1994.
The mummies showed Caucasoid characteristics through this is not 100% confirmed. These finding are readily available.

"Spirit Cave Man: Biological Aspects" by Dr. Stephanie M. Damadio, National Curator, Bureau of Land Management, Washington D.C., craniometric studies by Jantz and Owsley.

Caveman Before Adam
Paleolithic (cave man?)
Lower Paleolithic (c. 2.6 million years ago100,000 years ago)
Olduwan culture
Acheulean culture
Clactonian culture
Middle Paleolithic (c. 300,00030,000 years ago)
Mousterian culture
Aterian culture
Upper Paleolithic (c. 40,00010,000 years ago)
Chtelperronian culture
Aurignacian culture
Gravettian culture
Solutrean culture
Magdalenian culture

Flood Of Noah Global
Ian, You have revolutionized the field of plate tectonics! Please present your conclusions to the nearist university, to the geology dept. for review, with your conclusions, all the geology, geography texts will have to be rewriten! I thought I was living on the San Andreas fault, now I dont have to worry about earthquakes, as it dont exist, thank you!

Caveman Before Adam
For Mima, Gordon, Billbila, and Susie 'science' doesen't exist. Ones 'belief' and reality can be divergent. One says, "I dont believe the Pacific Ocean exists' Such a statement, however has no impact on the existance of the Ocean. If taken to the Pacific Ocean they will still deny it exists, in spite of reality. proof in point, I have seen fundamentalist run out of a museum when they saw early man fossils, later they denied they were even in the museum. Is that faith? Is that faith?

March Humor Blog
I having kids was compelled to take them to see a kids movie. As a parent, you got to grin and bear it. It was a film about an talking elephant who hears a 'Who.' What sent me rolling on the floor laughing was a female charactor, a Kangaroo. If you see the film, watch carefully, she clearly represents 'certain persons' I often make comments about here. Watch her carefully, and try not to giggle.

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