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Right To Favor One Child
I'm going through the same thing my husband his parents are christian and they favor the son that was on drugs and now is not and now is serving God .My husband is doing well and works so hard to provide for us and he is a christian. i just don't understand. they would call and ask for us to pray for the other son and when we mention something wrong with my husband they would say but your brother has this problem though,they always give money to the other son. they alway put my husband down and be little him and and never hardly call him they call the other son all the time and he lives out of the state. we live a couple hours away from them and they hardly ever call.they told the others son to not call his brother because he would be tired.

I Suddenly Lost My Son
I dont know about getting over the grief-I think its about getting through each day as it presents itself and somehow trusting that God can do for you what you cannot do on your own, which is the daily coping with each of the emotions as they arise..peace will come ,dont
give up on God. A good book to read is CS Lewis.A Grief Observed..His journal to God regarding the loss of his wife. I hope this helps. prayerfully, D

Cheated On My Wife
Are you serious? The guilt you feel over ruining HER marriage? What about yours?
Do NOT tell your wife you emailed her and then never contact her again.
Do you love your wife?

Do You Celebrate Christmas
Thanks for your comment here moderator..and amen! I'd love to hear your reason(s)!

I Must Stop Smoking
Hi Mary, First, I read 2 of Alan Carr's books (please google). These attacked every stupid argument and lie we hold onto to maintain addiction. Also, a day when there was not enough money to both feed my family and smoke. My youngest son offered to give me all the money in his bank a/c. The offer was innocently unconditional and I knew it was possible I would smoke up his savings. It was my baby's love that cracked the code; as it is our Father's love that works when we trust.

True Meaning Of Christmas
Surely if Christmas was really about the birth of Christ there would be some attempt to get the day right or even close? Who else here appreciates their birthday being remembered and celebrated at least 2 months late? Truthfully.. ask yourself how much time and energy and money is spent truly celebrating the birth of Christ compared with the time, energy and money spent on the celebration of shopping and over indulgence..

How Can I Learn To Forgive
Hi Catherine,the clue and key I discovered and believe works, is found in the words of both Jesus and Steven as they were being murdered. Rather than say "I forgive you".. which might've been difficult to say sincerely in the circumstances, they both pleaded to God to forgive their attackers in their ignorance. A short, worm-killing, soul-saving, immediately doable prayer.. God hears, cares, waters and tends His seed.. May He bless and keep you!

True Meaning Of Christmas
Now that we know the origin and intention of early Christmas's... why not return to the Holy days that God gave us in His Word? It's likely that Jesus' birthday fell on one of those days.. as did His death, resurrection, the giving of the Holy Spirit and chances are His return will also coincide with a day already ordained by God..not man..

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